Christian prayer rites have roots in sun worship


Charles Smith (‘The Oliphant-Smith Debate’):

Why do Christians shut their eyes while praying? Because their religion has evolved from sun worship, and they naturally closed their eyes while facing the sun.

Charles Smith (‘Sensism’):

Certain parts of the Christian creed are written in the code of the zodiac.

The allegory of the annual life of the sun personified in his seeming passage through the twelve heavenly houses was made into a moral mystery drama, which was revised and expanded into the Gospels as if historical. The sun was personified in the zodiacal allegory, then represented by a person in a mystery drama, the transcript of which was incorporated into the Gospel story with details added fitting it into history.

David Lane (‘Victory or Valhalla’):

Do not Master Masons know that Solomon and his twelve tribes of Israel, and Jesus with his twelve apostles are allegories for the Sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac? Do they not know that when Christians say “Amen,” they pray to the Egyptian Sun God “Amen Ra?” Do they no longer know that Jachin and Boaz are the Obelisks that once stood at the entrance to the Temple of Amen Ra?


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