Reading List

Hyperlink indicates audiobook link. Asterisk [*] indicates “anti” author.

Christopher Marlowe
The Jew of Malta (1589)
The Tragical History of the Life & Death of Doctor Faustus (1589)

Candide (1759)

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
God is Evil, Man is Free (1849)

Arthur Schopenhauer
On Women (1851)

Arthur de Gobineau
Amadis (1881) – French text

Friedrich Nietzsche
Twilight of the Idols (1888)
The Anti-Christ (1888)

Ragnar Redbeard
Might is Right (1890)

Madison Grant
The Passing of the Great Race (1916)

Ernst Schertel
Magic: History, Theory, Practice (annotated by Adolf Hitler, 1923) – text

Marcus Eli Ravage
A Jew Answers Anti-Semitism (1928)

Oswald Spengler
The Hour of Decision (1933)

Carl Jung
Wotan (1936)

Otto Rahn
Lucifer’s Court (1937) – text

Hermann Rauschning*
Voice of Destruction: Hitler Speaks (1940) – text

Charles Smith
Sensism (1956)

Anthony M. Ludovici
Collected Works (1971) – text

Ben Klassen
Nature’s Eternal Religion (1973)

Jean Raspail
The Camp of the Saints (1973)

Savitri Devi
Gold in the Furnace (1952)
And Time Rolls On (1978) – text

Revilo P. Oliver
The Enemy of Our Enemies (1981)

Christine Johns
Christianity Exposed (1985)

William Luther Pierce
Who We Are (1982)
Hunter (1989)

O.T. Gunnarsson
Hear the Cradle Song (1993)

The Path of Wotan (1994) – text
National Socialism (1994) – text

Kerry Bolton
Phoenix Rising: The Epic Saga of James H. Madole (1996)

Colin Jordan
The Way Ahead (1999)

Stephen E. Flowers
Green Rûna (1993) – text
Black Rûna (1995) – text
Lords of the Left-Hand Path (1997) – text
Red Rûna (2001) – text
Blue Rûna (2001) – text

Mattias Gardell*
Gods of the Blood (2003) – text

David Lane
K.D. Rebel (2004)

Duncan Heaster*
The Real Devil: A Biblical Exploration (2007) – text

Maxine Schur*
& the Jews (2009) – text

Michael A. Aquino
The Church of Satan (2002) – text
The Temple of Set (2014) – text

Mark Riebling*
Church of Spies (2015)

I am aware that there are, as of yet, no Eastern European authors on this list. If you are fluent in Eastern European language and would like to contribute to this literary archive, we would welcome it and could arrange to pay you to do that.