The Abraxas Foundation’s ‘WAKE’ zine

From Standing in Two Circles:

Just after releasing Music, Martinis, & Misanthropy, [Boyd] Rice further solidified his infamy as a reputed Fascist by making public what had theretofore been a clandestine organization called The Abraxas Foundation. Founded in San Francisco in 1987, The Abraxas Foundation identified itself as a “Social Darwinist think tank,” and consisted of an undisclosed (purportedly international) membership devoted to propagating Social Darwinist ideas. Rice served as head of the organization and also acted as editor of its one-time newspaper, WAKE. The Abraxas Foundation issued a handful of media items throughout the late 1980s and early ’90s before quietly ceasing its activities and disappearing from the public consciousness.

Reproduced below is that one-time issue of The Abraxas Foundation’s WAKE zine from 1992:



Author: National-Satanist

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