Ben Klassen on feminism

by Ben Klassen [excerpt from Nature’s Eternal Religion, 1973]

Ben Klassen with lifelong spouse Henrietta.

We now come to the fair sex — that most beautiful of all creatures in Nature’s realm. In suggesting advice to young girls of high school and college age I would say much that has already been given to the boys also applies to these young ladies, but there are several important differences. And it is these differences that I want to point out.

Such habits as neatness of dress, good grooming and, in general, presenting an attractive appearance is, of course, even more important to girls than to boys. After all, whereas it is desirable for boys to be masculine, capable, and handsome, girls on the other hand are the beautiful sex, in fact from a man’s point of view, the most beautiful creature in Nature’s universe. The caliber of man she will attract will therefore depend much on her natural beauty and also what she further does to enhance that natural beauty. This, of course, she can do by keeping fit and trim, in good physical condition, keeping a good complexion, by following a wholesome diet, and other means. Not too many boys are attracted by a fat, slovenly looking girl.

One of the worst habits teenagers have developed these days is that of bad eating habits. Many bad complexions are directly a result of this. As far as being fat and overweight is concerned, there is really no good excuse for anyone to get into that shape. Whereas there are a few people who cannot gain weight, everybody, but everybody, can lose weight by just cutting down their eating to the point where they reach the desired weight. Even fasting for a week at a time, if necessary, will not hurt anyone. In fact, it may do a lot of good.

The main point of departure, however, from the advice that I have suggested to the boys is when it comes to the matter of choosing a career. In the present Judaized times, when the younger generation is so adrift, without ideals or goals, it seems that one of the false goals that are thrust at you is that every girl should seek a career. In stampeding every girl into higher education, going to college, spending years and years in doing that which is completely unnatural, namely cramming and stuffing volumes of useless information into their heads, you are not deriving benefits, but you are being banned.

The most rewarding, fulfilling and natural thing you can do is to become a mother and rear a family. Again Nature says that when you are 15 or 16 you are ready. Again, unfortunately, because of our present economic and social structure this may be a bit early for practical reasons. When a girl is 16, 17 or 18 years old, her love interest is at its peak and it is an abomination against Nature for her to spend the next five or six years going to college stuffing, for the most part, information into her mind that she will never again use and will, by and large, soon forget. I am convinced that the present artificial obsession with college is part of the Jewish program to delay the marriage of young White couples, and thereby again cut down on the propagation of our race.

By means of all this flood of propaganda from movies, TV, magazines, etc., a young girl is given the impression that unless she has a career of her own, she is a failure. She gets the impression that it is better to have a career than a marriage, or that she can quite easily have both a career and a marriage.

Both of these premises are patently false.

If we look at some of these career women that have had even unusually successful careers, we Find, by and large, that they lead rather strained, unnatural and unhappy lives. Many of them, as they become a little older, become increasingly aggressive and independent, and with their sexual drives either suppressed or perverted, soon become totally unfit as a marriage partner. If they are married and also have a career, the stress and strain of battling in a man’s world makes them rather poor wives, and not only that, but poor mothers, if they have any children. Usually such women have few, if any, children. Anyway you look at it, a career for the woman has a damaging effect on her family life. It is bad for her, it is bad for her husband and it is bad for her children, if she has any.

Unfortunately at present, under the Jewish domination of our White society, due to high taxes and many other types of Jewish robbery, many White wives have to work to make ends meet. But when the White Race is once again master of its own destiny and throws the Jews and niggers off its back, it will not be necessary for any White wife to have to go to work. She will be able to enjoy the natural role for which Nature created her — being a wife, a mother and a homemaker.

It is the man’s duty and obligation to provide for the family, and it is a woman’s privilege to take care of the home and raise her family.

It is therefore my considered suggestion to girls in this age group to keep the paramount goal in mind — that she will become a wife and a mother, that this is where her great good fortune lies, and not in a career. A girl would therefore do well to cultivate those studies and those pursuits that will help her in her future role as such, rather than pursuing higher mathematics, physics and chemistry. Along the lines that would make her more attractive as a wife and a future mother would be the study of music, the study of cooking, the study of good literature, the study of home decoration, developing a good taste in the lines of furniture, clothes, art and entertaining. Of major importance in enhancing your desirability as a marriage partner is also the development of the social graces such as learning to sing, learning to become a good dancer, and most important of all having a cultivated manner of speech and being a good conversationalist. One of the finest assets either a boy or girl can have is being able to speak well and interestingly. Most of the things I have been talking about are not learned at college and do not require a college education as a prerequisite.

Many girls go to college with the idea that they are thereby going to have a better opportunity of catching a husband because they will be in the company of boys who are college students. They believe that they will thereby be able to select a better type of husband. This may or may not be true. If that is your purpose in going to college, however, be sure that you are honest with yourself, that you admit this is your purpose. Then go about the job with that objective in mind. Keep in mind also, however, that if you do go to college that the sane and sensible outlook on life that you entered college with may be seriously impaired. So, also, may your morals and your sense of direction be thoroughly confused by the profusion of Jewish propaganda that you are going to be engulfed with. It is a calculated risk you have to take and usually going to college for this purpose is a poor risk.

In general, I would like to add this for both the boys and girls: remember the prime purpose for which Nature placed you upon this earth — to propagate your own kind, your own species, to multiply and expand the White Race, to fight for that Race in the face of a hostile world, come what may. To do this means to get married, to raise a family and for the husband to earn a good substantial living. The more substantial the better.

And here I would like to point out another little piece of advice that is being trampled in today’s rush of false meanings, and that is the much bantered slogan of today’s youth, namely, that “money isn’t everything.” Of course, money isn’t everything, but the implication seems to be that it is nothing, and this is not so. No matter how you slice it, the kind of income that the head of the house can bring home to his family is in large part the determining factor of many important things. It will determine the kind of neighborhood you live in, the type of house you have, the kind of clothes you wear and the quality of the food that you eat. It will decide the amount of time you can take off for traveling the world, the amount of time off you can take for amusements, for having fun and for recreation. So don’t be fooled by this liberal line so many of these college kids are passing along to the effect that “money isn’t everything,” decrying “crass commercialism,” and a lot of other similar nonsense. Most of these emptyheaded fools come from an environment where they never had to do a lick of work. Were they thrown out on their own, and had to provide for themselves, they would find that the realities of life would soon shatter such nonsensical ideas in no uncertain terms.


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One thought on “Ben Klassen on feminism”

  1. Wonder, the desire to understand, is the beginning of knowledge. It is generally weaker in woman than in man. “What are the mechanics, the pressures, the ‘go’ of things, the causal independent relations of the parts?” does not greatly interest the average woman. A higher percentage of men seek to trace the causal line.



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