Chester Bennington does the right thing

Chester Bennington, right, wearing yarmulke, poses for a photo taken by Mike Shinoda, also wearing yarmulke, during a visit to the Western Wall, in Jerusalem’s old city. Monday, Nov. 15, 2010.

Linkin Park frontman, and Zionist Jew, Chester Bennington has taken his own life. And the Zionist media is in a craze to fill in the blanks for the public – speculating sensationally as to why he would commit suicide. The idea that Bennington killed himself over childhood sexual abuse is not valid. He lived until now (41 years old) without killing himself over it and had six kids of his own – so that isn’t the reason why. The reason why is because Chester knows the world is closing in on the Jews. Lying about 9/11 everyday, shoving senseless multiracial propaganda down young white Americans throats, and playing shows for Israel just makes you want to off yourself eventually. We commend Bennington for his brave decision to just end it all. Unfortunately he left us with six Jew crack-babies that we will inevitably have to deal with.

Ben Klassen on Indulgences

by Ben Klassen [from A Revolution of Values Through Religion, 1991]


The popes, the bishops, and the upper hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church lived the life of Riley, indulging in concubines, summer palaces and rich living of the highest order. Not the least in its bag of super tricks in fleecing the superstitious and the gullible was the selling of indulgences.

This neat little trick consisted of selling little slips of paper signed by the Pope or one of the upper hierarchy, saying that the recipient would get a reprieve of some kind in purgatory or even hell, and move him or her closer to heaven. The trick was to move said soul only a little closer, not all the way, so that any number of repeat sales could be effected. These indulgences supposedly would also help your dead father or mother, or uncle or Aunt Minnie, whomever you might be concerned about. But they could also help yourself as a future insurance, even if you were still alive and kicking. However preposterous these little gimmicks were, they sold like hot cakes for decades on end. The building of the luxurious new St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome (as well as many others) was primarily financed by means of this racket.

As an aside, outside of its religious connotation, there is a striking similarity in this Jewish gimmick and that practiced by the Federal Reserve Board. Both took (or take) cheap pieces of paper, put some equally cheap ink on it, then pass these phony slips of paper off on a gullible public at a dear price. So profitable was this racket of selling indulgences that it soon got out of hand, and some concerned members of the Church rose up in protest. One of these was Martin Luther, an Augustinian Monk and Roman Catholic priest who nailed his famous 95 Theses to the door of the castle church in Thuringen, Germany. The date was October 31, 1517, and this heralded the opening shot of the revolt against the Roman Catholic colossus. Luther was condemned and excommunicated by Pope Leo X, but this did not stop the rebellion that had now been set in motion.

Refugees HIV-positive

While the ports of southern Italy are filling up with thousands of immigrants who have recently disembarked, the Fratelli d’Italia deputy, Edmondo Cirielli, is sounding a new disturbing alarm that, at least until today, has not been taken into consideration. “The people disembarking on Italian coasts are first of all coming from Nigeria, the second country, after South Africa, with the greatest number of people affected by AIDs.” And now he wants to know what the government is doing to prevent or, at least, monitor this risk.

According to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV-positive. Cirielli calculates that “since in the last three and a half years, more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, we can assume that more than 15 thousand of them are HIV-positive.


For perspective, see Diversity Macht Frei, “We should thank African illegals for increasing Europe’s microbial diversity

Christian prayer rites have roots in sun worship


Charles Smith (‘The Oliphant-Smith Debate’):

Why do Christians shut their eyes while praying? Because their religion has evolved from sun worship, and they naturally closed their eyes while facing the sun.

Charles Smith (‘Sensism’):

Certain parts of the Christian creed are written in the code of the zodiac.

The allegory of the annual life of the sun personified in his seeming passage through the twelve heavenly houses was made into a moral mystery drama, which was revised and expanded into the Gospels as if historical. The sun was personified in the zodiacal allegory, then represented by a person in a mystery drama, the transcript of which was incorporated into the Gospel story with details added fitting it into history.

David Lane (‘Victory or Valhalla’):

Do not Master Masons know that Solomon and his twelve tribes of Israel, and Jesus with his twelve apostles are allegories for the Sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac? Do they not know that when Christians say “Amen,” they pray to the Egyptian Sun God “Amen Ra?” Do they no longer know that Jachin and Boaz are the Obelisks that once stood at the entrance to the Temple of Amen Ra?

Montana hunting guide

Refugee centers

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Wyoming hunting guide

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