Establishment Drones — N-AM

by Sean Jobst – N-AM


I’ve seen the same tired claims about the “entire Establishment” and the Deep State allegedly being “against” Trump. Such people fail to explain how a well-connected billionaire whose campaign was made and hyped by the media in the first place, how he was promoted by the mass media over 16 other Republican candidates because of the attention given to him by this media; one who has always been close to such political insiders as the Clintons – whom he has always praised as “terrific people” even while pandering to his followers and their “hokey” (his own words) talk of “Lock her up!”….

One who supported the same wars of the very liberal and Neocon elites these supporters claim to be arrayed against him – Iraq and Libya, when opposition to those wars would have counted…And who has consistently followed the pro-Israel dogma that controls all foreign policy and the puppets of both parties….who regurgitates all the same talking points as the Democratic/Republican and Mass Media elites alike, such as warmongering against Iran which has dared defy Israel (Zionist and not American interests being the measuring stick of US government policies towards other countries)….

One who, while yes there were a host of Zionist, Neocon and liberal elites behind Hillary, had his own support from some of these same elites – the billions he got from his Zionist sugar daddies Adelson and Bernie Marcus; the fact that while the Kagans, Nuland and Kristol preferred Hillary, other Neocons supported him – Norman Podhoretz, Michael Ledeen, various Neocon fellow-travellers…..The support he got from many other assorted Zionist media clowns, like Ezra Levent, David Horowitz and the Breitbart News which boasts of being “conceived in Israel”…

One who, as President, has given control of the economy over to two Goldman Sachs bankers (Steven Mnuchin and Gary Cohn) and another who worked for the infamous Rothschilds 25 years (Wlbur Ross)….One who has given over other positions to a host of corporatists and political insiders….Who has his own criminal links including to Larry Silverstein of 9/11 fame (whom he has praised as “terrific”, one of the most-repeated words in his lexicon and which he has likewise heaped upon the Clintons and Netanyahu)…

The reality is that the Deep State continues, but some of you who get too caught up in distractions and partisan squabbles, are too duped to recognize there are at least two competing factions within the Establishment who are united around the same core issues but only differ on certain social issues that are often engineered by the elites in the first place and promoted to polarize the people around either the ruling party or controlled “opposition” (both of them interchangeable).

Every four years, the duping and manipulation continues with phony “outsiders” pretending to be against the same Establishment from whose ranks they’ve risen and profited from in the first place – and the very same lame excuses are repeated by each respective group of drones while the other group of drones are selectively outraged, even though their idol would prepare the foundations and even the same policies which the “devil incarnate” who succeeds their idol simply continues.

Case in point: Trump has recently justified his unprecedented number of Executive Orders this early on because he “inherited a mess.” Funny, this was the very same excuse used by Obama drones well into his second term even for why the corporate welfare for Wall Street and wholesale corporatization of the economy occurred (while expanding the Police/Surveillance State and waging more wars than his predecessor even). The irony is many of those protesting against Trump are protesting over things they were silent about when their idols Obama and Hillary were doing; and those who idolize Trump do so for the very same things they were attacking Obama for these last eight years – in each case it’s all selective outrage, no consistent principles….

I can go on and on, but the drones have already traded in their critical thinking skills and their consistency either way. So, anyone who can keep their principles grounded no matter who is currently managing the State, who can transcend this false dialectic beyond the limited groupthink of each side, calling out the hypocrisy, misdirection and disgusting selectiveness of each side of human ostriches…. will unfortunately remain in the minority in this age of universal deceit.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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