Guide to the World Jewish Conspiracy w/ Ben Klassen


The Kehillah

From Nature’s Eternal Religion:

Whereas the Jews have many powerful organizations limited to their own people only, such as the American Jewish Congress, the key organization of all these is a little known and little understood secret organization called The Kehillah. The Kehillah takes precedence over all other organizations and is controlled by a board of 300 directors who meet every few years to determine the policies to be carried out in their program of world dictatorship. These orders are then relayed to the Jewish leaders in control of this myriad of organizations, including the governments of the world. In order to become a Kehillah Director a Jew must be at least sixty years of age and must have shown in his life’s work that he has been an ardent contributor to the cause of the Jewish Race. On becoming a Kehillah Director he is honored by being called a Jewish “Patriarch”. He is permitted and expected to wear a full beard. For more efficient control they have divided the world into two sections, the Eastern hemisphere and the Western hemisphere. The headquarters for the Western Hemisphere is in New York and that for the Eastern hemisphere is in London, England. Over the entire world is their “King of the Jews” called ACHAD HA’AM. Over each hemisphere there is a “Prince” of Jewry known as a “Sponsor”. Until his recent death, Bernard Baruch was “The Prince”, the head of The Kehillah for the Western Hemisphere. Baruch, as we all know, was advisor to several Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Herbert Hoover, to Franklin D. Roosevelt, to Harry S. Truman. The Kehillah is a very efficient organization and is organized around the number seven. It is based strictly on the leadership principle, which I have described more fully elsewhere in this book.

As I stated, the top leader of each Hemisphere is known as the “Sponsor”. He has seven prominent Western Hemisphere Jews under him as his subordinates. This is the first echelon of leaders and each one of these seven knows each other and, of course, their leader. The first echelon of seven is known as the 7th Kehillah degree and each one in the first echelon is known as an “Arch-Censor”. Each one of these seven leaders has seven men under him, making 49 in the second echelon or the 6th degree. Each one of these is called a “Minister”. Each one of these 49 has seven men under him making 343 in the third echelon or the 5th degree. Each one of these men is called a “Herald”. Each one of these 343 has seven men under him making 2401 in the fourth echelon or the 4th degree. Each one of these men is called a “Courtier”. Each one of these 2401 members has seven men under him making 16,807 in the fifth echelon or in the third degree. Each one of these is called a “Scrivenor”. Each one of these 16,807 members has seven men under him, making 117,649 in the sixth echelon or the second degree. Each one of these is called an “Auditor”. Each one of these 117,649 members has seven men under him making 824,543 in the seventh echelon or the first degree. Each one of these is called a “Mute”. If you add up all the members of the various seven echelons we find that there are nearly one million members in each Hemisphere, all fanatically loyal and dedicated to carry out the Jewish program of subversion and intrigue in order to create the Jewish dictatorship for which the race has so ardently strived and connived during the last several thousand years. They are all sworn to carry out the secret program as is set forth in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, although the Jews vehemently deny its existence over and over again.

The Kehillah is such a secret network that outside of the first echelon or the seventh degree of the seven Hemisphere leaders none of the rest of the Kehillah members know who the others are. With a secret, dedicated, fanatically loyal organization, with this kind of structure, it is easy to see how orders can be communicated and carried out with a minimum of delay or red-tape. When the Hemispheric head of The Kehillah gives orders to his seven, from there on there are only six steps down the line of command in order to have every one of the one million Kehillah members notified in short order. All that is necessary is to make seven sets of telephone calls down the chain of command. Remember, each man only has to make seven calls to the seven men below him and in a matter of minutes the whole network of one million members has been given their marching orders. That is how the Jews manage to set in motion strikes, agitations, student riots, or whatever is the order of the day, all over the world at the same time. This is the leadership principle at work. It is also the answer as to how such vast student organizations “simultaneously” flare up in student riots on our college and university campuses across the land. These Kehillah members also infiltrate and take control of civic clubs, patriotic societies, business organizations, labor unions, farm organizations, women’s clubs, church organizations, debating societies, fraternal societies, including the Masonic Lodges and other lodges. Radio and TV networks have all come under the control of Jewish Kehillah members who carry out the Jewish program for the enslavement of the world. We could go on and on as to the organizations that are under their control; the medical profession, newspaper publishing houses, the newspapers themselves, magazines of national scope such as Time, Life, Look, etc., are all under their control. It is interesting to note how far back this infiltration, organization and control by the Jews goes and many devout Catholics will be surprised to learn that the Jesuit Order of Monks was set up by Loyola, a Spanish Jew, to further control the Catholic hierarchy, and through it the Catholic Church. We want to add, however, that the Catholic Church and the Christian Church as such already were under Jewish control long before that.

B’nai B’rith

From Nature’s Eternal Religion:

The Jews claim that they have a special covenant with God, that they are the chosen people and that they have the inside track with the Lord himself. One of their major organizations, the B’nai B’rith means “Sons of the Covenant.”

We are well aware that the courts are almost exclusively in the hands of Jewish judges or White traitors who are controlled by the Jews. We know that J. Edgar Hoover, who was at the head of the F.B.I., was a stooge who did the bidding of his Jewish masters and who has written some very favorable things about the B’nai B’rith in his book. We are also well aware that unless he was their man, he most certainly would never have lasted some 45 years in such a sensitive post as head of the F.B.I. We also know that the F.B.I. is used mainly as a club to harass those White people who are fighting the communists, the niggers and the Jews. It is glaringly obvious that the F.B.I, is the strong-arm of the Jewish Conspiracy to enforce integration wherever there is any difficulty in this matter.

From the White Man’s Bible:

An offshoot of the Jewish B’nai B’rith, [the A.D.L. / Anti-Defamation League] is really the main powerhouse of this Jewish outfit. In reality it is a powerful, well financed spy operation inside our own borders that not only gathers information on politicians, civic organizations, diverse individuals, but on anything and everything that they so much a even suspect might blow the lid on the Jewish conspiracy. They have huge files and electronic computers that rival the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. itself, and any information the F.B.I. or C.I.A. might have that is considered useful to the A.D.L. is readily fed to the latter.

The Mossad

From the White Man’s Bible:

The other Jew spy organization that is of major world-wide importance is the one headquartered in Israel. It is known as the Mossad. It is the central Jewish intelligence gathering apparatus for the entire world. It is super-supra spy network of all history. Anything the American C.I.A. knows that is useful to the Jews (just about everything) is funneled to the Mossad. Everything the Russian K.G.B. knows this useful is funneled to the Mossad. Likewise with the intelligence gathering apparatus in Germany, France, Italy and throughout the world, it is all funneled to the Mossad. There is hardly anything of significance that happens anywhere in the world but what it is shortly cataloged in the massive computers of the Mossad in Israel.

But the Mossad goes much further than just spying and gathering intelligence from all over the world. Like the A.D.L., it is virulently aggressive and continually on the offensive. It has well trained assassination squads that run rampant in most of the countries of the world, especially the United States. It sets up para-military organizations like the Jewish Defense League, or Jewish gun clubs trained to skillfully kill Gentiles. The members of the Mossad have the run of the United States with little or no opposition from “our own” law enforcement agencies while they tap telephones, bug embassies, foreign diplomats, even the White House and any and every branch of the United States government. In short, not only the United States but the whole world is their undisputed territory, and the White Man, (their main victim) not only gives them no opposition, but pays the bill and hardly knows they exist.

Undoubtedly the Mossad is the most dangerous, cruel and blood-thirsty gang of international criminals the world has ever known, running rampant roughshod over all laws and governments throughout the world, with little or no opposition. Like the C.I.A., it is world-wide and parallels many of its operations with this difference: Whereas the C.I.A. is headquartered in the United States, the Mossad is headquartered in Israel; whereas the C.I.A. is manned by a mix of Jews and Gentiles, the Mossad is all Jewish; whereas the C.I.A. freely shares its information with Mossad, the latter gives nothing to the C.I.A. It is strictly a one-way street, all leading to exclusive Jewish supremacy and tyranny over the “goy” of the world.


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