[AUDIOBOOK] Sensism by Charles Smith (fully abridged)

Sensism: The Philosophy of the West, fully abridged. By Charles Smith. The Truth Seeker Company, New York, 1956.


“Salvation Is Of The Jews”.
The Holy Bible of the Christians, with the possible exception of the Book of Job, is Jewish. Hebrew idioms in the Gospels, written in colloquial Greek, are convincing evidence that the authors were Jews.

The prophets were social agitators, preachers, not teachers. None of them discovered physical facts such as the existence of the American continents or the causes and cure of disease or invented devices to lighten labor. They expressed their social desires in the personificational language of religion.

Romans 3:1 says, “What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them was committed the oracles of God.” John 4:22 says, “Salvation is of the Jews”.

We have only the word of a few men that the Bible is the Word of God. The credibility of the book is inseparable from the general reputation for honesty of the group of which its authors were members.

Christians believe that certain ancient Jews were the exclusive or primary revealers of moral rules, and that Gentiles are indebted to them for standards of decency and honesty.

Did the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, like King John at Runnymede in signing Magna Carta with his barons, make a covenant with a few persons in Asia Minor of his and their mutual relations or did certain priests use this metaphor for a moral or a political purpose?

A revelation immechanically produced would be a miracle; and, since a physical miracle is improbable – else the contrary would be the miracle – to believe in such a miracle literally is to reject probability. Which is the more probable, that graves opened and the dead came forth or that the Gospel writers spoke figuratively? Whoever believes the more improbable must hold that the dead arose.

The supernatural is a way of speaking; it is figurative language. A miracle is a miraculous report of the mechanical.

The books known as the Holy Bible were written not to record past but to determine future events. The authors were pragmatic patheticians. They understood how emotional fiction affects the common people.

The Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament, which until recently were attributed to Moses, was compiled from four sources about 400 B.C., after the Babylonian Captivity, and pre-dated approximately 1,000 years. It was written and published to give the Jews an invented history and so control their lives.

Adam and Eve were unknown to the Hebrews prior to the Captivity. The story of the Garden of Eden is not mentioned in the books of the Old Testament written before that date.

The New Testament was forged in virtually the same manner as was the Pentateuch and for the same purpose, to influence the conduct of people.

One may believe that God chose the Jews as his favorites or that certain writers were mistaken or spoke figuratively.

Higher criticism of the Bible began with the observation of certain incongruities in the book of Moses on the assumption that Moses wrote them. The report of his own death and funeral caused some to doubt his authorship.

Numbers 12:3 says: “Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth”, and Deuteronomy 34:10, “There arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses”. A meek man would not likely so write of himself.

Deuteronomy 34:6 asserts, “No man knoweth of his sepulcher unto this day”. To speak as if one has been long dead is unusual.

Genesis 12:6 states: “And the Canaanite was then in the land”. It would seem that this passage was not written by Moses, who died, according to other Bible passages, while the Canaanites were still in the land. Concerning this text, Ibn Ezra, a Jewish philosopher of the Twelfth Century wrote: “There is in this a mystery, and let him that comprehendeth be silent”.

Many have comprehended and remained silent. Nearly all social, business, and political leaders are willing that the people be not enlightened.

The higher critic seeks to understand what the authors of the Bible were figuratively describing; he searches for the analogate named by the analogue; he literalizes, finds the literal meaning. Most of the Bible is othernaming.

Hebraic philosophy is analogical. It names things by the names of other things with which there is a common association.

Judaic-Christianity values names rather than named particular physical things.

Religious leaders know that its main stories are not literal statements of independent relations but analogical statements of spiritual relations.

Some of the Bible writers did not distinguish between persons and personifications of tribes, countries, and stars. The generations of the sons of Noah given in the tenth chapter of Genesis include Gomer, personification of a country; and Madai, personification of a people. Egypt, the Hebrew name of which is Mizraim, is listed as a son of Ham and grandson of Noah. This historizing of a personification is responsible for the belief of some men that the colored peoples of the world are descended from Ham.

Abraham and Sarah are symbols, personifications of two Semitic tribes. If Great Britain and Russia would become one nation, the marriage of the Lion and the Bear would be similar to that of Abraham and Sarah.

The New Testament is social propaganda throughout.

The Epistles and the Gospels and the different sections of The Book of The Acts are manifestoes and declarations in allegorical form of the opposing factions. Jesus is a fictional character, a personification, in social conflict conducted in figurative language.

John and parts of The Acts were the final drafts, comparable in manner of origin to the platform adopted by a political convention after a contest between various groups. The authors tried to please the largest number and offend the fewest.

The struggle between the Pauline group and the conservative Judaic group is reflected in every book of the New Testament.

Christianity began as a sect within the Jewish Church.

The first Christians were Jews. Their Jesus was not a person but a personification of their organization…

As it was treason to Rome to preach the coming of the Messiah, the Jewish Christians proclaimed his recent arrival, crucifixion, ascension, and early return to judge the world. The word Messiah was replaced by the synonym “Christos”, anointed one, which was understood among the initiates in their semi-secret society.

The New Testament is Jewish social propaganda. The final version contains revisions and additions which the original authors would not have approved.

Christianity was founded by certain Greek-speaking Jews, of whom Paul of Tarsus was the leader. Antioch and Alexandria were the centers from which this way of speaking and acting spread through the Roman Empire. Jerusalem played no part. The Jewish founders of the Christian Church later made their sacred city its place of origin.

The new sect soon divided into two groups, one of which, led by James, Peter, and John, observed the Jewish rites and rules, and the other, led by Paul, received Gentiles as members and rejected the rites and rules, including circumcision and the Jewish dietary regulations.

Numerous passages in the New Testament are propaganda in the conflict between these two groups.

In the Epistles there is no reference to a Judas. When the struggle was over and, the Pauline group having gained control, the Gospels were written, the authors personified the anti-Gentile Jewish faction as Judas Iscariot, Judas the Surrenderer.

The story of Dives and Lazarus is a parable of the spiritually rich Jews who would not share their wealth with the spiritually destitute Gentiles.

In another parable, Martha is a symbol of the Jews bound by rules and rites; and Mary, of the Gentiles caring only for Jesus, righteous living personified.

The Gospel doctrine that Jesus came first to the Jews means that the Gospel, the new morality, of which Jesus is the personification, was first preached to the Jews, who rejected it.

In the allegorical dialogue between Jesus and a Canaanite woman, wherein Jesus says, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” and “It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs”, and to which the woman replies, “Truth, Lord; yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master’s table”, the “dogs” are the Gentiles.

Unable to agree whether Jesus was a man or a god, the opposed factions achieved unity by the verbal strategy of declaring that he was both man and God. Every veteran politician is familiar with this strategy of uniting hostile groups with weasel words.

Jesus Christ is a fusion of the scourged and crucified Just Man of Plato’s Republic, the Heavenly Man of prophetical vision, the Jewish Race variously named as Man, Son of Man, Son of God, Son of David (in Hosea 11:1, God says “When Israel was a child, then I loved him, and called my son out of Egypt” and the author of Matthew, 2:15 repeats the saying “Out of Egypt have I called my son”, meaning the Jews)…

Paul’s “we are members of his body” and “ye are Christ’s body” would be meaningless if Christ were a person.

If by analogy God can be known to exist independently, so can the Devil, and whatsoever beings are named in the many mythologies.

Christ and Anti-Christ exist.

By skill in denunciation, the Jews have made the names of peoples superior to them in culture to be synonyms for debauchery, cruelty, and tyranny; they vilified those who civilized them. To the average Christian, Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is a place of bondage, and Babylon, which contributed more to civilization than did Jerusalem, is a synonym for sin. The debt of mankind to either the Egyptians or the Babylonians is greater than to the Jews, and that to the Greeks is greater than that to all other ancient peoples.

Infiltration from Asia, both racial and cultural, contributed to the ovethrow of Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

The names “reactionary”, “fascist”, and “racist” are frequently used by Communist philosophers.

From the nations round about, the Hebrew historians borrowed legends, traditions, folklore, and historical events and rewriting wove them into a history of the historyless Hebrews, to give them a big name in the world. They succeeded.

By common sense principles of literary criticism, the higher critic proved not only that the Books of Moses were written long after the alleged time of Moses, but also that they were written by a number of authors. If a poem offered as the work of Chaucer contains words of American origin and refers to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, it is a forgery.

Simple-minded believers do not reject a pleasing story because a minor detail proves that it is fiction. If on the whole, its associations increase happiness, why not, they ask, continue to believe it? If, as science suggests, each of us will soon be dead forever, why not believe that which pleases?

One cannot reason with those who make comfort the test of truth.

Centuries are usually required for lower truth to seep down to the masses and influence their thought and behavior.

The miracles of the Bible are allegories.

A reasonable person does not accept that which is more improbable than that the reporter was mistaken or spoke figuratively.

Is it probable that the God who saved three Hebrews from a fiery furnace later permitted many Hebrews as well as Catholics, Protestants, and unbelievers to be burned alive for opinions?

The story of the stopping of the sun to enable Joshua to destroy the enemy is not history. In Homer’s Odyssey, the setting of the sun was delayed for Ulysses.

Traditions of a long day are recorded in Mexico and Oceania. Those who cite them in support of the Bible story overlook the fact that a long afternoon in Asia Minor would be a long night in Polynesia.

Thales, the Greek scientist, had predicted an eclipse before the Book of Joshua was written.

As a college student troubled by doubts produced by books on evolution, the author of this work inquired of his pastor whether he believed that the biblical accounts of the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, and the Flood are historical. The clergyman answered, “Of course not”. “Why do you not so inform your congregation?” brought the reply, “That would do a great deal of harm and no good”.

The mysteries of religion are secret ways of speaking which the people do not understand and which, if they understood, might influence their lives differently.

Figurative description of the nature of morality has value only if the literal meaning is understood. Being literalifiers, most Christians do not know what is meant. To them the veil of truth is a blanket.

“I baptize you with water, but he that cometh after me shall baptize you with fire” has thrilled millions through the centuries because its meaning is obscure.

Had Christianity not been misunderstood, it would not have been accepted.

The Jewish writings known as the Holy Bible have deceived most Christians. A few Modernists understand the literal meaning of the figurative language; the great majority of Protestants and nearly all Catholics are still with no understanding of the literal meaning.

Be not deceived: let not Jesus or the Holy Spirit make a fool of you.

The Collapse Of Civilization.
Civilization is a comparatively brief period in the life of a people. It is an unstable compound of barbarism, culture, and decadence. In every civilization at its highest, the destructive forces have long been gathering for its overthrow.

Civilization cannot maintain the conditions of its survival.

That within a thousand years the descendants of the Greeks of the Periclean age ceased to produce men of genius is a depressing truth.

Whoever holds that in capacity for intellectual and moral achievement Negritos are equals of Nordics is spiritually blinded.

A man cannot consciously change his own nature. Its modification by the environment or by his thought of and actions in relation to the environment, is mechanically produced by immediate pressures of which he is unconscious and over which he has no control.

The Judaic-Christian doctrine that there are no races, that men are all of one blood, is effective strategy in replacing the superior by the inferior.

Another two thousand years of Judaic-Christianity and Communism will yield a mass content to be herded by official planners. They will be happy after the manner of well-fed lower animals.

Equalist liberalism cannot protect itself; it nurses its destroyers; it cannot discriminate.

There are varieties of men, for races are varieties, in which the love of liberty is weaker than in the other varieties.

In comparison to Asiatics and Africans, Europeans and their oversea coracialists have had the greater degree of freedom.

By inheritance a high percentage of the members of certain racial groups are more cheerful than the average member of other groups; more capable than those of other groups of being conditioned to be courageous, industrious, honest, and decent.

Complete amalgamation of the races will produce a people incapable of maintaining a republican form of government. They will be ruled by dictators.

For every rebel, usually a fanatic, killed by the old dictators wearing other titles, the new dictators have killed a hundred men, generally the more industrious and intelligent citizens of the community.

Conflicting evolutions lead to a revolt of the inferiors incapable of maintaining civilization. A prolonged period of savage struggle for survival with natural elimination of the inferior, may again improve the human stock when racial debasement shall have overthrown the present civilization.

If Europe and the Americas are overun by the human beings nearer to the apes, for these are the more numerous, the earthly scene will be a variation from that of Hell. What is now valued will cease to be valued.

Ruined cities may be rebuilt, but not a ruined White race.

In an overpopulated world, a reasonable person would not devote time and effort to saving defective human beings to beget offspring.

The increase in the populations of China and India made possible by medical science from the West is greater than the population of Europe.

The world population, now near 2,500,000,000, increases one per cent each year. As the increase is compounded, unless war, famine, and pestilence interfere, soon there will not be standing room.

The world population has multiplied more than five times in the last three centuries.

Birth control, sterilization, storage of semen, and artificial insemination make eugenics feasible. With these methods and means it would be easy to change the birth rate of the better and worse stocks from an unfavorable to a favorable differential. Fewer hospitals, prisons, and insane asylums would be needed.

One of the greatest evils that could befall a man is to lose the power to cease to suffer.

If, through misfortune, one who lives to please others becomes a burden to them, surely one should be permitted to die to please oneself to escape useless pain and to cease being a burden to others. Voluntary death may be a form of altruism.

Which is better, one hundred thousand persons living prosperously or a million living wretchedly?

Ignoring inevitable tragic consequences, Christian leaders organize “Share-Our-Surplus” campaigns to feed the more numerous and more rapidly increasing inferior human stocks. Their religion prevents considering consequences on earth.

Spiritual equality is the Asiatic strangle hold on the West.

As its religious duty, the West aids the East in reducing checks on population increase.

The War On Science.
Judaic-Christianity produced much misery and prevented much happiness.

Spreading from Asia through the Semites, spiritual thinking discredited the legacy of the Greeks, the accumulated knowledge of a millennium. Within two hundred years, by the end of the fourth century, nearly all was lost; and for the next thousand years, Europeans reverted to barbaric thought.

The Greeks led Europeans to modern physics; the Jews misled them back into noncausal spiritual thought.

Judaic-Christianity was the culminating wave of the Oriental occultisms which, together with the infiltration of inferior racial types, undermined classical civilization.

The Jews had no new sources of knowledge.

Responding through figurative language not known to be such and without thought of physical facts and their probable resultants, the people endeavored, under promise of everlasting happiness and threat of endless pain, to follow the implications of analogical language.

Greek science and art and Roman law are the foundations of Western civilization.

The Greco-Roman civilization was destroyed by barbaric ways of thinking spreading from Asia and by infiltration of inferior human stocks.

Armed with vivid religious analogies, the Jews won through their lack of scruples and the gullibility of the Gentiles.

In addition to better organization, the Christians had more comforting and cohesive analogies than did their rivals, the Stoics and Epicureans.

Rutilius Namatianus, the Roman poet of the early Fifth Century, wrote:

“Would that Judea had never been subdued by the wars of Pompey and the arms of Titus. The evil spreads its contagion all the further for being uprooted, and the conquered nation overpowers its conquerors.”

In Pagan Rome…the fewer than 2,000 Christians who suffered martyrdom were executed for practices like the Communists of today in the West, they were regarded as a danger to the State.

If Paganism had been intolerant, Judaic-Christianity would have been suppressed. Communism is winning through its intolerance.

Bishop Synesius declared: “Truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason”.

Can the people understand abstract rules? Is it necessary to speak in the psychical language of imaginal examples? Should speaking in unexplained figures of speech be called “deceiving the people”? And if, accepting the figurative language literally, they do not understand the literal meaning, what is gained by being mysterious? Charmed by the lovely analogue, the people do not see the less lovely analogate; entranced by the magnificent “ship of the desert”, they neglect the lowly camel.

The language of the Bible has the simplicity of a cartoon.

The easy flow of analogical words without thought of causal independent relations of the analogate pleases the common people; higher truth without thought of lower truth thrills them; they do not know that higher truth is truth only figuratively. The seemingly simple assertions are not literal statements of truth but analogical statements of spiritual, associational, relations.

The cartoon language of the Holy Bible cannot be refuted. This way of speaking, in which the Jews excel, was popularized in the West by Augustine.

Like the poems of Homer and the fables of Aesop, the Bible will doubtless long be read not because it is true but because of its pleasing figures of speech.

As in the evolution of the earth certain physical substances were produced which cannot now be reproduced, so in the evolution of language there was a stage in the transition from psychics to physics when forms of literature evolved which can now be only imitated.

As the ancient poets of other peoples sang of the wrath of their heroes, so the Jewish authors of the Bible sang of the wrath of Jehovah in dealing with the Jews and their enemies.

Written largely in psychical language, the Bible will be preserved as perhaps the most typical work of the second stage in the evolution of human thought.

Matthew 10:7 states: “As ye go, preach, saying The kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

What is the meaning of “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”? It was long accepted as signifying an early end of the world; after nearly two thousand years, millions still so understand it.

The literal meaning was probably the same as that of certain social propagandists of today who preach the early establishment of a peaceful social order. Communists proclaim the Christian gospel in less figurative language.

The Heaven of the orthodox Christian and the problemless paradise of a classless world of brother workers are similar lures.

Those who promise perfection gain such fanatical support as to be able to suppress those who offer probable improvement.

According to this philosophy, perfection is inevitable and will be attained as rapidly as the present dictators eliminate wicked persons, of whom they are perfect judges.

Persons more interested in good than in truth will deny truth to produce good.

Cartoonists and burlesquers do not excel in morals.

The literature of the ancient Asiatic nations is mainly magical and personificational.

Much of the Bible is written in the paradoxical style common in the Orient.

The Word of God is the word of certain Jews. Interpreting their writings by the same rule of reason as one interprets the writings of any other people offends the many Gentiles who consider the Bible to be supported by reported miracles, the greater the miracle the stronger the support, and who base their morality on the historicity of Adam and Jesus.

Discovering truth by accepting scriptural analogies is searching for the sun by following the rainbow. Conforming nature to poetry accepted as history, Christians hold that we should not rely upon the authority of men but trust the Jews who reported the will of God.

By skillful othernaming, prophets convey their inspiration, their divine afflatus, to other persons. So do other poets.

The Holy Bible presents no scientific theory or method.

2 Chonicles 4:2 and 1 Kings 7:23 teach that the circumference of a circle is three times the diameter. Peoples whom the Jews vilified were using the ratio of 3 – 1/7, a much closer approximation to 3.1416.

Christians declared war on sensory pleasure and sensory tested knowledge called science. They dreaded to reason and feared to enjoy the sensed world.

The sensist values the physical.

Jewish spiritualism warred on proportional thought. It outlawed sculpture and painting. Cartoons and cartoon language best express its nature. It denied beauty of form, its authors being deficient in appreciation of proportions. It conditioned men and women to be ashamed of their bodies.

Abstract art is not proportional, abstract art is not Greek.

There are Christians to whom beauty is not pleasing. Beauty is Pagan.

A thoroughly Christian community would prohibit beauty contests as unspiritual discrimination, as valuing intrinsic proportional physical qualities.

The new religion condemned sensual pleasure and glorified sensual pain. Christianity became almost an obsession with suffering. This perverted mindset against physical pleasure produced a Hell on earth, which prevailed for half a millennium.

A noble mind does not broadcast its suffering to others or delight in hearing their lamentations, does not surround itself with representations of agony or the diseased and the defective, has charity for those who suffer but avoids the character-destroying pity that prevents considering the probable social and racial results.

A person who lets pity cause him to ignore probable social results may produce more misery than one who feels no pity.

Social behavior having survival value, nature eliminates individuals not accepting it. Cooperation within the group is a part of the mechanics of surviving.

But Christians converted the virtue of pity into a vice through excess.

If followed, blind love will destroy the White race.

Centering attention not on the aristocratic virtues of magnanimity, courage, intelligence, and honor but rather on defects and weaknesses which revive emotional association, certain Christians are unhappy unless ministering to the diseased and the defective.

They glory more in serving the defective, the diseased, and the incompetent than in aiding the healthy, the strong, and the intelligent.

Where pity reigns, where men believe that they can save their sould by saving the bodies of the weak, moral progress is biological descent.

Taxation for the support of the inferior is oppression. Unless checked by fear of diminishing returns, it will increase.

If the intelligent and industrious persons who dislike being taxed to support the incompetent will investigate, they will likely discover that their parents through charity devoted time, effort, and fortune to increasing the proportion of the inferior. Those who save the weak to multiply prepare burdens for their own descendants.

The greatest enemies of freedom are sometimes loudest in its defense. False liberals demand liberty for those whose policies would destroy freedom.

Religious leaders, as well as the heads of most secret societies and fraternal organizations, such as the Masons, understand that their teachings are analogical. They do not so inform all their members.

Robespierre, the French revolutionist and spiritual equalist, declared: “Atheism is aristocratic. The idea of a Supreme Being who watches over outraged innocence and punishes triumphant crime is essentially the ideal of the people.”

Robespierre is correct.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is a widely praised declaration.

Men are not created by a conscious being; they are not equal; and they have no rights outside agreement.

“Liberty” and “equality” are contrary totems.

“Natural Rights” is an emotion-releasing slogan. It strongly appeals to the less intelligent intelligentsia.

Determination of Natural Rights independent of agreement is a propaganda contest. Claimants of these rights use violent figures of speech having strong emotional associations. There being no test by consulting nature or neighbors, one endeavors not to convince but to persuade others.

Natural Rights are unprovable and indemonstrable.

Might defines right.

Communism Is Christianity In Practice.

Christianity prepares the way for Communism; it “softens up” the people by conditioning them against causal thought concerning individuals and races.

Like Communism, the Christian gospel proclaimed the spiritual equality of men; it denied inequality of intrinsic qualities.

The story in the The Acts of the Apostles of the death of Ananias and Sapphira for refusing to share their wealth is propaganda in parable form, not for collectivism of physical goods, but for unselfishness. It is not history.

Modern bolshevism is Christianity minus God. It too rejects mechanical materialism.

The two bolshevisms equally exalt the inferior. Not many wise, not many noble, become bolshevist.

In their treatises, dialectical materialists quote Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Stalin as Christian clergymen quote certain ancient Jewish writers.

Marx is the Saint Paul of Communism.

To the Communist, philosophy, art, literature, and the science of man are forms of social propaganda.

The war of society on science is inevitable and perpetual: the dignity of man must be maintained; mechanical genetics and mechanical psychology must be denied.

Certain animals similar in physical capacity to acquire the mental ability to use language are given the same name. They are equally men.

Though men differ in capacity to be conditioned for intellectual and moral achievement, they equally desire happiness. Conflict is inevitable.

The equalist, Christian or Communist, assures the incompetent and unindustrious that their inequality is the result of lack of equal opportunity. Christianity enables the inferior to feel important. Sickness and defectiveness are accounted blessings.

The Darwinian denial of creation of species is less significant than its denial of equality of natural capacity to be conditioned for desired response. Except in duplicate twins, variation is universal.

Christians and Communists condemn eugenics and racism. Each group stresses environment rather than heredity.

Ancient and modern bolshevists verbally ennoble every man.

If beasts of burden could speak, they would demand equality; and candidates for public office promising them the greatest protection against discrimination would receive their support.

As most variations are unfavorable and pity preserves all, bolshevist revolutions are inevitable.

The primary purpose in propagating the Christian religion is to prevent valuing social behavior by its probable social and racial results.

Christianity proclaims that all men are of one blood; that blood does not count; that knowledge of the qualities of some members of a variety of a species must not be used in valuing its other members.

The Jews are leaders in getting Gentiles to practice Judaic-Christianity. Through conferences of Christians and Jews and inter-faith committees, they service the religion which some of their ancestors established.

Every Christian clergyman is a paid agent of Judaic-Christian equalism; his role is to prevent independent thinking, social and racial.

Secularists and humanists are socially more Christian than the Christians.

Though some of them deny that Jesus is an historical character, secularists and humanists worship Jesus. They are equalists.

Equalists speak and act as if man had literally been created by Jehovah, as recorded in Genesis, instead of having evolved from lower forms of animal life, with some human beings nearer to their nonhuman ancestors in capacity for moral and intellectual achievement; they speak and act as if Darwinian evolution had not been proved.

The present social war on science is a continuation, with certain changes, of the theological war.

The Communist rejection of mechanistic genetics involves the use of armed force to defend equalism, to suppress causal thought concerning human nature.

In the Communist religion, heresy is called “deviation” and the inquisition is known as “purging”.

The United Nations.
The United Nations is a greater menace than is the Soviet Union.

The United Nations is the agency through which the White race hastens its disappearance.

The Procedural section of the United Nations Charter may, through interpretation supplant other laws and lead to world government.

The United Nations become a world state may yet use European and American soldiers to force nations to repeal discriminatory immigration laws and to receive the surplus from over-populated countries.

A UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) statement, released September 1st, 1952, declares:

“Available scientific knowledge provides no basis for believing that the groups of mankind differ in their innate capacity for intellectual and emotional development.”

No sensist accepts that statement.

The principles by which equalists deny that there are races of men serve equally to deny that there are breeds of cattle, horses, and dogs. The various races are so many varieties of the human species.

If there were no races, names of alleged races would have no physical meaning.

The social sciences are being converted into propaganda for equalism.

The dogma that men inherit equal capacity for moral and intellectual achievement forms the mindset of progressive Soviet biology.

If equalism prevails, whoever discriminates, whoever reasons, thinks causally, concerning the brothers of Jesus Christ, the comrades of Karl Marx, will be outlawed.

As progressive education spreads, college entrance requirements will fall. In the kingdom of equalism, anyone who gives a child a low mark is a criminal.

Under both Christianity and Communism, the United States, Canada, and Australia will be compelled, as their Judaic-Christian-Marxian duty, to feed and clothe the underprivileged masses throughout the world and to remove restrictions on immigration.

If equalism prevails, the descendants of the Brown race will dictate to the descendants of the White race.

Bible Contradictions.
Contradictions in figurative descriptions of a thing or event are irrelevant. Scientists agree in their measurements and statements of causal relations, but not poets in analogical description.

As some men still profess to accept the Bible as history, the following apparent contradictions are offered for their consideration:

Satan provokes David to number Israel. 1 Chronicles 21:1. God moves him to number them. 2 Samuel 24:1. If both accounts are true, God and Satan are the same person. God punishes neither Satan nor David, but slays 70,000 Israelites for being counted – at his own suggestion, according to one version. David remonstrates with his deity (2 Samuel 24:17): “Lo, I have sinned…but these sheep, what have they done?”.

“Thou shalt not steal.” Exodus 20:15. “Ye shall spoil the Egyptians.” Exodus 3:22.

The wicked prosper. Job 21:7. Not so. Ecclesiastes 8:13.

“With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. He “could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron”. Judges 1:19.

“There is no respect of persons with God.” Romans 2:11. He authorizes the Jews to sell diseased meat to aliens. Deuteronomy 14:21.

Image-making is forbidden, Exodus 20:4; commanded, 25:18.

Paul and James clash over justification. Paul (Romans 3:28): “A man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law”. James (James 2:24): “by works a man is justified, and not by faith only”.

Much of the Bible consists of improved versions of pagan myths.

The Virgin Mary is the Egyptian Goddess Isis reduced.

The story of Adam and Eve is superior in style to the Hindu myth Adam and Hevah, which are Man and Woman.

The sacrifice of Iphigenia is a Greek myth. The Bible writer did not change the name. “Iphe” and “Jephthat” are the same; “genia” is Latin for daughter.

The Jewish authors mythologized morality and presented it as history.

The story of Samson is the myth of Hercules revised.

The Bible is such an amalgamation of mythologies, astronomical and other kinds, combined with sexual symbolism, and social and racial personifications, and has been so changed through omission, addition, and interpolation, together with its kabbalistic way of speaking, plus the inclusion of Platonic philosophy, that controversy concerning its meaning will continue as long as there is interest in the book.

If God authored the Bible, he should issue a revised and corrected edition.

Before the Jews had a written language, civilized peoples had laws against murder, stealing, and perjury.

To credit the Jews with originating the ways of behaving necessary for the maintenance of the social order is comparable to naming a river by a creek flowing into it near its entrance into the ocean. The Gentiles are so impressed by the dramatic representation of the delivery of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai that they maintain an army of clergymen to praise the Jews as teaching the Gentiles decency and honesty.

The Decalogue is imperfect. One of the commandments classifies wives with cattle; another prohibits the art of sculpture; another gives a selfish reason for honoring parents; and still another states that the deity visits the iniquity of the father upon the children.

The biblical command “Thou shalt not kill” applied within the tribe only.

Work on the Sabbath was prohibited because the day was regarded as unlucky.

Their own religions having ceased to be seriously accepted, the ruling classes at Rome adopted and perfected, as a means of catholic, universal, control of the masses throughout their extended empire, the Jewish fusion of Judaism and Paganism, the amalgamation of the Jewish creation story, alleged divine legislation, and a promised messiah, who had already appeared in human form, with the Pagan mystery religion of the personification of the sun as the son of God and as the crucified and resurrected savior of the world. The predicted deliverer of the Jews and the sun personified as the giver and reviver of life were combined and portrayed as an historical character, definite in place and date, in a plan of salvation from Hell, to which all men were destined because of the disobedience of Adam, the first man, the original nature of every man. Jesus is the possible second man of every man.

Salvation now meant, not freedom from immoral desires, but avoidance of Hell; and Heaven, a state of joy, which one entered at the moment of conversion, was now entered only after death of the physical body.

Heaven and Hell having been made more specific and the doctrine of individual immortality having become an article of faith, personal results after death replaced social results on earth as the motive of conduct. Christianity was transformed into its opposite.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ conditions those who accept it literally against social and racial results on earth in favor of personal results in Heaven.

Plagiarized Paganism.
Certain parts of the Christian creed are written in the code of the zodiac.

The allegory of the annual life of the sun personified in his seeming passage through the twelve heavenly houses was made into a moral mystery drama, which was revised and expanded into the Gospels as if historical. The sun was personified in the zodiacal allegory, then represented by a person in a mystery drama, the transcript of which was incorporated into the Gospel story with details added fitting it into history.

The animals of the zodiac are names of totems used figuratively. This way of speaking mechanically evolved.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote Gouverneur Morris, “Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles were never more than personifications of the sun and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac”, he was mistaken. Jesus is the personification of much more than the sun.

As the summer solstice and the autumn equinox are dates after which the sun weakens, the ancients did not make them days of rejoicing. Had Christianity evolved in the Southern Hemisphere its Christmas would be in June and its Easter in September.

Jews celebrate their escape from Egypt, Winter, the Land of Darkness, at the Spring Equinox, at the same period when the Christians celebrate Easter, which has its name from the Pagan Goddess of the Spring, Oastre. Passover and Easter are annual celebrations of the same annual event.

Its movable date, “the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox”, is evidence that Easter celebrates an astronomical rather than an historical event.

The dating of the festival is a compromise of the older moon worship and the later sun worship.

Christmas and Easter are festivals adopted by Christians from Pagans.

As the daily revolution of the earth on its axis causes day and night and its yearly revolution round the sun with its axis inclined to the plane of its orbit causes the four seasons, so the precession of the equinoxes produced the succession of bull gods, lamb gods, and, if the former zodiacal system had not been abandoned, would today have produced the fish gods.

To the worshiper of the new lamb god, worship of the old bull god was an abomination.

The Church having decided in the early centuries of the present era to ignore the precession of the equinoxes, the modern zodiac is fixed.

Formerly the zodiacal signs moved forward 30 degrees in 2,152 years and completed the circuit in about 26,000 years.

In zodiacal language, the sun is in that part of the heaven visible from the earth at night through which during the day it seems to travel.

Between 4340 and 2188, B.C., the sun at the Spring Equinox was in the sign of Taurus, the Bull; from 2188 to 36 B.C., it was in the sign of Aries, the Ram or Lamb; after which and until the year 2116 A.D., it has been, is or will be in the sign of Pisces, the Fishes; and for the next 2,152 years, if the zodiac had not been stabilized, it would be in the sign of the Water-bearer.

Certain zodiacal mythologists date the change from one sign to the next 219 years earlier than the dates just given, making the sign of the Fishes to begin 255 B.C. and end in 1897 A.D., which would be the beginning, according to them, of the Aquarian Age, the Age of the Water-bearer gods. Certain occultists call the present “the Aquarian Age”.

Savages believed that the heavenly bodies are conscious beings. Whether or not all the people so believed, there was then no language other than than of personal will and desire and effort to describe observed and inferred behavior.

The sun, personified as the benefactor of man, was said to fight the forces of darkness and to be slain by them at the time of the winter solstice and his turning back northward was classified as his birth. He was born and died annually.

Originally the rites out of which the gospels evolved were conducted to aid the god to gain the victory over his adversaries, the evil powers.

Prior to the founding of the Christian religion, Pagans worshiped crucified or otherwise sacrificed savior-gods, among whom are Chrishna of India, Tammuz of Syria, Hesus of the Celtic Druids, Quexalcote of Mexico, Mithra of Persia, Marduck of Babylonia, Prometheus of Greece, Attis of Phrygia, and Osiris of Egypt.

Justin Martyr, in his Apology, offered the following explanation of the worship of other Sons of God:

“It having reached the Devil’s ears that the prophets had foretold that Christ would come for the purpose of tormenting the wicked in fire, he set the heathen poets to bring forward a great man who should be called the son of Jove. The Devil laying his scheme in this, to get men to imagine that the true history of Christ was of the same character as those prodigious fables and poetic stories.”

Other apologists similarly explained other likenesses between the new and the older religions.

In the Greek myth of Prometheus, the god who was chained to a rock for having brought to man from Heaven the gift of fire, man profits from foresight and sacrifice. “Prometheus” means Forethinker. The god is a personification. Doubtless there were Greeks who believed that he was a person, just as many Christians still believe that Jesus Christ, which means savior, is a person.

Those who accept Prometheus and Jesus as historical characters miss the meaning entirely.

The Inquisition.
To what horrible deeds associational thought leads is recorded in the history of the Holy Inquisition, established in the Thirteenth Century, flourished until the Eighteenth, and is now inactive because of lack of ecclesiastical power.

Threatened with excommunication of themselves and with the absolution of the fidelity of their subjects, rulers were required to enforce laws against heresy, and magistrates were authorized to use torture to obtain confessions.

The trials were tragedies. To be denounced by two reputable witnesses was to be declared guilty. The names of the accusers were kept secret; children and slaves could testify and could be tortured to testify against the accused, who could have neither witnesses nor counsel.

The name “heretic” had such loathsome associations that its use in an accusation produced conviction without the need of supporting evidence.

Trials were tests of ingenuity and strength in torturing the accused into confessing. If the inquisitors succeeded, the accused was imprisoned for life and his property confiscated, to be shared by the accusers, the inquisitors, and the bishop. If unable to extort a confession, they turned the condemned over to the civil authorities to be executed within five days, “without the shedding of blood”, the mild name for burning alive. There were no acquittals. For five centuries these literal imitations of figurative Hell were conducted throughout Christendom. For every Christian martyr, the Christians martyred a thousand.

The fires of the Holy Inquisition were Bible-lighted. The Old Testament, Leviticus 24:16, orders the killing of blasphemers; Deuteronomy 13:6-10 commands the putting to death of any one saying “Let us go and serve other gods”; and Exodus 22:18 states, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live”.

Augustine and other church leaders interpreted the phrase in a Bible parable, “compel them to come in” as meaning that Christians should force unbelievers to become Christians.

The New Testament teachings, such as Mark 16:16, “he that believeth not shall be damned” and the words of Jesus, though given in a parable, Luke 19:27, “but those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me”, support the extirpation of heresy.

Augustine, Aquinas, and Bellarmine advocated making heresy a capital offense. Their arguments are unanswerable by any one accepting Judaic-Christian thought.

If orthodox Christianity be true, heresy is the worst of crimes and those who do not kill heretics provoke the wrath of God.

If Hell is a place of endless torture, the Inquisition is trivial in comparison. If orthodoxy is accepted, the Holy Inquisition should be approved and reestablished.

The cruelties enacted during the rule and decline of the Christian religion in the trials and executions of heretics and witches are too unpleasant to be described in a philosophical work.

Instead of preserving accumulated scientific records and increasing them by new investigations, Christian fanatics destroyed many such records.

Herophilus, Hipparchus, Archimedes, and Strato passed into virtual oblivion while the people of Europe were repeating the names of fictional characters in the new Jewish writings – Adam, Noah, Jonah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, and Jesus.

In 1163, Pope Alexander III, in connection with the Council of Tours, forbade “the study of physics or the laws of the world”, adding that any person violating this rule “shall be avoided by all and excommunicated”.

The Church condemned Copernican heliocentric astronomy; by threat of torture, it forced Galileo to recant, burned Bruno alive and intimidated Descartes from proclaiming the truth concerning the world.

The discovery of the annual heliocentric parallax of the fixed stars, with the orbit of the earth as the base of observations, discredited the Holy Bible as authority concerning nature.

Ten years after the Church burned Bruno at the stake, Galileo with his telescope presented the phases of Venus as physical evidence that the earth and other planets circle the sun.

Pope Paul V decreed that “the doctrine of the double motion of the earth about its axis and about the sun is false, and entirely contrary to Holy Scripture”.

The roundness of the earth and its yearly circling the sun were known to certain ancient Greek thinkers. But Judaic-Christianity suppressed the truth.

Cleanliness was opposed as tending to sin by making the body more attractive.

The Greeks were the first to call healers physicians, those who use physical means in treating disease.

Hippocrates, the founder of scientific medicine, was a pupil of Democritus, the materialistic philosopher.

When philosophy was already semi-eclipsed, Lucretius, the Latin poet who taught the atomism of Epicurus, spoke of the seeds of disease. He was a reasoner.

But the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215 A.D. prohibited medical practice without calling in a priest.

It was a priestly proverb that where three physicians are gathered together there are two atheists.

Chaucer says of the Doctor, “And his thoughts were little on the Bible”.

Christianity was a return to more primitive ways.

The main characteristic of barbarism is not cruelty but unreason, lack of independent thinking.

Barbarians are authoritarians rather than reasoners.

“The word of God is that which I approve” is the unexpressed slogan of the Protestant.

Protestantism and Post-Reformation philosophy are stages in the disintegration of social legislation presented by alleged agents of God as his will.

When, without danger of being killed as a blasphemer, any man may declare himself equal to the Pope and to certain ancient Jews in revealing God’s will, Christianity, as a form of social control, has largely lost its effectiveness. Numerous contradictory experts on what God wills, with no means of determining who, if any, is correct, discredits special divine revelation by a conscious invisible being.

The Renaissance was a revolt against otherworldliness, against the war on physical pleasure as sinful, a return to the Pagan and Greek view of nature and man.

The Reformation, led by Luther and Calvin, though intrinsically less important than the Renaissance, produced more spectacular results.

As in action, since the days of Bacon, Protestants have surpassed the Catholics in scientific achievement.

Protestants advocated the principle of private judgement. As certain Catholics predicted, this principle led to the multiplication of the conflicting interpretations with no recognized authority to decide which interpretation is correct.

The chief benefit of the Reformation was its weakening the authority of the Catholic Church.

An effective means of debasing the race is religious chastity of the more intelligent and the more noble in character.

Christianity and Communism, its legitimate daughter, must, do, and will prevent the White race from preserving itself. The Judaic-Christian duty of the White Race is to disappear through absorption.

If the White race prevents its absorption by the more numerous colored races, it will control the world.

If quality accepts equality, unless war, famine, and pestilence prevent it, the rapid breeders will soon rule the earth.

The sooner the Jews cease to be major factors in the course of social events, the better will be the future.

Integrating spiritual thought with causal thought would revolutionize religion.

Religion does not conflict with science.

Men have need of courage-producing, morale-sustaining analogy. As a Greek sage said, All men have need of the gods.



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  1. The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism [has] organizations in many universities and colleges. Following are some of the names of these organizations in our institutions of learning:
    “God’s Black Sheep.”
    “The Devil’s Angels.”
    “The Damned Souls.”
    “The Circle of the Godless.”
    “The League of the Damned.”
    The Atheistic organizations properly recognize the head of their society: They refer to him as “His Satanic Majesty.”



  2. The Greek philosophers, Thales, Anaximander, Heraclitus and Empedocles, conceieved of evolution, including the birth of life from non-living matter, the survival of the fittest, and the animal ancestry of man. Aristotle believed in the transformation of species. Evolution was taught by the great atheists of antiquity, Leucippus, Democritus, Epicurus, and, above all, Lucretius, the Latin poet.

    Then came Christianity, with its hatred of reason and glorification of faith. Philosophy fled Europe to Arabia, to return, after the long clerical night, by way of Spain. The Christian Reign of Terror lasted a thousand years. It was the Dark Age. Science was forbidden: religion was supreme.



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