The extreme torture tactics that were used against marijuana users in Soviet Russia

We’ve discussed already on numerous occasions [1, 2, 3, 4] the fact that cannabis prohibition is a Jewish plot. But the true extent of the horrors perpetrated by the Jewish communist state in Russia against its citizens in the name of a crusade against marijuana remained unknown to me until recently when I picked up the Textbook on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in the Soviet Union. The book was “authorized by the Chief Board for Educational Establishments, USSR Ministry of Public Health, as a textbook for medical school students.”

The first thing I noticed perusing this book was the eerie similarity of the drug schedule to the one established in the United States. Cannabis is second on the list of Schedule I, non-medical narcotic substances right after the first drug on the list: heroin. Not only was cannabis prohibited for study or use in a medical context, it was also claimed the drug would induce hallucinations or permanent schizophrenia.

But the most damning part of this handbook for communist drug warriors was the brisk description they gave of the torture tactics used against people caught using marijuana in the Soviet Union. Under the heading ‘Treatment of Narcomanias and Toxicomanias’ we read:

Acute marijuana intoxication must be treated by washing out the stomach, then detoxification, general strengthening and stimulating therapy. The denial of the narcotic substance is followed by a prescription of a general roborant therapy: the vitamin complex of the group B, vitamin C, small doses of insulin (5-20 AU), 0.5 gram doses of phytin three times a day, and neuroleptics or tranquilizers. Subcutaneously 0.5 gram (in 0.2-0.5 mg doses) of apomorphine hydrochloride is given. After five to seven minutes, when nausea appears, the patient is given the smoke of a burning hashish cigarette to smell. After three to four sessions vomiting, through the mechanisms of conditioned-reflex connections, causes a negative reflex to hashish.

The next stage of treatment is long (two to three months). This consists of general roborant and psychotherapy for the restoration and acquisition of new positive social and work attitudes. The involvement of the patient in work situations is an obligatory component of the treatment. Such treatment lasts 3-4 weeks. If no improvement occurs, insulin therapy must be initiated in order to produce 15-20 subshock or shock states.

There is no doubt about it that this constituted state-sanctioned torture and slavery – and that coming from a state which always made a huge pretense about human rights. The ‘obligatory work’ injunction here is a polite way of describing being sentenced to the gulag for use as forced labor (as is corroborated by the other articles above).


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1 thought on “The extreme torture tactics that were used against marijuana users in Soviet Russia”

  1. We must, as rational men, ignore all of the hysteria aroused to promote Bushy’s fake “war on drugs,” which is designed, first, to destroy the few remaining legal provisions that should protect Americans from total servitude and to place them entirely at the mercy of Federal terrorists, and second, to aid the major merchants in the narcotic-drug industry, including “our” C.I.A., many politicians in high office, and, according to reports published from time to time in The Spotlight, Bushy himself, by suppressing unauthorized competition from independent dealers and cut-rate producers.

    We must sharply distinguish natural drugs…principally cannabis (hashish, marijuana) 15…of which the effects have long been generally known and should be anticipated by anyone who uses them, and the thousands of synthetic drugs now in use, of which the total effects are unknown even to the experts who have pronounced them “safe” on the supposition that men and mice are physiologically equal, which are generally and often recklessly administered by physicians and psychiatrists to trusting patients who are usually not informed of even the expected effects and have no real chance to decide for themselves whether they want the medication with the risks it may involve. Some of these synthetic drugged are also sold clandestinely to gullible customers or surreptitiously given to persons whom it is wished to destroy.

    15. The total effects of marijuana are still in dispute, and some “conservatives,” such as William F. Buckley, advocate making it again generally available. It has been in use in the United States for a long time. It was around 1930, as I recall… The current efforts to stop the production of marijuana by employing armies of vagrant spies to detect and uproot plants of Cannabis sativa forces the United States to rely on imports for an indispensable industrial material (hemp).



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