Satanism & overcoming addiction

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Addiction (to legal drugs) is the number one killer of modern man. Therefore any religion capable of looking modernity in the face and overcoming it must address the drug question more than adequately.

The bottom line is that when you have a lethal addiction to drugs, you aren’t actually doing what you want to. The libertarian argument simply holds no weight when applied to an addict’s “right to choose”.

That’s not to say we must necessarily support a drug war. The modern drug war is a Zionist / communist program from top to bottom. And I certainly don’t support waging war against people consuming the Satanic sacraments that have been used by our people for thousands of years. But we must internalize the fact that addiction to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and tobacco is our number one killer.

People who constantly talk about their need to quit alcohol, quit smoking tobacco, quit taking pills, and yet the next day can be seen indulging their addiction are obviously not doing exactly as they please. But doing exactly as we please (as white males) is what Satanism is all about.

The reason the modern post-Christian white man struggles with addiction so is because he is robbed of the opportunity to dedicate himself to his own survival. He is told that dedicating himself to this world, to his own race, and to his own well-being, is a sin. Instead of surrounding himself with white comrades who expect him to be able to raise a kid and raise his fists, he surrounds himself with nihilists who have never given thought to having to raise a kid let alone hold their own in a racial war.

Addiction is an extension of the retreat from worldliness that began with our Christian upbringing. A Christian clergyman has just as many kids as a post-Christian nihilist does: none at all. A Christian clergyman is just as prepared for race war as a post-Christian nihilist is: not at all.

And so while superstitious Semitic authoritarianism may be enough to keep some people off drugs, they aren’t intelligent people. And the smarter among us deserve better answers to our questions about a rational approach to drugs.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

10 thoughts on “Satanism & overcoming addiction”

  1. “Someone who is intoxicated is a figure of contempt and if he is one of our members then he not only brings contempt by the public down on our truth but he robs himself of the self-respect which everyone must have in the highest degree if he is to rightfully consider himself a bearer of the ordained mission of our race and a fitting seeker of our destiny, which is Godhood. A drunk is a person who has no pride of race. We can’t win this war with an army of drunken, undisciplined, carousing skinheads. In any White army worth its salt drunken foolishness would not be tolerated. Indiscipline and hooliganism would result in a court martial.”

    “The companies which sell tobacco products are in my view more morally reprehensible than the drug cartels which bring cocaine and heroin into America. Tobacco kills far more addicts every year than die from their addiction to cocaine, heroin, and all other [illegal] drugs combined. If it is illegal to import, sell, or possess heroin, then tobacco products also should be illegal.”



    1. “The editor should confess at this point, other than a few puffs of pot to see what the stuff tastes like, he has never had any drug “experiences.” For that matter, he has never smoked tobacco and his alcoholic consumption is limited to an occasional beer.

      Thus, he cannot write on some drug-related matters with the same sort of authority a member of Alcoholics Anonymous can.

      On the other hand, he is by no means a total outsider to the drug scene. He has many friends who use, or once used, pot regularly, just as he has many friends who use tobacco and alcohol.

      Drugs A Social Evil

      This opposition is by no means based on religious considerations or on any sort of “conservative” foot-dragging where something new and different is concerned.

      We oppose drug usage because, at this point in time, it presents a clear threat to the survival of our civilization.

      Beer and wine have been an integral part of the life of the European peoples since prehistoric times, and there are so many rich and fine traditions associated with them that giving them up altogether would constitute a major cultural trauma. With alcohol the trouble probably lies more in certain types of usage than in the nature of the substance itself.

      It would seem that the better approach is to set about building the sort of healthy society in which there will be far fewer people than at present who feel the need to escape into a bottle.

      When we consider the illegal drugs, we can state without qualification that the strongly addicting drugs, of which heroin is the most important, have absolutely no place in our society under any conditions. The growing menace of the “hard” drugs must be countered effectively and soon. The hard reality remains that the drug menace continues growing year by year, day by day.

      Can you imagine the present administration ordering the public hanging of even one heroin peddler — and even if the law allowed it and even after he had been duly convicted and that conviction had been upheld by every appellate court in the land? Unthinkable!

      Marijuana is really in a class by itself. All available evidence seems to indicate that its use does not result in physical addiction. Marijuana is the accepted means of escape from reality for the rapidly growing number of young White Americans.

      Human Garbage

      There is, of course, plenty of plain human garbage — weaklings and rejects and anti-socials of every sort — among those who have joined the drug culture. But there are too many who are basically sound — and perhaps because of that very soundness have rejected an ugly, dirty, and senseless world with which they feel out of tune.

      We need those people; America needs them; our race needs them. They should be even more highly motivated than most of the members of the “straight” culture to make the revolutionary changes in our world that must be made if we are to survive.

      Revolutions are made and civilizations are maintained by people with clear heads and the self-discipline to face problems squarely until they are solved, not by those who head for cloud nine whenever the going gets tough. So let’s get with it!”



    2. “Following Rockwell’s assassination, Pierce stayed for three years with Matt Koehl, pursuing a dual-recruitment strategy.

      Together with fellow NSWPP officers Joseph Tommasi and James Mason, Pierce was prominent in the transition toward a post-Rockwell national socialist revolutionary position. Pierce, who fought Koehl over the direction of the NSWPP, encouraged the militancy of Tommasi and his National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF).

      Though Pierce was only modestly successful, it was enough to annoy Koehl, who in 1970 expelled his potential rival.

      When Koehl in 1973 purged Tommasi for smoking marijuana at headquarters and leading unauthorized armed paramilitary maneuvers, the NSLF was set free to develop a revolutionary strategy.

      An early proponent of total revolution, Pierce brought in young militants like Joseph Tommasi.

      Dismissing as unrealistic the ‘conservative’ hopes of reaching the masses, Tommasi wrote ‘Do not wish for law and order, for law and order means the continued existence of the rotten rip-off Capitalist Jew System. We wish to plunge the entire System to its death.’ In 1975, a NSWPP member assassinated Tommasi, and most NSLF members were either imprisoned or drifted apart.”



  2. “Don’t get suckered into the useless and debilitating habit of smoking or drinking, and of course, avoid like the plague the suicidal drug kick that the Jew is promoting so widely at this time. These drugs, whether they be tobacco, alcohol or the mind destroying drugs, are all Jew promoted, they’re being promoted to destroy the White Race and at the same time make these scoundrels millions in profits. If, unfortunately, you are already well into one of these habits, make up your mind to get out of it, period.”


    “We look forward to a world where a man and woman can join in raising a family of fine, beautiful, healthy, intelligent children in economic security. They will have the guaranteed prospects of a stable future world in which they can expect that their children, too, can look forward to having that same opportunity when they grow up.

    In today’s materialist Jewish world the White Man’s ideals are being blurred and confused. Such ideas as sacrifice, honor, courage, appear less meaningful than they were even a generation ago, especially weak when we compare the present drug-popping generation with our robust ancestors that fought Indians and pushed the frontier ever westward.

    It is my further observation that there is a peculiar similarity between the drug peddlers and the spook peddlers. Both are selling escapism (from reality) for cold, hard cash. Take away the cash incentive from either racket and both the drug peddlers and the spooks-in-the-sky peddlers would be out of business in short order.

    The drug stores of the world are groaning under the load of “cures” that do not cure. Doctors across the nation every day are writing millions of prescriptions for “medicines” that are not worth a tinker’s damn, most of them harmful, dangerous, and poisonous. The medical-drug chemical complex operates openly and legitimately but does even more damage than the illicit drug traffic because it reaches more people.

    Valium has sent more addicts to the hospital than heroin. A survey of more than 800 hospital emergency rooms and 94,000 drug abuse incidents found Valium the No. 1 drug of abuse. It is the most prescribed drug in the country (1975), wholesale sales totaling 132 million dollars a year. It has cured nothing, but has addicted hundreds of thousands, yes millions, and sent many to their deaths.

    The medical profession has one of the tightest, best financed unions in the country. It is called the A.M.A. Any member who does not go along with the accepted “orthodox” procedures proclaimed as holy dogma by the A.M.A. is hounded and railroaded out of business. Such insurgent maverick as might disagree might also have his license lifted. That’s where the strong arm of the F.D.A. comes in. It has legal compulsory powers to enforce its views, shabby as they may be. It is always on the side of the “orthodox” A.M.A. views. As we said earlier, we have a tripod of collusion, the medical profession, the government and the drug companies. Not only are they in charge of the A.M.A. at the top, but, practically every medical association at the local, state and county level is dominated by Jews.

    The lay people on their part have organized vigorously into Freedom of Choice chapters across the country and a healthy movement is growing that is challenging the strong-arm dictatorship of the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR support the Freedom of Choice movement.

    In short, we lay down the following creed as part of our religious belief: Our bodies are our own. We will utilize or reject any practice as we see fit, whether the A.M.A. approves of it or not.

    We contend that the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. are practicing a fraud on the public and that their drug approach is unsubstantiated by either scientific knowledge or empirical results. We contend it is nothing more than a fraudulent dogma arbitrarily chosen by the hierarchy as a deceptive means with which to victimize the uninformed and the gullible, and to commercialize on their despair in a time of crisis. We insist on dealing with practitioners who will be of our own faith and our own choosing, not a gang of criminal reprobate Jews and their unwitting toadies.”



  3. “There was no “drug problem,” no hysterical running about the world to inhibit the production of narcotics and make them expensive and highly lucrative, because society before 1914 was governed by a force far more powerful and effective than frantic legislation and hordes of policemen: the ethos of Aryan civilization, which had, as yet, been only marginally rotted by the proletarian fever with which it was infected by its alien enemies.

    It was world dominated by a species now virtually extinct: ladies and gentlemen. A gentleman drank in moderation and might even become inebriated on special occasions, but his inner moral force and his self-respect kept him from addiction and enslavement to physical or psychic drugs, whether alcohol, opium, or hallucinatory superstitions.

    If our race, in a now problematical future, recovers its independence and again has nations of it own, it will have to recreate the racial ethos without which a civilized society cannot endure.”



    1. “The insanity of national prohibition [was] enacted by holy men and do-gooders, who, as often happens, were in alliance with ambitious criminal syndicates and the Communists, eager to establish a precedent for subversion of the nation and the enslavement of free men.

      We must, as rational men, ignore all of the hysteria aroused to promote Bushy’s fake “war on drugs,” which is designed, first, to destroy the few remaining legal provisions that should protect Americans from total servitude and to place them entirely at the mercy of Federal terrorists, and second, to aid the major merchants in the narcotic-drug industry, including “our” C.I.A., many politicians in high office, and, according to reports published from time to time in The Spotlight, Bushy himself, by suppressing unauthorized competition from independent dealers and cut-rate producers.

      We must sharply distinguish natural drugs…principally cannabis (hashish, marijuana) [15]…of which the effects have long been generally known and should be anticipated by anyone who uses them, and the thousands of synthetic drugs now in use, of which the total effects are unknown even to the experts who have pronounced them “safe” on the supposition that men and mice are physiologically equal, which are generally and often recklessly administered by physicians and psychiatrists to trusting patients who are usually not informed of even the expected effects and have no real chance to decide for themselves whether they want the medication with the risks it may involve.

      15. The total effects of marijuana are still in dispute, and some “conservatives,” such as William F. Buckley, advocate making it again generally available. It has been in use in the United States for a long time. It was around 1930, as I recall… The current efforts to stop the production of marijuana by employing armies of vagrant spies to detect and uproot plants of Cannabis sativa forces the United States to rely on imports for an indispensable industrial material (hemp).”



  4. “Today I appreciate what Goethe meant when he said that there was no more repulsive habit than smoking. It is admittedly all right for the honest old burgher, and whether he smokes his occasional cigar or not does not matter in the least. But it is not for people like us, whose brains night and day are on the rack of responsibility.”



    1. “Indeed, the losses which arise directly from a war are in no way proportionate to the losses deriving from a Folk’s bad and unhealthy life as such. Silent hunger and evil vices in ten years kill more people than war could finish off in a thousand years.”



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