The Santies Perun Vedas (The Book of Wisdom of Perun)

[I apologize beforehand for any grammatical mistakes in the text. I am not a native English speaker,but I did my best at translating. The objective of this translation is to spread the vital information about Aryan Culture throughout the whole planet.]

Santies Perun Vedas [Book of Wisdom of Perun] is one of the most ancient Slavic-Aryan Sacred Legends, saved by Sages-Keepers of Ancient Russian Yngliistical Church [hereinafter referred to as ARYC]. Santies, in the original, could be called a book only figuratively, because Santies – are plates, made of noble, non-rusting metal, on which are inscribed Ancient H’Aryan Runes.

Ancient Runes are not letters or hieroglyphs in our modern understanding, Runes – are secret Images,storing huge amount of information. This ancient Runic form of writing hasn’t disappeared like many other ancient alphabets, and continues to remain the main form of writing of Sages-Keepers of ARYC.

In ancient times, H’Aryan Runes were used as a basis in creation of different simplified forms of writing: Ancient Sanskrit, Devanagari, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic-Scandinavian Runes, and various other runic inscriptions.

In order to save H’Aryan Runic form of writing for our descendants, it is taught in theological seminaries of ARYC, in order that Ancient Wisdom would not disappear in hard times, and would be passed on from generation to generation.

To imagine what Santies look like, you should remember that every Santy consists of 4 plates. Each plate has 4 shlocks [2 on each side]. Every shlock has 9 lines. Every line has a single upper “celestial” line, under which are written 16 runes. 9 Santies on 36 plates make up One Circle, and these plates, containing 144 shlocks, are fastened together with 3 rings. 9 Circles of Santies, containing 1296 shlocks, or 11664 lines, or 186624 mutually-controlled H’Aryan Runes, make up image-bearing collection, which is called since the most ancient times – VEDA, [Norse word Edda probably comes from the word Veda,but that is not confirmed].

[The] content of Book of Wisdom of Perun has a form of a dialog, and was written nearly 40,000 years ago. In the First Circle it is told: what commandments gave to the nations of Great Race and Heavenly Kin God Perun; about forthcoming events over the time of Svarozhich Circle and 99 Circles of Life [40176 years]; and many other.

Book of Wisdom of Perun is only a small part of Aryan heritage. There are many more Santies, but they are kept hidden by Sages-Keepers,due to strategically important information which can’t be released to public at this moment.

First translation to modern Russian language, from H’Aryan Karuna [ancient H’Aryan language], was done by Slavic Sages in Summer 106772 [1944 CE] since Foundation of Irian Asgard. Since then,it has been re-published several times, but in a very limited number of printed copies, which were available only to communities of ARYC. The last publication came out in Summer 7507 [1999 CE]. But only in 2000s the book got spread via the internet,where it gained high popularity and approval among Russian-speaking truth seekers.

F.A.Q. and other important information:
1) Why should I read this book? If you are a White Man, that’s your duty to know your roots,your true Gods, and the way of Aryan living. White people will never win this war without the true knowledge, given to us by Aryan Gods.

2) What is Ancient Russian Yngliistical Church? Ancient Russian Yngliistical Church [ARYC] is a union of people who follow one of the branches of Old Faith called Yngliism. People who follow it are called Ynglings.Mentioning of Ynglings can be found in “Heimskringla” – “Ynglinga Saga”. [According to the ARYC,Word Yngliism comes from the word Yngliya.Approximate translation – Primary Divine Fire.]

3) What is Old Faith? It is Faith of our White Ancestors [Indo-Europeans], which was dominant until the period of Christianization. It is also known as Norse Religion.Although it is not a religion, but rather a code of knowledge.

4) I know about Hindu Vedas, but what are these Vedas? Why do they have the same name? In the old times, when we [white people] lived as one race, and spoke one language, our culture was spread throughout the whole planet, and it left its mark on many nations, including Hindu. Even now, when all languages are confused, we can see obvious similarities, like with the word “Veda”. In both Hindu and Russian it means “knowledge” [Russian verb “ведать” means “to know”].

5) How can you prove the genuineness of these Vedas? Can you show us the original source? We can’t. And there is a strong reason for it. Alien enemies have been destroying Aryan knowledge since Christianization of our lands, and they are still doing it.That’s why it is hidden. Moreover, nobody can prove the genuineness of other sacred books like Bible.

5) Who are the Aryans? Mainly humans with white skin. [Actually there are many other genetical factors,but the white color of the skin is the main one].

6) Why do you use swastikas? Are you Nazis/Fascists? Swastika is the most ancient symbol on the Earth,and our most sacred symbol, and inherently it has nothing to do with Nazis. However, Aryan faith does share many aspects of Nazi ideology, especially concerning the purity of race. Not because of politics,but because of common sense. And also because our Gods told so.

7) What does swastika actually mean? Where did it [come] from? It is surely a cosmic symbol, but you’ll have to understand its meaning on your own.

8) Who is Alexander Hinevich? And why do I have to know him? Alexander Hinevich is the leader of ARYC. He is the man behind the last publication of SlavicAryan Vedas. He didn’t translate runic texts, but he wrote commentaries for old and unknown words. He is considered by many old faith followers in Russia as an unofficial leader, however, Hinevich never agrees to it.

9) There is white genocide going on! Why the hell should I spend my time on this strange book?! This is not just a book. Its an instruction,given to us directly from Gods, in case of the events, which are happening on Midgard right now. White people are unlikely to succeed without this knowledge.

10) So I’ve read the book, got the point, what’s next? If you have read the book,and understood its sense, you should spread it as far as you can and propagate it everywhere you can. You may not find approval of many people around you, but there is no doubt you will find those who are capable of understanding the truth.

Notes: In the text you’ll find words with this ” ‘ ” symbol [Example: Dajd’bog]. It is palatalization. “. . . . . . . . . .” dots mean that the information in this part of text is secret. [It was classified by Sages, during translation from Runic language to Russian]

CLICK HERE for PDF download of the English translation of the Book of Wisdom of Perun


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