Black Friday a Jewish invention

Under the leadership of Fred Lazarus, Jr., F & R Lazarus became one of the four founding members of Federated Department Stores founded in 1929 as a Jewish-owned conglomerate, along with Williams Filene’s Sons Co. and Abraham & Straus. Bloomingdale Brothers joined the Federated in 1930.

Fred Lazarus, Jr. successfully lobbied President Franklin Roosevelt convincing him that it would be good for the nation’s business to permanently set the date of Thanksgiving as the fourth Thursday in November, adding an extra week to the Christmas shopping season during those years in which there were five Thursdays in November. An Act of Congress perpetuated the arrangement in 1941. After this date “Black Friday” became a nationwide sensation, becoming the most profitable day for Federated nationally.

Federated expanded nationwide adding dozens of Jewish-owned department stores to their holdings over the next several decades. In 2007 Federated officially changed its corporate name and began operating as Macy’s Inc.



The truth about Thanksgiving

Our doctored history books have given us so much trash about the importance of the Pilgrim Fathers, the Puritans, the Mayflower Compact, and in general, the role of Christianity in the building of America. Our school children and the American population, by and large, as a result, have now become so indoctrinated that practically all of them will rehash this Jewish distortion that America was built by Christians, for Christians, and on Christian principles. A closer examination of history will show that America was built not by Christians, nor on Christian principles, but, on the contrary, was built despite the shackles of Christianity.

Who were the real builders of America? They certainly were not the Pilgrims or the Puritans or other religious zealots, although there were some of these sprinkled throughout the early settlers.

– Ben Klassen, Nature’s Eternal Religion.

William Luther Pierce, in Who We Are, explains that:

Christian rituals like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were deliberately designed to correspond to pagan rituals and festivals of long standing.

In the very first issue of the Odinist, Else and Alex Christensen provided these insights about the pagan roots of Thanksgiving:

The Spring; and Fall Equinox mark the two points where the path of the sun crosses the celestial equator. When this happens day and night are of equal length.
The Fall Equinox always occurs on or about Sept. 21., – in the English speaking countries also called the “First Day of Fall”.
Our ancestors looked upon Nature’s special phenomena as occasions for celebrations, and the people gathered for services and a feast. Particularly in the Northern countries this festival was closely connected with the Harvest Thanksgiving, where thanks were offered for a good food supply for the winter. The Autumn Equinox ceremonies were in some areas also connected with the ancient sacrifices held in the beginning of the month of Goi, which roughly corresponds to the end of September and the beginning of October.
This year the Fall Equinox should be celebrated on Sept. 18, which is the Saturday closest to the actual day. Odinists, singly or in smaller or larger groups will commemorate this special day with a simple ceremony, candle light, speeches or readings, in the company of good friends; and may we propose a toast of mead in honour of our forefathers’ Gods, invoking them to bestow upon us the Wisdom of ODIN and the Spirit of THOR.

Our racial fore-bearers shared amongst their kinsfolk, but racial enemies were not a part of ancient Odinic society. Our new Christian American myth has stories about Amerindians sitting down to dine with the white Pilgrims, reminiscent of the Christian ethic:

And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the kid, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them.

Isaiah 11:6.

In reality, the animal kingdom is a viscious and bloody struggle – and we are a part of the animal kingdom. Any Christian who pathetically holds onto Biblical ethics should be asked to test his faith by actually sending his toddlers into a lion’s den. Such suicidality is obviously insane. But for some reason we swallow it – when it comes to “other human beings” threatening our children. And multiracial propaganda, like Thanksgiving, is the reason why.

More than 570 Africans invading Europe via Spain every day

At least 4,000—and likely many more—African invaders have landed in Spain since November 9, with 461 arriving at the southern port of Cartagena on Saturday after being “rescued” pulled off of 44 different boats over the previous twelve hours, and another 40 found on two boats in the Straits of Gibraltar.

According to the latest statistics provided by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), for the period November 9 to 15, a total of 3,261 invaders landed in Spain—a dramatic 292 percent increase on the previous week (November 2 to 8), when “only” 832 invaded Europe via that route.

Spain has now become the preferred route to invading Europe after the crypto-communist fake “charities” were halting from acting a free taxi services to Italy.

The invaders have now decided to focus on the shorter crossing route into Spain after their free transport services have stopped, and this has resulted in a steady increase in the invasion numbers across the Straits of Gibraltar.

According to the IOM, so far this year some 17,687 nonwhites have invaded Spain by sea this year in total—which means that more than 20 percent have landed in the last week alone.

A further 5.473 have invaded Spain by land, bringing the total this year so far to 23,160. For all of 2016, “only” 13,246 landed in Spain, according to IOM figures.

The 461 fake refugees who landed this past Saturday were on boats reportedly launched from Algeria, and they were “rescued” by the Navy, and the Guardia Civil police—and tended to by the Red Cross, media reported.

Francisco Bernabe, the Spanish representative in the region of Murcia, was quoted by media as saying that the invasion was a “coordinated and unacceptable attack on our borders.”

Other media reported that the number of invaders plucked from the sea was as high a 600, with patrols intercepting more than 110 Africans in the Alboran Sea, between Morocco and Spain’s Andalusian coast.


A brief bio of Houston Stewart Chamberlain

by Francis King [excerpts from Satan & Swastika: The Occult & The Nazi Party, 1976]

Houston Stewart Chamberlain, 1925

Chamberlain, whose Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899) had been written – or so its author said – under the influence of demons, exerted an important influence upon the volkisch occultists and the esoteric sects to which they belonged. An English admiral’s son, he had been born in Southport in 1855. His education, mostly abroad, had included history and almost all the natural sciences, from geology to biology – in the 1860s and 1870s such a wide range was still possible.

Whether Chamberlain actually believed in the objective existence of the demons who inspired him, or whether he was merely engaging in a whimsical personalization of the elements erupting out of his own Unconscious, is unclear, but in either case their effects seem to have been spectacular enough.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain [wrote William L. Shirer] was given to seeing demons who, by his own account, drove him relentlessly to seek new fields of study. Once in 1896, when he was returning from Italy, the presence of a dream became so forceful that he got off the train at Gardone, shut himself up in a hotel room for eight days and wrote feverishly on a biological thesis until he had the germ of the theme that would dominate all his later works: race and history. Since he felt himself goaded on by demons, his books were written in the grip of a terrible fever, a veritable trance, a state of self-induced intoxication so that he was often unable to recognize them as his own work.

Chamberlain’s racialism – he believed that the “German mind must guide the Aryan peoples to racial supremacy and world domination” – unquestionably owed much to that of Gobineau (1816-82), the French author of the Essay on the Inequality of the Races of Man, a book which deeply influenced Wagner, who conducted a long and friendly correspondence with its author. Chamberlain shared Gobineau’s belief that “all civilization flows from the white race” and that even the white race was degenerate, that there is “no true civilization among European nations in cases in which the Aryan branches have not dominated it”. Chamberlain, however, went even further than Gobineau, claiming that every great event in European history, even the Renaissance, was the alone-and-unaided achievement of Teutons. He wrote:

All those who from the sixth century onwards appear as genuine shapers of the destiny of man belong to the Teutonic race. Th great Italians of the Renaissance were all born either in the north, saturated in Lombardic Gothic and Frankish blood, or in the extreme Germanic-Hellenic south.

Chamberlain was, inevitably, anti-Semitic. He admired the Orthodox Jews for their supposed racial purity, but believed that this “pure Jewish race” was the enemy of Teutonic man, planning to employ its side branches – people of mixed Jewish and Gentile origin – to “infect the Indo-Europeans with Jewish bloood”. Such a prospect horrified Chamberlain. He wrote:

If that were to go on for a few centuries there would be in Europe only one single people of pure race, that of the Jews; all the rest would be a herd of pseudo-Hebraic mestizos, a people beyond all doubt degenerate physically, mentally, and morally.

Problems associated with religion and mysticism were of particular interest to Chamberlain who certainly had read a great deal of Theosophical and other occult literature. Mysticism was seen by Chamberlain as the supreme expression of the Aryan spirit: “every mystic is, whether he will or not, a born anti-Semite”. He was a particular admirer of Meister Eckhart, a mediaeval German mystic whose writings were to exert a major influence upon Alfred Rosenberg, the leading Nazi theoretician, and of Jacob Behmen, a seventeenth-century figure whose alchemical symbolism and suspect theology were much disliked by orthodox Lutherans.

Chamberlain was convinced that Christianity was a totally unsuitable religion for Germany, but was doubtful whether mysticism could serve as an altogether satisfactory substitute for it. What was needed, he felt, was a totally new religion with a new god. “In the want of a true religion,” he said, “that has sprung from, and is compatible with, our own individuality, I see the greatest danger for the Teuton. The German stands apart and waits for a god to descend from heaven”.

For some years Chamberlain thought that the desired divinity might prove to be Kaiser Wilhelm, the German Emperor, but by 1923 he had transferred his hopes to a new candidate, Adolf Hitler, to whom he wrote:

You have mighty things to do. Nothing can be done as long as the Parliamentary system rules; God knows that the Germans have no spark of talent for this system. Its prevalence I regard as the greatest misfortune, for it can only lead again and again into a morass and bring to naught all plans for restoring the Fatherland and lifting it up. My faith in the Germans had never wavered for a moment, but my hope, I must own, had sunk to a low ebb. At one stroke you have transformed the state of my soul. That in the hour of her deepest need Germany has given birth to a Hitler proves her vitality, as do the influences emanating from him, for these two things, personality and influence, go together. May God protect you!

Hitler returned Chamberlain’s regard, venerating the sexagenarian sage as a forerunner of National-Socialism.

The future Fuhrer was by no means the only Austrian to find inspiration in Chamberlain’s writings. They were hailed with enthusiasm by, on the one hand, German-speaking intellectuals who had become worried by the increasing Jewish presence in the professions, notably medicine, and, on the other hand, by a small but growing circle of racist occultists of whom the most important were Guido von List, the real father of volkisch occultism, and Lanz von Liebenfels, the man whose death had been so regretted by the Swiss magicians of the Abbey of Thelema.

The French occult revival as a precursor to Nazism

by Francis King [excerpts from Satan & Swastika: The Occult & The Nazi Party, 1976]

rehashed_nazi_logo_by_fascistlegion47Fabre d’Olivet (1767-1825) began his public life as a revolutionary playwright and politician, was a member of the Jacobin Club, as late as 1800 was on the fringes of a republican conspiracy to explode a mine beneath Napoleon’s coach, and ended it as a dreamer of occult pseudo-history. His first venture in this line, an account of the destruction of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis, was included in his Letters to Sophie on History (1800). He followed up this trial effort with The Hebraic Language Restored in which he asserted that Moses was “an initiate of the Mysteries of Memphis” and gave a mystical translation of the first ten chapters of the Book of Genesis. In his Philosophical History of the Human Race, which appeared in 1824 and covered 12,000 years of history – a period which seemed breathtakingly long, for it was still generally believed that God had created the world circa 4000 BC – he asserted that the White race was both the highest type of humanity and the youngest. It had come into existence somewhere near the North Pole and had overthrown such inferior races as the Black and the remnant of the Red, most of whom had been drowned at the time of the sinking of Atlantis. The Whites had been led by a “Druid” – i.e. a Priest-King – named Ram who had been the real creator of modern civilization, the inventor of a cure for elephantiasis, previously the scourge of the Whites, and the founder of an Empire that had survived until 1200 BC.

Ram reappeared in the writings of a marquis named Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1842-1909) – not surprisingly, since the Marquis incorporated large extracts from the unpublished writings of Fabre d’Olivet into his own works. Saint-Yves’s opinions and assertions of fact were of such eccentricity that they bordered on madness – indeed, his father said of him that “of all the lunatics I have known my son is the most dangerous”. He not only totally accepted the racist fantasies of Fabre d’Olivet, but added to them the existence of the “underground city of Agartha”. Saint-Yves was the inventor a new social / political system called synarchy.

Both synarchy and the ubiquitous Ram were featured in the books of the occultists Gerard Encausse and Edouard Schure. The latter, whose book The Great Initiates was an occult best seller, reprinted eighty-four times between 1889 and 1925, became an associate of the Austrian thaumaturge Rudolf Steiner who seems to have incorporated a good deal of Saint-Yves’s theories into his own version of occultism.

Steiner must have been particularly impressed by synarchy, for his supposedly original political ideas, which attracted a certain amount of interest in the Germany of the 1920s, were neither more nor less than synarchy clad in German dress. Even at the present day there are those who believe that Europe’s only hope of future wellbeing lies in the adoption of the social principles advocated in Steiner’s Threefold Commonwealth.

Like synarchy, belief in the racial importance of the priest-king Ram has survived in contemporary occultism. He has become the Manu Rama and was, according to the late Dion Fortune, “the great Leader of the Aryan Race”; Manus, she adds, are “ethnological leaders on the Inner Planes of the great Root Races”. Neither Dion Fortune nor her immediate followers seem to have had any doubts about either the superiority of Aryan man or the existence of a “Curse of the Jews”. She remarked that “the White Race contains the most evolved – the Aryan” and added that the “Jewish section of the Atlantean-Semitic Root Race” brought the “Archetype of the Messiah to the West without themselves being fitted to use it. This is the curse of the Jews”.

Dion Fortune’s “Manu Rama” and her complex system of Root Races, such as “the Atlantean-Semitic”, were not derived directly from either Fabre d’Olivet or Saint-Yves. She took them from Madame Blavatsky, whose own system, allegedly given to her by Himalayan supermen called Mahatmas, was the most complex and influential of them all. The Theosophical racial doctrines have been absorbed into the general body of Western occultism; they can be found reflected in the writings of such magicians as Aleister Crowley, in the lectures of Rudolf Steiner – who developed them to even more extraordinary lengths – and in the supposedly scientific theories of Edgar Daque, which were regarded favourably by  Adolf Hitler. Evolutionary racism serves a purpose and in the right circumstances it can quieten a conscience, as it probably did for Otto Ohlendorf, the Theosophist who commanded one of the extermination squads of the ϟϟ and, in just six months, murdered 92,000 people.

The concept of the existence of superior and inferior races is not the only thing which occultism and some varieties of fascism have in common with one another. They share a belief in the importance of keeping certain knowledge a secret from ordinary people. “An impenetrable veil of secrecy”, wrote Blavatsky, “was thrown over the occult and religious mysteries…lest they should be shared by the unworthy and so desecrated”. Elsewhere she stated that the knowledge of practical occultism must be kept secret from the crowd because it may be used to control others. Darre, Hitler’s Agricultural Minister and an advocate of a blood-and-soil peasant mysticism, expressed much the same idea; “it is not”, he said, “until knowledge recovers its character of secret science and is again no longer available to all, that it can again exercise its normal function, the means of ruling human and non-human nature”.