Ben Klassen on the American Civil War


From the White Man’s Bible:

The United States has fought many wars in its short history of a little over 200 years. Most of these wars were tremendously costly in lives, money and material and most of them were not in the best interests of the American people. On the contrary, most of them were ghastly, stupid wars in which the United States even when “victorious” came out a bad loser. One of the most destructive, insane and devastating was the Civil War fought between 1861 and 1865.

The Jews were already manipulating the financial affairs of our country and frantically fomenting the Civil War. Between the period of 1837 and the election of Lincoln, every issue, no matter how disconnected, ended up in a pro or con hassle about slavery, an issue the Jews were fomenting vociferously to drive the young nation into civil war.

The Jews keep rehashing the Civil War , the “nostalgia” of it all, the “colorful” generals, and so on, ad nauseam. The fact that the Mexican War was a most constructive and productive war and the Civil War a terrible ghastly blunder, perpetrated by the Jews themselves, is never pointed out.

In fact, during the Civil War, in a temporary lapse, Abraham Lincoln invoked the legitimate powers of Congress and issued 450 million dollars in printed currency, later called “Greenbacks” that did not derive through the hands of the International Jewish Bankers, and no interest was paid on this money. This single act so enraged the Jewish bankers, that they had Lincoln assassinated by one of their agents, namely Botha, alias John Wilkes Booth, a Jew.

This war, purely instigated by Jewish propaganda and money, pitted one group of Whites labeled “the South” against another group of Whites labeled “the North” in on of the most cruel and senseless slaughters in history. The loser was the White Race and the benefactors were the Jews.

From Nature’s Eternal Religion:

While the flower of America’s young manhood was being slaughtered and maimed, the Jews were financing both the North and the South with huge loans. The House of Rothchild, then, as now, the aristocrats of worldwide Jewish banking, had their agents strongly implanted in both the governments of the North and of the South. In the North they had their man, August Belmont, a Jew, who, in league with Samuel B. Chase, the Secretary of the Treasury, was in charge of the Rothchild interests. In the South the Rothchilds had Juda P. Benjamin, a Jew and a relative of the Rothchild family, as Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederacy.

Northern carpet-bagger Jews came in and bought up properties and plantations that were worth hundreds of thousands before the War, now due to the bankruptcy of the Southern economy, could now be bought up in many cases for a couple of hundred dollars. The White male population was completely disenfranchised.


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