Adolf Hitler on feminism

[excerpts from Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944]

I detest women who dabble in politics. And if their dabbling extends to military matters, it becomes utterly unendurable. Everything that entails combat is exclusively men’s business. There are so many other fields in which one must rely upon women. Organising a house, for example.

A girl’s object is, and should be, to get married. Rather than die as an old maid, it’s better for her to have a child without more ado! Nature doesn’t care the least bit whether, as a preliminary, the people concerned have paid a visit to the registrar. Nature wants a woman to be fertile. Many women go slightly off their heads when they don’t bear children. Everybody says, of a childless woman: “What a hysterical creature!” It’s a thousand times preferable that she should have a natural child, and thus a reason for existence.

Intelligence, in a woman, is not an essential thing. My mother, for example, would have cut a poor figure in the society of our cultivated women. She lived strictly for her husband and children. They were her entire universe. But she gave a son to Germany.


Author: National-Satanist

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4 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler on feminism”

  1. Prudery has nothing to do with our struggle. These are the stale notions of reactionary old women like Hugenberg, who can only imagine a national rejuvenation by means of virtuous customs and severity. ‘League of Virtue’ and ‘Christian-German table-companions,’ —I can’t remember all their empty patriotic rubbish.

    We are an uprising of the strength of our nation. The strength of its loins, if you like, as well. I shall not spoil the fun for any of my lads. If I demand the supreme effort from them, then I must also give them the right to carouse as they please, not as it suits a lot of church-going old women. Heaven knows my boys are no angels, and they are not expected to be.

    Let that old goat, Hugenberg, go to the S.A. and try to tell them such things! I need men who will not stop to think if they’re ordered to knock someone down! I don’t care a tinker’s damn if they knock down something on their own account as well.

    The plain man in the street respects nothing but brutal strength and ruthlessness—women, too, for that matter. They want to fear something. They want someone to frighten them and make them shudderingly submissive.



  2. The folkish State has to make up for what is today neglected. It has to care for its preservation in purity. It has to make the child the most precious possession of a people. It has to take care that only the healthy beget children; that there is only one disgrace: to renounce this. To keep healthy children from the nation has to be looked upon as objectionable. It has to care that the fertility of the healthy woman is not limited by the financial mismanagement of a State regime which makes children a curse for the parents. It has to do away with that foul, nay criminal, indifference with which today the social presumptions of a family with many children is treated, and in its place it has to consider itself the guardian of this precious blessing of a people. Its care belongs more to the child than to the adult.

    We must make early marriage possible for the coming generation. Prostitution is a disgrace to mankind, but one cannot abolish it by moral lectures, pious intentions, etc., but its limitation and its final elimination warrant the abolition of quite a number of preliminary conditions. But the first is and remains the creation of the possibility of early marriage, according to human nature, above all for the man; because the woman is here only the passive part, anyhow.

    The so-called ‘social’ republic, by its inability in the solution of the housing question alone, simply prevents numerous marriages and thus favors prostitution.



  3. A single year of birth control in Europe kills more people than all those who fell in battle, from the time of the French Revolution up to our day, in all the wars of Europe, including the World War.



  4. Himmler’s attitude to marriage and childbirth was essentially a pagan one; polygamy he considered a desirable institution for the SS. On 3 May 1943 he said:

    “Marriage as it is today is the work of the Roman Catholic Church. Our present marriage laws are absolutely immoral. The marriage laws of today in fact lead to a decrease in the size of families. After the war, monogamy will cease to be enforced upon promiscuous mankind. The SS and the heroes of this war will have special privileges. They will immediately have the right to take a second wife, who shall be considered to be as legitimate as the first. The permission to have two wives will be a mark of distinction. The racially pure blood of German heroes will be transmitted to as many offspring as possible.”

    The SS maternity organization, the Lebensborn, was seen by Himmler as an instrument in his struggle for the purification of the German blood.

    “Every unmarried woman of thirty or over (said Himmler) will be required to report to the Lebensborn and put herself at their disposal, to be made pregnant. If she resists this order she will be punished as an enemy of the people. The SS will constitute themselves godparents to the children and the organization will provide funds for their education.”



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