The Jewish Onslaught Rages On – Ben Klassen

by Ben Klassen [from Racial Loyalty Issue 3 – August 1983]


On the day when I was born 65 years ago in a remote little Mennonite settlement in the southern Ukraine, a chaotic battle was raging between the Bolshevik revolutionaries and fragments of the White Army of Russia. The battle was raging not on some distant front, but right in our own back yard. My mother told me that one of the cannon balls took off the end gables of our roof, another tore through the stables (our barn and house adjoined) and another shell exploded outside in the hog pen. The village in which I was born was called Rudnerweide. It was one of 50 such villages in our particular settlement called the Molotschna colony. The German speaking Mennonites had first settled in this part of Russia just north of the Black Sea when they had first come there in 1804. Like the pioneers of Western America they started to develop and till the land. The land was exceedingly fertile and the Mennonites prospered. They were an industrious, hard working group of people, practicing racial loyalty and always close to the soil. They took good care of the land and their farms, and the land was good to them. Not only was the land productive, but the Mennonites too, were fertile. Not only did they prosper, but they multiplied. They did exceedingly well what Nature told them to do – reproduce their own kind. My dad, who was born in 1878, was second in a family of fourteen, twelve of whom lived to adulthood.

The Mennonites were also extremely religious, following a Protestant creed professed by Menno Siemens in Holland, a Catholic priest turned reformer and protester in the style of Martin Luther. In the neat prosperous villages in which my people lived in Russia, the churches and the schools were centers of their social activities, which were many and colorful, since the Mennonites were a very gregarious people. There are a few tenets of the Mennonite religion that stand out. One of them that had caused them considerable problems throughout their history was their avowal of pacifism. The business of ‘turn the other cheek,’ love your enemies,’ ‘thou shalt not kill’ had made them shun military service and this in turn had caused many other countries to drive them out. One such country was Prussia where my ancestors had settled and were expelled in the 18th century because they refused to bear arms. It was therefore no wonder that when the vicious communist revolution hit them toward the end of World War I they were faced with a situation with which they were completely unprepared to cope, an assault on their way of life that not only shattered their idyllic settlement, but also most families and individual lives. By the time I was nine months old, the civil war was still raging in our village. My mother tells me that I had come down with scarlet fever or diphtheria, I don’t remember which, and was on the verge of dying while the shells exploded outside and the family was seeking shelter in the middle hallways of our brick house.

But our family survived and I survived. We not only survived the civil war, the chaos, the looting, and the murderous gangs, but we also survived two stark years of dire famine (1921-22), a famine deliberately imposed on the Ukrainian population by the communist gangsters themselves. By 1924 relative peace returned and we managed to leave Russia and journeyed on to an uncertain future in Mexico. From there on it is a long story, and I do not have the time or space to bore you with all the details. We now come to the year 1983, sixty five years later. I have not only survived the ensuing chaos and upheavals, but I am finally in a position to fight back, something my ancestors shunned from even trying, not because they lacked courage, but because of stupid self-imposed religious inhibitions to which they had been programmed. Now, 65 years later the Jewish war on humanity still rages on at a tempo and on a scale more deadly and virulent than at the time I was born. During that intervening 65 years the world has changed drastically, and thanks to the Jewish pestilence, much for the worse. In the intervening 65 years the world has been in constant turmoil. Besides World War I (which was still raging when I was born) we have seen the culmination of the (Jewish) Communist Revolution in Russia, we have seen the Spanish Civil War, the betrayal at Pearl Harbor, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Chinese people taken over by communism and in fact hundreds of wars all over the world. We have seen nothing but turmoil, chaos, depression, revolution and the communist takeover of one country after another, including all of eastern Europe.

Behind this turmoil and chaos of world destruction lies the hidden hand of international Jewry. There is hardly a revolution, a civil war, a depression, a bank failure, but what a Jew connived, planned, manipulated and/or instigated it. It is said that wars are Jewish harvests. This is true. So are depressions and civil warfare and the world today is escalated in a rising crescendo in all these destructive and nefarious Jewish onslaughts. The world as a whole is floundering in a confused and drunken orgy before the ever escalating onslaught of the Jewish powerhouse, an onslaught that during my lifetime is rapidly becoming the most horrible catastrophe to which the world has ever been subjected. For 50 years of my lifetime, I along with the rest of a confused and befuddled humanity, either would not believe, or understand, or know what to do about the cataclysm that was enveloping us. Like all the naive and gullible yokels, I could not focus the picture – a picture that was clear and obvious for all to see.

Finally, by 1969 or 1970, slowly, imperceptibly, the picture began to focus. As I took an agonizing reappraisal of my own life, of world history and especially the history of the Jewish parasite, I realized that this war did not begin during my lifetime, nor with the Russian revolution, nor even with Karl Marx. I began to see that the Jews had been carrying on a sinister and relentless war of destruction and enslavement not only for 50 years, nor 100 years, but for thousands of years. Read again Ch. 6, “Masters of Deceit – A Short History of the Jews” in Nature`s Eternal Religion and Creative Credo No. 35 “Unrelenting Warfare between the Parasitic Jews and their Unfortunate Victims” in The White Man`s Bible) I also began to realize that the main victim of the Jewish onslaught was the White Race, Nature’s Elite, of which I myself was a proud member. They say once you have a problem properly analyzed, you are also half way along to the solution itself. Along with the realization of the Jewish menace also emerged the answer as to how we could get this dreaded plague off our backs. When you ask the question – how did the Jews manage to get such a powerful grip on the lives of all the peoples of the world – their finances, their government, their propaganda, their religion, and in fact their total minds, the answer begins to emerge. And the answer is this – they did it by means of their racial religion, Judaism. They did it by fanatically clinging to their religious program nefarious and sinister though it is – and by practicing racial loyalty and racial teamwork.

When this realization came home to me about 13 years ago, this discovery intrigued me immensely. If the Jews could accomplish such miracles with their racial religion, I reasoned, why couldn’t the White Race, which has so much more to work with, so many more natural advantages and attributes, do the same ! In fact, with all our advantages, why couldn’t we do a thousand times better ? Why couldn’t we, too, practice Racial Loyalty and Racial Teamwork and build a Whiter and Brighter world for ourselves ? I came to the conclusion there was no reason in the world why we couldn’t. All we needed was a racial religion for the White Race, a religion that took the same self-interest in our own race as the Jews have so successfully demonstrated with theirs – a White racial religion that said : What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We now have such a White Racial Religion in Creativity. In it we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. We now also have our White Man’s Bibles that spell out for all time that program, solution and creed. We now also have a monthly paper – Racial Loyalty.

We now come to the present, specifically June 15, 1983, when a dastardly sneak attack was made on our church headquarters in the middle of the night, at 1:45 AM, to be exact. A Molotov cocktail was hurled at the corner of the church, and at the same time a shot gun blast was unleashed at our 7 1/2 foot logo sign on the front of the church. We don’t know who did it, but we will find out, and when we do I believe we will find that the sinister hand of the Jew was behind it. It is a pretty safe bet that either the ADL, or the JDL or the Mossad itself was involved. We will find out. In the meantime, the official authorities are pursuing the investigation of this dastardly crime with less than great enthusiasm, nor are the (Jewish) controlled news media overly disturbed about it. Both would just as soon sweep it under the rug and forget about it. Imagine the uproar, the headlines, the army of investigators that would have swarmed all over the place had such an assault been made on a Jewish synagogue. The FBI, the Army, the Navy, and the Marines would have been called out, to say the least.

Be that as it may, nevertheless, again we have survived, as we have over the last 65 years. Actually, very little damage was done, but this does not lessen the crime and we will not forget, nor will we be intimidated. We will not be frightened off, and we will not be slowed down one damn bit. In fact, we consider the shotgun holes in our logo as scars of honor and intend to leave them there for all the world to see. I repeat, it will not slow us down, but on the contrary, it will steel our resolve to fight even harder, to rally the White Race to the banner of their true racial identity, and build a racial movement so powerful it will sweep the Jews and other enemies before us like a huge tidal wave. We now have the weapons with which to fight this monster and come hell or high water, we will subdue it. We will build and expand and build and expand. We will propagandize, proselytize and organize. We will fight on until we have gotten the Jews off our backs and have achieved in building what we set out to accomplish in the first place — a Whiter and Brighter World.

In order to do so we need millions of members, supporters and workers. We need people like you. We need you to get busy, to distribute copies of this paper, to place our Bibles in the hands of our White Racial Comrades. We need people like you to promote, to speak, to organize. Why not get with it right now ? Meanwhile, the Jewish battle rages on, as it has for thousands of years, but now we have the means to crush those foul destroyers once and for all. Remember, until and unless we do, and in fact solve the racial problem in its entirety, no other problems, be they inflation, unemployment, communism, crime, insurrection or whatever, none of these problems will be solved. I repeat, until the White Race solves the racial problem, the White Race itself is doomed to mongrelization, genocide and oblivion. So don’t just sit there and pontificate. Get busy and do what must be done. Save the White Race and build a Whiter and Brighter world for yourself, your family and all those wonderful progeny whose precious future is now in your hands.

Comparative Religions: Roman Catholicism – Ben Klassen

by Ben Klassen [from Racial Loyalty Issue 27 – August 1985]


One of the oldest and most enduring corporate structures in the world is the Roman Catholic church. It is also the oldest and largest franchise holder that exists today. Its worldwide headquarters are in Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

More so than the deceptive merchandise it has peddled for nearly two thousand years, it is the well-structured organizational lines of this model institution that has enabled it to grow and persevere through all these many centuries. It has become and remained the model for the thousands of sects, cults and religions that are its off-shoots and today flourish under the umbrella of Christianity. The Roman Catholic church was, and remains, the wellspring of all these fragmentary Christian facsimiles, although few of them will admit this well-established historical fact. On the contrary, many of these Christian imitations will roundly condemn the Catholic church, have waged war against it, and some have even denounced it as being the Church of Satan.

Just what are the origins of the Roman Catholic church? In answering this question we go back to the Essenes, a minor Jewish sect that existed around Qumran, on the shores of the Dead Sea, in the first century B.C.E. and the first century C.E. The Essenes taught most of the suicidal principles as supposedly enunciated by a fictitious Jesus Christ in the much touted Sermon on the Mount, and preceded the fictitious Christ by more than a century. Their ideal leader was the Teacher of Righteousness, they practiced celibacy, communal properties, pacifism, self-denial, loving their enemies and most of the other wimpish ideas attributed to Jesus Christ, the holy guru of the Roman Catholic church. It is extremely noteworthy that with such self-destructive ideas as the basis of their religion the Essenes lasted not more than two centuries.

It was during the First Century C.E. that the wily Jew, Saul of Tarsus (the Christians’ St. Paul) conceived the brilliant idea of under- mining the then powerful and flourishing Roman Empire and turning their noble and proficient warriors into pacifist beatniks. He observed how these suicidal and self-destructive ideas of the Essenes were attractive to the poor, the destitute, the incompetent and the underdog. Since Rome, during the first century, had accumulated a massive slave population that fitted this category, he had a fertile held to work in. He and his Jewish cohorts went about spreading these suicidal teachings with a vengeance and spread this new doctrine with unbounded zeal the length and breadth of the Roman Empire. The fire that sparked this tremendous zeal was vengeance – hatred and revenge for the Roman conquest and destruction of Jerusalem, the Jews holy city, in 70-72 C.E.

At first the early Christian adherents were mainly derelict Jews and disgruntled misfits from the then amorphous slave population of Rome. However, by the end of the second century the Christians began to adopt the highly efficient organizational lines that the Romans had developed in both their military and governmental structures, and soon Christianity began to take off. It was not until they enlisted the cooperation of that cruel and treacherous Roman Emperor Constantine, in 312 C.E. that they became the Supreme religion of the realm and a deadly world powerhouse that has survived to this day. It has been the major force in the history of the White Race during the last 17 centuries. It has been the source of innumerable wars between nations and factions of the White Race, of which the Thirty Years War (1618-48) was one of the most destructive in European history.

It has also been the major organized vehicle by which the Jews have scrambled the minds of the goyim and gained worldwide ascendancy and power. Since I have told this story in the previous issues of Judaism and Christianity, and especially Marcus Eli Ravage’s keen analysis (Confessions of a Jew) I need not repeat it here.

Through its unbending and intolerant dogma, because of its efficient organizational structure, and because of its fanatic aggressiveness, by the Middle Ages (also better known as the Dark Ages), the Roman Catholic hierarchy, built along monolithic lines, became the supreme power structure of the world.

The base of the Roman Catholic church was established in the former great capitol of the Roman Empire just as that Empire was beginning to crumble. In fact, the more the Empire disintegrated, the stronger became the church, and the latter was, in large part, the cause of the collapse of that great bastion of civilization, just as Saul of Tarsus and his Jewish cabal had planned. According to the Christian story Christ told the Apostle Peter, “Upon this rock you shall build my church,” which is the basis of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Furthermore, the Catholic church claims that Christ appointed Peter as his successor, his Vicar upon the earth, and as such, the St Pope of the Catholic church. All this actually has no historical basis in fact, any more than the story of Mother Goose or Santa Claus. There is no authentic historical evidence that either Christ, or Peter, or Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ever existed. There is considerable evidence, however, that the wily Jew, Saul of Tarsus (The Christians’ St. Paul) indeed did exist and that he conceived and orchestrated this phenomenal conspiracy that eventually led to the collapse of the great Roman Empire.

Be that as it may, by 325 C.E. Christianity became a power to be reckoned with when Emperor Constantine was seduced into its embrace. With the Emperor heading it up and lending to it the prestige, finances and authority of the Empire, Christianity was now well on its way. That same year at the Council of Nicaea in Asia Minor, Constantine assembled all the Bishops of the church to a meeting where the Christian Bible was patched together. Collecting all the then extant myths, manuscripts, letters and what else was available, the authoritative Catholic Bible was hammered out over a period of approximately six months. When the squabbling bishops could not agree, or would not bend to his will, Emperor Constantine threatened them with the might of his troops who ringed the building.

From then on Christianity, which was the exclusive property of the Catholic church, spread rapidly. During his reign Constantine founded the city of Constantinople on the Bosporus. As Rome declined and Constantinople prospered, the latter became a powerful rival to the authority of the Church of Rome. This culminated in the Great Schism in 1054 C.E. when the eastern segment split from Rome and became the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church, with its own Pope and its own religious hierarchy. It has remained so to this day and embraces most of the Catholics of Greece, Russia, Albania, Romania and Eastern Europe in general. It is also known as the Eastern Orthodox church.

Meanwhile, by the 16th Century the Roman Catholic clergy in Western Europe had become so corrupt that a revolt was brewing against the authority of the Church of Rome.

One of the most flagrant abuses that flourished during the Middle Ages was the massive sale of Indulgences. This racket was as big as a national lottery, the present day drug traffic, and the bootlegging era of the 1920’s combined, and might I say, lust as odious. It was, in essence, blatant blackmail at its worst, extorting money from gullible people because of their fear of hell – a fictitious hell that didn’t exist. The Catholic church had a great bonanza going for itself, and it pulled out all the stops. Anyone pro- testing or exposing that nefarious racket was declared a heretic and suffered the consequences.

The basic idea of indulgences was fairly simple. You could buy your way out of purgatory, or hell, and buy salvation all the way into heaven. But in order to really squeeze the last shekel out of the gullible victims, it was done by stages, with always one more stage to go.

The bishops (or the Pope for the wealthier victims) would in return write an “Indulgence” on a slip of paper, absolving the victim from certain sins, or moving the souls of deceased relatives a little further out of purgatory in towards heaven. In any case, tens of millions of little slips of paper were written and sold for billions of gold and silver coins. The Church had a real gold mine that enabled them to build stupendous cathedrals, abbeys, basilicas, and what have you. It was the main source of revenue for the building of Saint Peter’s basilica in Rome. The latter is still the largest and most ornate church in the world today, despite the fact it was built between 300 and 400 years ago.

Finally, because of the scandals over the Indulgences racket and other major abuses and corruptions in the priesthood, a revolt sparked by Martin Luther, erupted in Germany, and there was a widespread cry for reform. When the ruling German princes and representatives of free cities lined in the protest against the (Catholic) Imperial Diet of Speyer (1592) forbidding any expansion of reform, the revolution broke wide open. It soon spread to other countries and became known as the Reformation and its followers as Protestants.

From there on out, as we all know, the Protestant religions split into hundreds, then thousands, of different factions as they exist to- day. But that is another major story, too long to be recounted here.

The hierarchy of the Catholic church used every means at its disposal to stem the tide, and its means were manifold and powerful. It used excommunication, terrorism, torture and outright warfare and military force to try to suppress the rebellion. (Read again, “Thumbscrew and Rack,” Creative Credo No. 51 in the White Man’s Bible.)

As a result of that rupture, innumerable religious wars have been fought by different factions of the White Race. The most bloody, cruel and destructive of all was the Thirty Years War (1618-48), that involved almost every country in Europe. It devastated the German states in particular and left them in shambles. This religious war, in the name of God, Jesus Christ, love, peace and charity, killed two-thirds of the German population and destroyed five-sixths of all its physical properties.

Speaking of torture and terrorism, thumbscrew and rack, in all fairness to the Catholic church, the Protestants, such as Zwingli, Calvin, and others, were lust as fanatic as was the Catholic church. They, too, used terror and torture, burning at the stake, thumb screw and rack, to lovingly persuade the “heretics” not to think for themselves but to stick to the proscribed line as ordained by the church hierarchy.

But when it came to wholesale massacres, the Protestants, because of their fragmentation, could not match the Catholic church. One of the most notorious of these massacres (of those who would not agree with their brand of hocus-pocus) was the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in France in 1572.

On August 24, Paris was filled with many Protestant nobles who had come to celebrate the marriage of Henry of Navarre and Margaret of Valois, the sister of Charles IX, King of France. In a bloody massacre that also spread to the provinces and lasted several days at least fifty thousand Huguenots (French Protestants) were slaughtered, with the sanction of the King of France, to the glee of the King of Spain, and in Rome, the tacit approval of the Holy Pope himself. It was hailed as a major victory by the Catholic church, and successfully stamped out the Protestant movement in France.

Despite all the corruption, rackets, scandals, swindles, wars and massacres, the Catholic church not only has survived with its spooks- in-the-sky racket, but has thrived as no other Christian religion in the world. It is the largest and most powerful of all, numbering an astronomical 579,562,300 members in the world. Since there are supposedly a total of 997,503,641 (1981) Christians running loose in the world, the Catholics constitute a whopping 58.1 per cent of the total. Because of the large preponderance of Catholics in the Latin American and other mud countries of the world with their fecund birthrate, Catholicism is also numerically by far the fastest growing Christian denomination.

* * * * *
By means of terror, torture and tyranny, the Catholic church had, by the Dark Ages, perfected the Jewish techniques of total mind enslavement that is now used so effectively by the Communists of today.

Christianity & Intolerance – Savitri Devi

by Savitri Devi

Another thing that I have against Christianity is that it was not taken freely by Europe. It was imposed on us. It was the fault of our princes, for different reasons that have nothing to do with religion. Constantine became a Christian in 313. Before him, ten years before, Tigran II, King of Armenia, became a Christian also.
And aren’t the Armenians proud of that! “We are the first Christian nation,” so they say. That is to say, Tigran II was the first Christian king. I don’t know whether the Armenians followed him or not at once. Certainly the Greeks did not follow Constantine at once.

There were Christian communities already all over the Roman Empire. There were other communities too: Mithraic communities. Cybele, the mother goddess of Asia Minor, had many followers too. And these other religions were called religions of salvation. They had the idea of a god put to death and resurrected, risen from the dead, for the salvation of mankind. The idea that you have in Adonis, Osiris, and Tammuz, in those cults of Syria, of Egypt, and of Babylonia.

The fact is that Europe did not become Christian at once. First of all, why did Constantine become a Christian? His life was not a Christian life, absolutely not. He had his wife killed, on simple suspicion of adultery, not proof. He had his own son killed. He had so many people killed. Not Christian. But he was a Roman Emperor, and he wanted the unity of the Roman Empire. Unity of blood, there was none. Unity of language, there was none. And there could be none. There could’ve been unity in the worship of the Emperor, but the worship of the Emperor only interested the Romans. It didn’t interest the Syrians a bit. It didn’t interest even the Greeks. I wonder if the Greeks did not even resent a temple to the goddess Rome on the Acropolis. There is a temple of the goddess of Rome on the Acropolis of Athens. A round temple. The ruins are there still. I don’t know how the Athenians liked it. Anyhow, there was no unity. The only unity that could be was a unity of faith.

Now there were several faiths of salvation. Why didn’t Constantine pick Mithraism? Mithraism was already very, very widespread among the Roman soldiers. Even some emperors later on were going to be worshipers of Mithra, the Aryan god, Sol Invictus, the invincible sun represented by a man with a Phrygian cap and a bull sacrifice. Well, the religion of Mithra would have taken centuries to spread because the priests of Mithra were no fanatics. They didn’t say, “Outside the cult of Mithra you are all damned.” They never said that. It would have taken centuries. The cult of Cybele also. Any cult except Christianity would have taken centuries to forge the cultural and religious unity of the empire. And even Christianity took centuries, but at least under Constantine there was a hope that within a few decades officially the Mediterranean would be Christian. And that was a fact. It was imposed.

There is no manuscript of any of the canonical gospels, Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John, older than the fourth or fifth century. What was there before? Other gospels, Apocrypha, of which there are pieces to be found now and then, and some of them quite different from the canonical gospels. What happened to the originals? They were collected from all the churches under Constantine, under the supervision of Eusebius of Caesarea, the great court historiographer and Bishop. And they were collected by batches of fifty, and new batches of fifty of the gospels we know today were sent out to the churches. There were very many alterations in them for the Roman Empire to have one faith.

And then of course the crosses of Christ were found by Helena, Constantine’s mother. She dug somewhere in Jerusalem. Now Jerusalem was completely destroyed by Titus in the year 70. So much so that there was no trace, according to Flavius Josephus, of its streets. One didn’t know what was where before. It was completely flat. It was reconstructed afterwards. So in the fourth century, the emperor’s mother, Helena, who was a Christian, digs somewhere in Jerusalem and found three crosses, wooden crosses, intact. How did they stay intact? Although the land is dry. I admit the land is dry. But three hundred years, more than three hundred years after the crucifixion, three crosses absolutely intact? That’s funny. They put a dead man on each one, and when they put him on the cross that was Christ’s cross, the dead man became alive again. So they say. That’s how they found the real cross. And when you go to Jerusalem as a pilgrim, you can buy a piece of the real cross. There are so many pieces of the real cross to be sold that if they were all genuine, the cross would have been kilometers long and kilometers wide. Anyhow, that was Christianity for the Mediterranean people.

“No jobs of high significance unless you are a Christian”— Constantine. And then came Theodosias, long after Constantine. You have in between the attempt of Emperor Julian to give another chance to paganism, to the Greek or Latin paganism. Unfortunately that failed. That failed in the year 363. Julian only ruled from 360 to 363. He was probably murdered on the battlefield, because he received a spear from behind. And they said it was a barbarian captive that did that. Since when were barbarian captives taken into cavalry charges and given spears in their hands? It’s a story. He was murdered, probably by some Christian. Anyhow, after him Christianity was again the religion of the Empire. Then comes the Emperor Theodosias who died in 395. He shut the temples. He forbade as much as he could forbid. He forbade the Oracle of Delphi. Already in Julian’s day, Delphi was an abandoned place. Now, in the sixth century, under Justinian, the last philosophical schools were forbidden, the Greek philosophical schools. You were not to teach anything but Christianity. Antiquity was forbidden.

Naturally it continued on the sly. They say there was still worship of the gods in Greece in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In those days Prussia, land of Frederick the Great, land of Bismarck, was still pagan. Prussians were Christianized in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and so were the Lithuanians. They were pagans. Scandinavia was Christianized in the eleventh century under Olaf II of Norway and Erik of Sweden. They were Christianized by fire and sword, just as Germany was under Charlemagne.

Charlemagne fought the Saxons for thirty years to make them Christians by force. Widukind defended Germany and defended the old faith. He was vanquished. Well, the Franks were better organized. They had better weapons. They were efficient as warriors, and they were perhaps more united. They had the schooling of the Byzantines. They were very much in touch with the Byzantines. In fact, they speak of a prospective marriage between Charlemagne and the Empress Irene of Constantinople, of the Eastern Roman Empire. It didn’t come through anyhow. But the Germans were Christianized by fire and sword.

In 782, forty-five hundred German chiefs were put to death, beheaded one after the other after a solemn mass and a lot of pomp on the banks of the Aller in Verden in North Germany because they didn’t want to take the new faith. They refused it. They were all beheaded. The river Aller must have been red with blood. That was 782.

In 772, ten years before, the old high place of the sun for all North Europe, not for Germany alone, the Externsteine, was stormed by Charlemagne, and the sun room destroyed. The roof was blown off. He had no dynamite of course, but he put ice in a kind of little channel. He dug a channel all around and he put water there. It was in the middle of December. The water became ice. Ice is bigger. It takes more volume than water. The roof was shot off. You can see the ruins of it now.

And in 785 you have the famous Capitulary of Paderborn, the rules and regulations that Charlemagne imposed on Germany, or on the part of Germany he had conquered. He didn’t conquer eastern Germany, of course: “Whoever runs away to the woods in order not to be christened is to die, penalty of death. Whoever burns the dead instead of burying them according to Christianity’s new rules: the death penalty. Whoever reads the runic scriptures is to be killed. Whoever listens to runic teachings is to be killed.” There’s a list like that of I don’t know how many things you mustn’t do. “Whoever refuses to do this or to do that, whoever doesn’t have his children christened: penalty of death.”

That’s how Germany was Christianized. That’s how Scandinavia was Christianized. That’s how, in fact, all the countries of the North of Europe were Christianized. Christianity was not liked by the Nordic race. The Nordic race didn’t like it. There were certainly things in the Bible that shocked them. Even if nothing else, the story of Lot and his daughters. That was shocking enough. And then the polygamy of the old Semites. The Nordic race is by tradition monogamous. They probably didn’t like that. There were so many things. And of course stories like how Jael killed her enemy during his sleep. That was so anti-Aryan, so shocking. How could they accept that?

The result was that the Catholic Church very wisely forbade the faithful reading the Bible. It was not allowed to read the Bible in the Middle Ages. Of course it was not allowed. I can understand the Catholic Church. And what I can’t understand was when the Bible was allowed to be read, after Luther, after the Reformation, how did people remain Christian? It’s the Bible that put me against the Jews. It’s not anything else. It’s not Mein Kampf. I didn’t own Mein Kampf in those days. When I was a child I was made to read the Old Testament and the New Testament by my pious aunt. There were so many things that shocked me.

And that’s what I have to say. Christianity was not taken by Europe spontaneously, at least not by the Nordic race. And even the Mediterranean people had their own beliefs. They had their own superstitions. They carried those superstitions into Christianity. There’s nothing more superstitious than a southern European even today, among the masses. The Marian cult, the cult of the Virgin Mary, is nothing but the cult of the Great Mother of antiquity, transposed. They stuck to it. They gave it another name, that’s all. They made Christianity according to themselves.

But what is awful is that it is a religion that inherited, from its Jewish origin, intolerance. A typical Jewish product. Although the Jews never did these things, because their policy was not conversion or death, but death in any case if you are not a Jew and if you stand in the way of the expansion of Jewry, like the Canaanites. In Europe there was not that. You could save your life by becoming a Christian. If you don’t want to become one, or if you work against it, in the Middle Ages, it’s the stake. You’re burnt at the stake. So many people were. It was not done in the Greek Church. I must say, to be just, in the Orthodox Church you have no burnings. You get it in the Catholic Church. You get it in the Protestant Church. They’re no better. One is as good as the other. Some burnt Catholics, others burnt Protestants, or heretics, or whatever you like. You have the awful story of the Cathars from the South of France, early thirteenth century.

I much prefer our old, old European religions. European or nonEuropean, anyhow, all religions of antiquity, of that free antiquity of which Adolf Hitler speaks on page 507 of Mein Kampf, the German edition of 1935, in which he says, “The Ancient World, which was much freer than it is today, became unfree with the entrance of Christianity.” He’s perfectly right. You don’t get persecution of religions for the religion’s sake in antiquity. You get persecutions for political reasons. That’s quite different. Socrates was killed because he was an Athenian who did not believe in the gods of Athens.


Bah, Hanukkah! – Christopher Hitchens

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High on the list of idiotic commonplace expressions is the old maxim that “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” How do such fatuous pieces of folk wisdom ever get started on their careers of glib quotation? Of course it would be preferable to light a candle than to complain about the darkness. You would only be bitching about the darkness if you didn’t have ­ a candle to begin with. Talk about a false antithesis. But at this time of year, any holy foolishness is permitted. And so we have a semiofficial celebration of Hanukkah, complete with menorah, to celebrate not the ignition of a light but the imposition of theocratic darkness.

Jewish orthodoxy possesses the interesting feature of naming and combating the idea of the apikoros or “Epicurean”—the intellectual renegade who prefers Athens to Jerusalem and the schools of philosophy to the grim old routines of the Torah. About a century and a half before the alleged birth of the supposed Jesus of Nazareth (another event that receives semiofficial recognition at this time of the year), the Greek or Epicurean style had begun to gain immense ground among the Jews of Syria and Palestine. The Seleucid Empire, an inheritance of Alexander the Great—Alexander still being a popular name among Jews—had weaned many people away from the sacrifices, the circumcisions, the belief in a special relationship with God, and the other reactionary manifestations of an ancient and cruel faith. I quote Rabbi Michael Lerner, an allegedly liberal spokesman for Judaism who nonetheless knows what he hates:

Along with Greek science and military prowess came a whole culture that celebrated beauty both in art and in the human body, presented the world with the triumph of rational thought in the works of Plato and Aristotle, and rejoiced in the complexities of life presented in the theater of Aeschylus, Euripides and Aristophanes.

But away with all that, says Lerner. Let us instead celebrate the Maccabean peasants who wanted to destroy Hellenism and restore what he actually calls “oldtime religion.” His excuse for preferring fundamentalist thuggery to secularism and philosophy is that Hellenism was “imperialistic,” but the Hasmonean regime that resulted from the Maccabean revolt soon became exorbitantly corrupt, vicious, and divided, and encouraged the Roman annexation of Judea. Had it not been for this no-less imperial event, we would never have had to hear of Jesus of Nazareth or his sect—which was a plagiarism from fundamentalist Judaism—and the Jewish people would never have been accused of being deicidal “Christ killers.” Thus, to celebrate Hanukkah is to celebrate not just the triumph of tribal Jewish backwardness but also the accidental birth of Judaism’s bastard child in the shape of Christianity. You might think that masochism could do no more. Except that it always can. Without the precedents of Orthodox Judaism and Roman Christianity, on which it is based and from which it is borrowed, there would be no Islam, either. Every Jew who honors the Hanukkah holiday because it gives his child an excuse to mingle the dreidel with the Christmas tree and the sleigh (neither of these absurd symbols having the least thing to do with Palestine two millenniums past) is celebrating the making of a series of rods for his own back. And this is not just a disaster for the Jews. When the fanatics of Palestine won that victory, and when Judaism repudiated Athens for Jerusalem, the development of the whole of humanity was terribly retarded.

And, of course and as ever, one stands aghast at the pathetic scale of the supposed “miracle.” As a consequence of the successful Maccabean revolt against Hellenism, so it is said, a puddle of olive oil that should have lasted only for one day managed to burn for eight days. Wow! Certain proof, not just of an Almighty, but of an Almighty with a special fondness for fundamentalists. Epicurus and Democritus had brilliantly discovered that the world was made up of atoms, but who cares about a mere fact like that when there is miraculous oil to be goggled at by credulous peasants?

We are about to have the annual culture war about the display of cribs, mangers, conifers, and other symbols on public land. Most of this argument is phony and tawdry and secondhand and has nothing whatever to do with “faith” as its protagonists understand it. The burning of a Yule log or the display of a Scandinavian tree is nothing more than paganism and the observance of a winter solstice; it makes no more acknowledgment of the Christian religion than I do. The fierce partisanship of the holly bush and mistletoe believers convicts them of nothing more than ignorance and simple-mindedness. They would have been just as pious under the reign of the Druids or the Vikings, and just as much attached to their bucolic icons. Everybody knows, furthermore, that there was no moving star in the east, that Quirinius was not the governor of Syria in the time of King Herod, that no worldwide tax census was conducted in that period of the rule of Augustus, and that no “stable” is mentioned even in any of the mutually contradictory books of the New Testament. So, to put a star on top of a pine tree or to arrange various farm animals around a crib is to be as accurate and inventive as that Japanese department store that, as urban legend has it, did its best to emulate the Christmas spirit by displaying a red-and-white bearded Santa snugly nailed to a crucifix.

This is childish stuff and if only for that reason should obviously not receive any public endorsement or financing. The display of the menorah at this season, however, has a precise meaning and is an explicit celebration of the original victory of bloody-minded faith over enlightenment and reason. As such it is a direct negation of the First Amendment and it is time for the secularists and the civil libertarians to find the courage to say so.