Christopher Cantwell exposed


Christopher Cantwell – who YouTube (JewTube) constantly tries to rub in our face as the new voice of disgruntled white males – is actually a Jew; and a bad one at that.

Christopher Cantwell has outright told his listeners that he is Jewish before:

My huwhiteness credentials have been stained by small amounts of Ashkenazi and Middle Eastern/North African DNA. I think it worked out pretty well, all things considered. I got the Jew IQ without the Social Justice Warrior bug. I got the Kebab capacity for violence, without the compulsion to blow up a bus for God.

Christopher Cantwell is also one of the only recommended blogs on the homepage of Jewish Libertarians.


And the behavior of this one is just like the other usual suspects:

This is how Christopher Cantwell deals with his closest “friends.” One person who has asked to remain as anonymous as possible. (We’ll call him F1 for short.) Someone who tolerated Chris getting drunk at a birthday party, and allowed him to sleepover. Someone who even made him breakfast and drove him home in the morning.

F1 was the friend who helped and supported Chris for his first open-mic stand-up comedy. He was the friend who was there for Chris when he was arrested for rape.

F1 was there when Chris dove into the dangerous world of selling large quantities of drugs.

Someone who knows about how Chris stole 20-70 cents from hundreds of bank accounts, funneling it to his own, but never turned him in.

Someone who knows the drug dealers that Chris robbed, and now want his life.

Even though Chris posted publicly about his drama with F1 and used his fan base to gain “trolling support,” F1 never responded because he felt like he lacked the medium, or “online pull” to do so. This isn’t someone who is part of the FSP community and doesn’t have many people to warn about Chris Cantwell’s true nature.

Every time F1 made a response to Chris on Chris’ networks, they were deleted. The guy was shut down, and never allowed to have his side of the story heard.

When F1 asked Chris to stop, like a child, Chris doubled down. Instead of apologizing to an old friend, and working with him, Chris began to harass him. Calling his phone repeatedly, driving to his house at 3am with a bullhorn to yell at him, and even threatening him physically.

I’m not out for blood. F1 isn’t out for blood. I couldn’t care less about Christopher Cantwell anymore, but these are the stories that people need to know. Now, I think it’s important that I avoid him altogether.

As a way to support himself in his “drug days,” and maybe even today, Chris stole thousands of dollars by taking pennies at a time from hundreds of bank accounts at a time.

But that’s just the beginning. Christopher Cantwell is also currently being investigated by law enforcement (along with Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live / Free Keene) for trafficking child porn.

I wish these people made it harder on me – but there you have it. Christopher Cantwell is a pedophile Jew who also steals to support his drug habits. Anybody that has been wise to the Jew for awhile would have been able to see through Cantwell’s “radical agenda” of cucking for Trump – but scratch below the surface and you can see that this is not simply a case of another Shabbos goy but rather a case of another Jew trying to take charge of the pro-white message.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

9 thoughts on “Christopher Cantwell exposed”

      1. “Crimes against humanity? Let me tell you something about chemical weapons real quick. They’re the fucking greatest thing in the world. I got no problem with killing Syrians. In fact, the more the merrier!” 29:30


  1. You can hear the jew in his voice. You can see the jew in his crooked face. This jew’s privilege and psychotic mind are evidence by the display of guns and ammo on his desk. I suspected he was a jew about 30 seconds into the first time I watched his schtick.


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