Pioneering Racial Theorist Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882)

From wikipedia:

Gobineau, though he remained outwardly faithful to the Catholic Church, had privately abandoned his belief in Christianity and was very interested in the pagan religion of the Vikings, which seemed more authentically Aryan to him.  In 1879, Gobineau attempted to prove his own racial superiority over the rest of the French with his pseudo-family history Historie de Ottar Jarl, pirate norvégien conquérant du pays de Bray en Normandie et de sa descendance (History of Ottar Jarl, Norwegian pirate and conqueror of Normandy and his descendants), which begins with the line “I descend from Odin”, and traces Gobineau’s supposed descent from the Viking Ottar Jarl, which for Gobineau triumphantly meant he was of Aryan descent. In Historie de Ottar Jarl, Gobineau attacked Christianity for its message of universal salvation, writing: “Nothing was more opposed to the exclusive principles of the Aryan race…Aryans have a natural tendency to find god in themselves and to believe that what is useful to them is in itself right and sacred”. Gobineau praised the Viking raids and conquests that terrified Europe in the Dark Ages as he maintained for Aryans “might was right”, and because the Aryan Vikings were stronger, they were right to raid and conquer others weaker than themselves. In Amadis was Gobineau at his most bitter as he attacked Jesus Christ for preaching universal salvation, which Gobineau dismissed under the grounds that only the Aryan elite have souls. Gobineau wrote about the masses: “Une âme en eux?…Certes, très bien Ils savaient qu’ils n’en avaient rien” (“A soul for them?…To be sure, they knew very well that they had none”). Gobineau had always believed in the superiority of elites who should not be guided by any sort of morality and for whom the masses were destined to be their slaves; Amadis was merely Gobineau’s starkest declaration of this belief that all of this writings had at very least implied. In 1868, Gobineau had written to Dragoumis: “You know that deep down my sole political belief is that any man of real blood is created and put into this world in order to take charge of lesser people”, lamenting that his fate was to be being a member of the Aryan elite who sadly was born in the 19th century.


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