Study: Whites Are More Empathetic Than Non-Whites

A post retrieved from the Chateau Library of Lustful Congress explored findings from the darkest nooks of SCIENCE that there are genes which affect the ability to empathize, and that these empathy-boosting genes are more prevalent in White than in blacks.

In terms of destructive power on the shitlib psyche, that study is a MOAD (Mother Of All Dissonances). FACT CHECKS that strongly suggest empathy varies by race naturally lead to forbidden thoughts that the MORALITY which emerges from instinctive feelings of empathy varies by race. If one race is less able to empathize with an individual’s suffering or perspective, that race likely has evolved a moral impulse that is incompatible with the morality that governs societies created and maintained by races with greater empathetic ability.

Racial differences in moral feeling are even more nuclear to liberal sensitivities and their equalism ideology than are findings that mean IQ differs by race. It’s like taking a libfruit’s id and squeezing it until all the seeds of her self-worth squirt out onto the ground.

When you have an equalist priest on the ropes, you don’t give him a mercy time-out. You keep pummeling him until he collapses to the mat. With that in mind, here comes the knockout punch:

Non-Western kids are less empathetic than Western kids.

It’s in Danish, but my blurb above summarizes the findings (which were reported in a far left Danish paper). If there’s an enterprising CH reader who can translate for us, I’d welcome it. FYI, you can read “non-Western kids” as “non-White kids”, because in Denmark that accurately describes most of the immigrants.

We have a disease in White Western societies. It’s a condition called empathobesity, and in a globalist world with open borders and cheap airfare it will mean the self-annihilation of the West if a cure isn’t found soon.

All human groups — races and ethnies — vary in their moral dispositions. Some races are on average, quite simply, more moral than other races, if we measure morality by the utopian standard of WEIRDO liberal orthodoxy. Even within White nations, there will be variance in moral feeling among different White and quasi-White groups. More tribalistic Whites that have evolved to be clannish (or haven’t evolved away from clannishness) will have a comparatively stunted ability to empathize with strangers. Their moral reasoning will seem to emerge from without rather than from within, and it will lack the distinctive character of self-reflection that typifies the moral reasoning of NW White Europeans. It will be as if these less empathetic peoples were “deaf inside”.

Consequently, if we let more of these inwardly deaf races of people into the Anglosphere, they will remake their new nations in the image of their morally primitive homelands, and the morality that self-righteous White liberals take for granted as a foundation for their system of law and informal rules of social interaction will slowly, inexorably, disappear from the face of the earth, leaving their cherished constitutions worth no more than the memories evoked in old-timers who lived through the Dispossession Wars.

Because I’ve got somber news for liberals reading this: Don’t expect history to be on your side for much longer. In game theoretic match-ups, low-empathy ethnocentrism reproductively out-competes high-empathy humanitarianism. The fate of people who believe in leftoid equalism isn’t one world; it’s a world without them.



A brief bio of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver

Image result for revilo oliverRevilo Pendleton Oliver was born near Corpus Christi, Texas on 7 July 1908. He attended two years of high school in Illinois. Disliking the severe winters, and once requiring hospitalization “for one of the first mastoidectomies performed as more than a daring experiment,” he moved to California. He began the study of Sanskrit, using Max Müller’s handbooks and Monier Williams’ grammar, later finding a Hindu missionary to provide tuition. As an adolescent, he found amusement in going to watch evangelists “pitch the woo at the simple-minded”, attending performances of Aimee Semple McPherson and Katherine Tingley. He entered Pomona College in Claremont, California, when he was sixteen.

In 1930, Oliver married Grace Needham. He began attending the University of Illinois and studied under William Abbott Oldfather. His first book was an annotated translation, from the Sanskrit, of Mricchakatika (The Little Clay Cart) published by the University of Illinois in 1938. He received the degree of Philosophiae Doctor in 1940. That same year, the University published his Ph.D. thesis: Niccolò Perotti’s translations of the Enchiridion (republished in 1954 as Niccolo Perotti’s Version of the Enchiridion of Epictetus, with an Introduction and List of Perotti’s Writings). He began teaching graduate classes immediately after receiving the degree. For a number of years he also gave graduate courses in the Renaissance, which put him also in the Department of Spanish and Italian.

During the Second World War, Oliver worked with distinction at the U.S. Army Signal Corps installation, Arlington Hall, in crypt analysis. From 1942 until the autumn of 1945, he came to be in charge of a rapidly expanding department, and advanced from Analyst to Director of Research (eventually responsible for the work of about 175 persons). He claimed that in his privileged position, he learned what he called “the ultimate secret of Pearl Harbor” (that Franklin Roosevelt had incited the Japanese into the attack).

Oliver left Washington D.C. (which he called the “District of Corruption”) in 1945. He was convinced that within a few years, the facts of pro-Soviet actions and other operations would become known, and the American people would react with a violent “housecleaning” of the government. Confident that the future popular reaction was inevitable, Oliver returned to the University as an Assistant Professor, became an Associate Professor in 1947, and Professor in 1953. He held a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1946-7, and a Fulbright (Italy), 1953-4.

In 1955 Oliver’s friend, Professor Willmore Kendall, discussed plans for the journal which was eventually called National Review. Kendall “desiderated a conservative antidote to the New Republic, etc.,” and had among his pupils at Yale, William F. Buckley Jr.. Kendall convinced Oliver to write on political subjects for the journal.

In 1958, Oliver joined Robert Welch in being one of the founding members of the anti-Communist John Birch Society. Oliver wrote frequently for the Birch Society magazine American Opinion, his most widely-noted piece being a two-part article called “Marxmanship in Dallas” that asserted that Lee Harvey Oswald had carried out the assassination of President Kennedy as part of a Communist conspiracy. In Oliver’s view, the Communists wished to eliminate Kennedy as a puppet who had outlived his usefulness. Oliver testified before the Warren Commission on the basis for his assertions, but was not taken particularly seriously. He was reprimanded over his remarks by the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees, but they did not try to unseat him.

In the 1960s Oliver broke with conventional American conservatism, having become convinced that Welch had either cozened him from the start or sold out later, and severed his connections with what he called “the Birch hoax.” He thus came to openly embrace an essentially Nazi worldview, and eventually to assist William Luther Pierce in forming the National Alliance. He retired as Emeritus in 1977.

Oliver believed that religion was one of the major weaknesses of his nation and civilization. An atheist and materialist, he characterized Christianity as “a spiritual syphilis,” which “has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live.”

He also used the pen names “Ralph Perier” (for The Jews Love Christianity and Religion and Race) and “Paul Knutson” (for Aryan Asses). It is claimed that Oliver was the actual author of the Introduction (credited to Willis Carto) to Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium.


The Eternal Jew – 1940 German propaganda film with Eng. translator-narrator

From wikipedia:

The Eternal Jew (1940) is an anti-semitic German Nazi propaganda film, presented as a documentary. The film’s title in German is Der Ewige Jude, the German term for the character of the “Wandering Jew” in medieval folklore. At the insistence of Nazi Germany‘s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, the film was directed by Fritz Hippler. The screenplay is credited to Eberhard Taubert. The film consists of feature and documentary footage combined with materials filmed shortly after the Nazi occupation of Poland. At this time Poland’s Jewish population was about three million, roughly ten percent of the total population. Actor Harry Giese (1903–1991) narrated.

*Note about Purim: The ancient Persians were Aryan (see Klassen, Madole, Pierce, Lane) and therefore Purim is another anti-white Jewish celebration like Hanukkah (see Hitchens) – knowledge which has been hidden from the average white person.

Article on James Madole from Heritage & Destiny

by Martin Kerr [from English racial nationalist journal, Heritage & Destiny circ. 2004]

When he first learnt of the formation of an “American Nazi Party” in Arlington, Virginia by former US Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell, NRP leader James Madole was unhappy.  Even more so than today, in 1959 support for American National Socialism (or anything close to it) was miniscule. Simply put, Madole did not want any competition for the slender resources available to the most radical wing of the Racial Nationalist movement.  Although the National Renaissance Party had been largely dormant since a wave of media attacks and governmental intimidation in 1955, Madole felt that it was only a matter of time until more favourable circumstances would emerge.

As it turned out however there was no real competition between the NRP and the ANP. The operational range of the NRP was limited to New York City and the surrounding area. Although he made occasional propaganda forays into New York City, Rockwell’s party never had a substantial presence in the Greater New York area.

Rather than damaging the NRP, Rockwell’s success in building American National Socialism actually helped to launch Madole’s Party into its greatest period of street activism and resulting publicity. Rockwell’s aggressive high profile, media savvy tactics were a big boost to the flagging morale of White Nationalists everywhere. Many of those who admired Rockwell but who did not join the ANP, felt that they could do as good a job (or better) as Rockwell was doing himself by imitating him. Madole was one of those who was not above adopting Rockwell’s style once it had proved to bring a measure of success.

In addition to strengthening morale and providing a working model for radical Racial Nationalist activity, Rockwell also brought many new activists into the movement.  These new activists included former military personnel, tough working class youth, and a smattering of college students. Over time, some of these would quarrel with Rockwell and lose interest in the movement completely. Others, however would gravitate to organisations other than the ANP. Throughout the 1960’s the NRP benefited greatly from an influx of former ANP members into it’s ranks.

In 1963 Madole launched a major propaganda offensive which he hoped would propel the NRP past Rockwell and into the forefront of radical White Nationalism. A new NRP self-defense formation was organised, the Security Echelon. The SE uniform included grey shirts (copied from the German American Bund) and thunderbolt armbands. Overall it was reminiscent of the traditional National Socialist brown shirt uniform, and yet was clearly distinct from it.

The first public appearance of the SE was on 25 May 1963, when it provided security for Madole at a street rally in the Yorkville section of Manhattan. The meeting was widely advertised by the media, with the result that some 4000 people showed up.  Most of these were merely curious onlookers, but among the crowd were 1000 members of the Jewish War Veterans, who had vowed to stop Madole from speaking. In between SE and the JWV were the New York City Police, who had the unenviable task of preserving the peace. Flanked by SO Major Edward Cassidy, Madole stepped up to the podium and began to speak. During the course of the ensuing riot, some JWV members managed to break through the police lines and clashed briefly but violently with the SE before being driven off. That was the end of the rally.

In the course of the confused fighting, SE Sergeant Louis Mostaccio struck a plainclothes detective whom he had mistaken for a JWV member. He was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer. Mostaccio was then taken to the police station where he was beaten while handcuffed and then thrown down a flight of stairs. Henceforth, SE troopers knew that if they were arrested during the course of a demonstration in which there was violence they could expect to be beaten by the police, regardless of the actual circumstances of their arrest.

The result of the Yorkville rally and riot was worldwide publicity for the NRP, which led to an influx of recruits and donations. It also led to almost immediate retaliatory measures from the government. Quickly a resolution was introduced in the New York state legislature banning the public wearing of any National Socialist uniform or any uniform “resembling” an NS uniform. It took over a decade for Madole to get this unconstitutional law repealed. During that period the main effect of the New York anti-uniform law was to increase the popularity of the out of state activities among SE members.

A more serious attack on the NRP was the arrest of Madole and key SE leaders following a demonstration in Brooklyn. NRP members and supporters were arrested following the counter-picket of a Congress of Racial  Equality protest at a White Castle hamburger restaurant. After the picket, the NRP team returned to the van they were using for transportation. In the cargo area of the van the police found some camping equipment, including a crossbow and a hunting knife. The picketers were then arrested on various weapons and riot charges. Although he was not present at the protest, Madole was also arrested on the theory that he had “incited” his members to break the law. After two years of court battles, the obviously trumped up charges were dropped – but in the meantime precious NRP resources had been consumed in the legal struggle and several SE men had done time in prison, although they had broken no law.

Undeterred the NRP continued their programme of street rallies, pickets and leaflet distributions.  From 1968, the JWV was replaced by the Jewish Defense League as the main street opposition to the NRP. The JDL normally avoided clashing with SE troopers at public demonstrations, and instead preferred nighttime ambushes of NRP members outside of party headquarters. (Madole’s third floor walk up flat at 10 West 90th Street doubled as party headquarters and Madole’s apartment). One such attack in October 1969 left two SE men hospitalized. In April 1970 SE commander Bob Woodcock had his head split open by an axe in an even more brutal assault.  JDL member Steven Lang was subsequently arrested. In December of the same year a major assault on the NRP Headquarters was thwarted when a skirmish line of SE troopers armed with baseball bats and clubs held off a JDL mob until the police arrived.

It is unsurprising that James Madole himself was often caught up in violence that swirled around him. By the early 1970’s he was overweight, out of shape and badly asthmatic and as such hardly made a daunting phyiscal impression. Yet, because of his iron will and absolute fearlessness he was a formidable street fighter. In January 1971 this author saw him trade punches toe to toe with a JDL member twice his size and half his age during a brawl between seven NRP members and thirty JDLers in New York’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Later that year, this author saw Madole calmly draw a knife on a communist protester who menaced him following yet another Yorkville street rally. (“What are you going to do with that?” the Red asked him. “That depends on you”, was Madole’s reply. The Red quickly scooted away.

Madole survived two assassination attempts, both by Jews. On 28 February 1958 one Al Richman gained access to Madole’s apartment on false pretence. He produced a handgun, timed up Madole and Madole’s mother Grace, and then announced his intention to kill them. A battle of will and wits between Madole and Richman then ensued which ended when Richman fled leaving James and Grace Madole both unharmed. Although he had come to the NRP headquarters with the goal of killing Madole “he lacked the fortitude to commit the act of murder” as Madole dryly commented.  Richman was later wounded in a shoot out with the police who came to arrest him and was committed to an insane asylum.
The second assassination attempt nearly killed the NRP leader. Edward Tournier described in the National Renaissance Bulletin as someone “whose father is Jewish and whose mother is human” was a native of Louisiana. He had applied for membership in the SE but was turned down because of his Jewish ancestry. Tournier developed a pathological hatred of Madole and began stalking him. On 2 April 1971 Tournier attacked Madole from behind as the two were entering an office building in Lower Manhattan.  After exchanging punches with Madole, Tournier pulled a jagged chunk of brick from his jacket and crashed it into Madole’s head. By standers rushed forward to help Madole; Tournier escaped in the confusion and was never caught. Madole underwent emergency surgery and several square inches of his skull were removed. Photographs taken of Madole following the attack invariably show him wearing a hat or a helmet: this is because he never got around to having a second surgery to implant an iron plate to replace the missing bone. For the last eight years of his life, there was nothing between Madole’s brain and the outside world but a thin flap of skin – but still he went on demonstrations.

Although he recovered well enough physically from his assault, the attack had a lasting impact on his personality that was detrimental to the NRP for the rest of its history. Madole had had a lifelong interest in the occult. He was well versed both in occult theory and in the practice of ritual magic. Prior to the attack his tendency was to keep his occult beliefs more or less separate from the NRP.

This article is not the place to to into Madole’s belief in the occult in detail. Briefly he believed that science and the occult were just different ways of approaching the same reality, and that there was no essential difference between the scientist in his lab coat and the sorcerer in his cape. Madole was very taken by the writings of Madame Helena Blavatsky and the incorporated large amounts of Theosophy, similar to but different from the Austrian and German Aniosophists.

For the most part, the SE troopers and other NRP activists were not themselves occultists and Madole’s decision to merge occult beliefs with White Nationlism was unpopular throughout the party. Prevously what had distinguished the NRP from other Racial Nationalist or National Socialist groups was Madole’s political ideology.  The proposals in the NRP programme for a new America went far beyond the superficial racialism that chacterised many American White Nationalist organisations. The NRP programme restructuring of American society. It included far reaching proposals for scientific advancement including space exploration and colonisation. Following the April 1971 assassination attempt, Madole largely replaced this political radicalism with an open advocacy of the occult. The result was an exodus from the party of many key leaders and activists.

In its final phase, NRP energies were focused on forging links with other occult organisations. Madole unsuccessfully tried to engineer a formal alliance between the Church of Satan and the NRP apparently unaware that the Church’s leader Anton Szandor Lavey was partially of Jewish ancestry. The National renaissance bulletin was largely given over to a continuing series of articles entitled “The New Atlantis” A Blueprint for an Aryan “Garden of Eden” in North America. The “blueprint” was almost entirely based on occult knowledge and magical theory with only a passing nod to previous NRP political radicalism.  Most serious activists long having left, the ranks of the NRP were increasingly filled with more and more marginal types of individuals.

In the latter half of 1978 James Madole was diagnosed with cancer. He finally succumbed on 6 May 1979. He was only 51 years old. A few party stalwarts made a half-hearted attempt to keep the NRP going after his death, but their efforts quickly faltered.

The National Renaissance Party lasted thirty years. Its weaknesses were obvious : New York City is absolutely the wrong place for the headquarters of a Racial Nationalist movement. Madole was never able to generate enough income for the party to pay him a regular salary. Instead he had to work a regular nine to five job and then handle party business after work and on weekends. If the leader cannot lead full time his movement is not going to be successful.  Lastly, the decision to make the occult the focus of NRP organizing and propaganda was spectacularly unsuccessful even by the modest standards of fringe movements.

Although ultimately it was not the vehicle to bring White Nationalism to power in the US the NRP can be credited with having advanced the movement on many fronts. Organizationally the party provided a sort of “basic training” in street activism for many people who later went on to be leaders in their own right. It also provided a focal point for White resistance in the Greater New York area.  Its private weekly meetings were a venue in which any White Nationalist passing through the New York area could meet other comrades. Through the National Renaissance Bulletin, it provided a forum for both James Madole’s own ideas and those of other Movement thinkers, such as Francis Parker Yockey.  Towards then end of his life, Madole was searching for new ways to reach the public: in 1976 the NRP was the first White Nationalist organisation to produce its own cable access television show.

Although largely forgotten today the dedication, hardwork and sacrifices of James Madole and his followers over the course of three decades provided an important platform on which subsequent White Nationalist efforts could be built.

Tani Jantsang’s memories of Anton Lavey & James Madole…

by Tani Jantsang

Did I ever meet Anton Lavey? For me to say “yes” to that, would mean that I’d have to say that I met Richard Nixon. I stood closer to Nixon than I was to LaVey. I heard Nixon talking as I heard LaVey. But did I meet him – was I introduced to him, did I speak to him myself? NO on both accounts.

Some time in the early late 1960’s or 1970’s. I think early 1970’s; may have even been late 1960’s. Sorry, but if I can’t remember the exact date or year my own mom or dad died, I’m not going to remember THIS. It was a time before Aquino was well known in the COS. Ergo, it was definitely well before 1974 or 1975. I also want to state that it was no big deal. The visit of Ali Khan, on the other hand, along with some of the Yorktown big wigs was a big deal.

At 10 West 90th Street, New York City, Apartment 8, 4th floor in an apartment, in the living room, sat James Madole’s mom on the left side of the couch. Madole himself always sat in his own chair in a corner of the room. Andrei Lisanik, seated diagonally from Madole and at catty corners with the couch and Mrs. Madole, was wondering why Madole was having “that Jew” over; he meant Anton LaVey. I was on the perpendicular side of Madole and Lisanic, alternating between listening and sitting and listening and getting coffee, making some snacks. Someone else was there, I don’t remember who he was as he was too bland to remember (Lisanik was a hunk). Madole answered Lisanik by going into a lecture on Mr. Levey (he pronounced it like Levy) and the popularity of diabolism which was always, he said, part of the natural religion, the “Pagan warrior cult,” of the Aryan peoples; and boy could he rattle off dates, places, and deities starting in India of course. He had it that Mr. Levey had a good scheme going. From what I gathered, he wanted either to get in on it, or wanted to take it over and include it in the “rag tag” portion of what he was connected to. The rag tags would battle with Leftists and have rallies. The Pagans, a motorcycle gang headed by Bruce Ithier (later to become THE New York COS connection after Aquino left) was part of the rag tag. In short, the rag tags were scum. The times I was there, Madole had United Nations people over, Middle Eastern people, or respectable community leaders from Yorktown, or Captive Nations big wigs, or rich playboys like Ali Khan. Only once, much later in the late 1970’s, did I meet up with two rag tag scums at Madole’s house: Bruce and Catherine Ithier.

Madole was in the habit of usually having meetings with Yorktown big wigs, Captive Nation big wigs (nationalist leaders who fled from Soviet bloc countries) and even some UN people from Mid East countries. Ali Khan was a friend of Madole’s. This was no joke – they were in reality some kind of occult fraternity that based its tenets on Blavatsky and had definite connections to the darker side of the Theosophical Society which had been around a long time – and which is what Thule Society was about (Hitler joined that).

They held that the Jews (the original ones, called Abrahm) had eliminated the “yoni” from the “lingum/yoni” pair in their ancient days, and had become a Phallic cult that had a vested interest in keeping the Aryans Christianized and hence, TAMED. In this paradigm of “the way things are” the Jews left India (Abrahm means not Brahmin and was their original name before they made it Abraham), demonized the yoni and took to worshiping a phallus whilst preaching against the natural order of things and, of course, they mingled with the Negroes. The Chandravansa and the Suryavansa of India had mixed and what the mixtures were, according to this lore, were the Aryan Race! Note, the Chandravansa are the 4th Root Race, the Naga or Turanians – and Suryavansa are the 5th Root Race according to this lore. The mixing of these two over the years produced the Aryans. The Jews (Hebrews) had been a group that were in a lower caste and who had left before that and, after leaving and encountering Negroes, had mixed with the Negro races. When the Aryans left later on, they were in a state of perpetual war with these “mongrelized” Jews who’d promote race mixing and sexual perversion. This is the dumbed down and simplified version of the WHOLE of the belief system. It is a war to the end between Semite and Aryan. They’d cite things about the Jews very similar to Hitler’s “Eternal Jew” movie but with more detail. They believed this paradigm; it was not like a religion, not quite. One noted example they gave was about how the Jews “took over” the Nietzsche society. I was always surprised to hear Madole go so far back with this – for I too know all about the Chandravansa and the Suryavansa. And I knew there was truth to what Madole was saying about where this tribe of people orginally came from. But the rest of it? Some of the stuff might hold true for some Jews living amongst Christians, but only much later on in history. They formed a great portion of what was the Radical Left, and yes, the Radical Left was anti-racist. But early on? No way unless you consider the “Christianizing of Rome” to be a Jewish plot because the original Christians were all Jews!

That’s the paradigm. Yet here was Anton LaVey “Mr. Levey” – yet another Jew, taking over the diabolic current, or so said Madole. And what was rife in the LaVey Church of Satan? All kinds of kinky sex; one may even say that the early Church of Satan was about nothing but sex and Anton’s kinky preferences. There is no fathoming the “black but cold hatred” the Aryan diabolists have for such a man as LaVey: it is unfathomable; it is dark and sinister, downright SCARY to be near, to the point where you can feel it as if it’s a tangible thing in the air. The paradigm of how the world went, in this belief system, is this: civilizations that were once purely Aryan and great all fell due to two things: race mixing and rampant homosexuality and perversion. These two destructive elements were always brought into the Aryan societies by Jews and other mixed races that the Jews always championed. Always there is the Jew to “take over” what belongs to the Aryan, and now the diabolic current is in the hands of Anton. That was their WHOLE paradigm of “civilization: rising and falling.” And this is a very short and dumbed down version of the “rise and fall of civilizations.” If you’ve heard it once, you recognize it in any form. If anyone doubts that Madole knew everything about the real Anton LaVey, consider that George Lincoln Rockwell knew it and first told everyone who he was – and Rockwell found it out from Madole. They were friends. Rockwell was murdered and Madole knew some shady things about Matt Koehl, the man who took over from Rockwell. Madole also knew a lot about FBI Cointelpro’s and it would be interesting today to find out just what the FBI had in this sphere of activity. It is well known now what Cointelpros did to the American Indian Movement and the Black Panther Party.

Point is: Anton LaVey came to visit Madole. I’m not sure if this was the first visit or not OR if LaVey had also made a speech in the Warlock Shop where the Pagan’s second-in-command tried to start a fight with him. Sorry, I don’t remember what I call “outer” details that much about what I considered irrelevent bullshit. I didn’t see it in any case or I would remember it. I heard. But now this is relevent to some folks, ah me.

I had written publicly before, and TO LaVey, about “Anton’s life as a Jew in WASP society – his own hang up on the pale-blonde Aryan stereotype and how it felt to be cast out in WASP society.” Much has been written about this by others. He reacted to it by BECOMING the very Devil the Christian society thought he was (actually, the WASP racial group in society, not necessarily Christians since Sicilian Catholics would not have ostracized him for his looks) – and as he writes in “Satan Speaks” (with his rediculous foray into Jewish Nazi mystiques), something certain Jews that hated their own Jewishness got into: “wanna be” what they can never be; “wanna buy into” that which ostracizes them: they do this by BECOMING what they are called. The movie “Man in the Glass Booth” is all about this sickness in some Jews. It is like when African Americans take the name “nigger” for themselves: “nigger” is the worst thing white society ever called them; it is the most demeaning and degrading thing – yet they’ll call themselves “niggers.” And it is like when African Americans in the past had a crisis over what to be called; so many of them tried to pass as ANYTHING ELSE, Hindu Indian, Native Indian, Spanish, Arab, Egyptian, anything, EXCEPT be black. The same psychological dynamic is working on both. The book “Whiteness of Another Color” by Jacobson delves into this quite well. I wrote LaVey this and also had a friend post something about this and the point is, LaVey did NOT say I was wrong: he said I knew him very well. I was right. If LaVey had been a proper Jewish boy, at ease with his own people, he’d have become a radical left winger in rebellion against the hippocracy in our society. He didn’t go that route.

At Madole’s house. The knock at the door. Someone else there answered it as Madole sat quietly. There he was, Anton LaVey. He looked quite good and said his usual line, though at the time I had no idea what his usual line was. But then, in the end, it came: that same old thing again. ARYAN Diabolism: far WORSE than polite or even rude Christian anti-Semitism! That could sum up the entirety of what I heard said that day. You could see it on LaVey’s face in the end – as if he was slapped. The first “slap” came when LaVey was being lectured to by Madole on the varius Hindu texts and, at the time, other barely heard of texts. Madole was waxing on (and he could go on AND ON) but Madole was not getting into the Aryan versus Jew thing at all (Madole regarded Christianity as something the Jews wanted to keep on the Aryans). Madole spoke for about an hour on this, like a lecture on his overview of history and diabolism – but without bringing up race and Madole mentioned certain sacred texts. LaVey started to try to equal this by waxing eloquent on the Necronomicon of the Arab and Madole let him go on at bit with this. LaVey was definitely trying to impress Madole and hint that he had some secret book that only the few priveleged ones had ever seen. Madole “slapped him” by waxing eloquently on H. P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, Clark Ashton Smith and all of those writers, citing names, dates and every detail about who INVENTED these so-called secret hidden books, who these writers were, what they were connected to and NOT connected to and so forth. He ended it by declaring in a louder tone to LaVey that “the book doesn’t exist.” Then there was a pregnant silence.

Then came the Aryan Diabolism. When LaVey started to talk about Christianity and how they are anti carnal (the usual thing as I know now), Madole interrupted with one loud question: “But tell me, don’t Jews love Christianity?” He said it like this: “But tell me How, ahem, Anton, don’t the JEWS …. love Christianity.” It was put to LaVey as if Madole was saying: “Don’t YOU love Christianity.” It was accusatory. There was a definite awkwardness and a few more words from Madole. LaVey had to leave, and whatever. End of story. No big deal. Madole couldn’t be fooled and he knew everything about his visitor in advance.

Madole kept trying to get the Aryans in the COS to come over to his end, almost as if to take over the COS. He tried to get someone named Lilith to do joint things with him, but I have NO IDEA if this Lilith is the same Lilith that was with Aquino nor did I ever see any of this stuff; I heard it in passing. I would tend to doubt it; I don’t think Lilith Aquino would have anything to do with Madole plus, as far as I know, she’d have been on the West coast with Aquino. But I don’t know – really DO NOT KNOW. He did manage this with Bruce Ithier who was with him all the way but who was otherwise human garbage. Madole knew what Ithier was. Madole was not a man to be fooled. He had TOO MANY connections. I do know that after Aquino left the COS, at least in 1976, Ithier was THE CoS New York area contact and he was a Nazi; he was also an “angel dust” user and a pimp with one Melissa Beth Heller, a JDL spy, living in his harem. In other words, he was garbage. His wife Cathy appeared on one of the 3 major TV stations in a news spot talking for the Church of Satan back in the late 1970’s.

I don’t know much else since my end was PURELY political – NOT “occult society connections.” Later on that day after LaVey left another person came to visit Madole and that is the person I WAS waiting to hear and see.

Anton LaVey? Either he tried to con everyone he ever met, or he was nuts and really believed in delusions about his new image and Devil’s Mandates. That didn’t come from Aquino. LaVey SAID IT to Madole! Aquino wasn’t there. I don’t even think Aquino was anything much in the CoS back then. I had heard of Diane and Karla from the news media back then. The overall impression was that LaVey was trying to con Madole into believing his own delusions of grandeur; all born of his own inability to ACCEPT that he was Jewish. That was the impression. When Madole “slapped” him with Aryan Diabolism, LaVey was, via body-language noticeably upset and made excuses to leave soon after. Since I wrote this impression to LaVey in the mid 1990’s without saying where it came from, him wondering who I was, he did not deny that the CoS was always just a thing “all about HIMSELF” and nothing else. I said quite a few hard things to him – he didn’t mind at all and said I was right. I think Vad may have seen this letter, but I’m not sure. It was not typed on a computer. This is in marked contrast to Barton who has her “worship feathers” ruffled at the slightest hint of truth about what is obviously her idol and trophy.

Why did I deny I ever met him? Even when asked how I knew him so well? Well, he might REMEMBER! That would not be good. It’s not hard to psyche a person out when listening attentively and TRAINED to do just that. He was not complex at all: the dynamic that came together psycho-sexually to make him do what he did and desire the things he desired is VERY simple! His flirtations with Nazis are also easy to analyze: it’s common in such people who have been made to feel like niggers: they wannabe what they can’t be – or at least HAVE something of it. They wannabe accepted, even if it’s on the most negative terms. “Won’t accept him as Jew, but will accept him, in a way, as the Devil.” As a Jew he was just another disenfranchized ethnic minority; as the Devil he was famous.

The only time I saw something of him, ON FILM no less, and kinda liked him was in the video tape where he reminisced about his childhood and played his organ for the camera. Otherwise I knew this, he was just a self-hating Jewish guy that got propelled into fame by the forces of media; and then had the doors shut on him by the same forces. For years people thought the CoS no longer existed and he didn’t do much to counter anything Aquino was printing and saying. He never even debated Aquino which is strange. He never even wrote letters to the Priests who left, to try to get them back. All very strange. Was he afraid to do that?

Aquino? He was sincere; a true believer. Imo he was duped. He probably really believed that The Devil gave Anton a Mandate, for hell’s sakes. The CoS never acknowledged the Priesthoods of ANY OTHER Satanic organization members out there; or so it is claimed. But I’d be willing to bet MONEY that Anton LaVey WOULD have acknowledged the Priest or Reverend titles of a self proclaimed Satanic Priest IF – he was connected to Madole! You see, Madole “smacked him in the face” with that Aryan Diabolism stuff: he SHUT THE DOOR on Anton – once again he FELT that door slam. I’d bet money that he’d have done ANYTHING to just have the door opened again. In the later 1970’s, the CoS did indeed have Madole-related Satanic Priests – Bruce Ithier was one of them that I personally know of. I think Seth Klippoth (no joke) was another I saw literature from later on, post 1975.

I’m sure that anything LaVey ever wrote about this stuff would have it the other way: that Madole was all gung ho to accept LaVey – but that Anton would not accept Madole. That’s the same line of bullshit as “Well, Anton LaVey was too far above debating with the likes of Aquino; he was too busy living the Satanic life to debate Aquino.” Blah blah blah. Translation: LaVey was too chicken shit to confront Aquino. Gilmore said, in 1989, that the Neo-Nazis were forever trying to worm their way into the CoS and that LaVey would have no part of them. I let Gilmore talk and tell the story his way. uh huh. Sorry, I remember Ithier quite well and after 1975, Ithier was IT – and he was a Nazi. Cost to join the CoS was 100 bucks but if you were a Nazi, it cost only 10 bucks. LaVey tried to keep them out? Sorry: that’s not the way it went. Madole and the entire Aryan Diabolic movement saw LaVey as a Jew trying to usurp the Aryan diabolic traditions and turn them into perverted sex clubs – and again, the dark hate these groups have for Jews is tangible – it’s SPOOKY. I felt it when it crept up. In fact, the entire Amsterdam CoS Club was nothing but a kinky sex club; a whore house. So are these Aryanists wrong? And while there may have been kinky sex, it still wasn’t GAY sex. The CoS Gilmore version on that was that the OTO type groups were riddled with queers. Barton’s letter to Christopher Bray launches into a sneering mockery of Aquino’s supposed anal sex too – as if that mattered to what she wrote Bray about.

One Big Whatever. Lies built upon more lies.