Was “Ragnar Redbeard” Abraham Lincoln & Ulysses S. Grant?

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1.) Abraham Lincoln & Ulysses S. Grant lived in Illinois, USA.

Might is Right was first published in Chicago, Illinois by Auditorium Press. Lincoln, of course, lived in Springfield, Illinois. Arthur Desmond (the man usually alleged to be Ragnar Redbeard) was a leftist anarchist from New Zealand. Considering the very unleftist nature of Might is Right, and considering that the book is very-much-so a work of Americana – Desmond is not likely the author.

2.) Abraham Lincoln wrote an anti-Christian book that all of his friends read but which he wouldn’t publish.

Abraham Lincoln was said to openly criticize Christianity every single day, among his peers. It is not an exaggeration to say that all of his close friends reported that he wrote a “pamphlet” / “book” dedicated to destroying Christianity. All of his friends report either reading or hearing about this book. And they all say that he wouldn’t publish it. (The reasons for this would be obvious.)

Now ask yourself: How likely is it that this work was really never published – even after his death? Of course someone saved it. And of course they published it after he died.

Might is Right first appeared in 1890. Ulysses S. Grant died in 1885.

3.) Abraham Lincoln & Ulysses S. Grant were not fans of minorities.

Despite being heralded as heroes of racial integration and egalitarianism – nothing could be further from the truth. Read what Lincoln and Grant actually thought about blacks, Amerindians, and Jews. … Now read Might is Right.

4.) Might is Right was written by a leader.

There are only so many people in 1800s America who possibly could have had the clarity of mind to write Might is Right. It is an ethical guide for future Americans. It is written from the standpoint of a social leader in a position of authority (and not an anarchist).

5.) Neither Lincoln nor Grant were Freemasons.

There is a jab at Freemasonry in Might is Right – and Lincoln and Grant were literally at war with Freemasonry during the Civil War. To oppose Freemasonry and also Christianity is rare indeed.

6.) Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant enjoyed women & song.

The author(s) of Might is Right is no prude. Though the work is basically a fascistic screed, “Ragnar Rebeard” still enjoyed drink and women – just like Lincoln & Grant did.

7.) Might is Right was not written by a 14 year old.

If Jack London wrote Might is Right, he would have to have published it by 14 years of age.


The above information all conspires to form an irresistible conclusion.


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