Hardcore straight-edge has done more to damage white nationalism than anything else

The hardcore straight-edge movement has done more to damage white nationalism than any other single factor in history. The reason is simple: most white people drink. And most of the white people who don’t drink smoke weed. If you really want to murder “drug users”, you will have to genocide almost the entire white race yourself. Probably almost half of all white people living have at some point in their lives served alcohol or sold “drugs” – so if you only want to kill the “dealers”, you’ll still have to murder about half of all living white people yourself.

Also, when the modern liberal sees a radical revolutionary “pro-white” movement putting out propaganda about killing people that use “drugs” (or drink), the racial aspect of the message is all the more lost on them. The modern liberal already views nationalists as all ignorant, mindless authoritarians who just believe whatever their parents told them growing up. White nationalists are depicted as people somehow living in the past, not with the times, and certainly incapable of having fun. Bringing your personal views about “drug” use into the matter does not help at all.

White people who drink are still white people. And alcohol is not a deciding factor in their level of racism. White people that smoke weed are still white people. And marijuana is not a deciding factor in their level of racism. If you are “drug-free” and that works for you – great. No nationalist is going to force you to use drugs – that would be absurd. So just keep it to yourself as your personal lifestyle. Do not try to pin white identity itself onto the hardcore straight-edge philosophy.

Not everyone can or needs to be a literal soldier of war in life. The hardcore straight-edge movement has a body-building obsession that borders on the comical. The bigger your muscles, the more nationalist-cred you have – in their eyes. I hate to break it to these “hardcore” nationalists, but boxing skills and man-power have been almost entirely irrelevant to the outcome of wars since the invention of gun powder. One communist police officer with a gun can handle thirty disarmed beefcake skinheads by himself.

And speaking of “killing your braincells”, boxing and full-contact sports every day of your life will destroy your braincells. The only reason you need to be beefed up to the max is if you are in prison. But hardcore straight-edge “nationalists” don’t give a damn about their brethren in prison. Most people with Swastika tattoos in prison are in prison for drug or alcohol related crime. These are the very people beefed up idiotic hardcore straight-edge skins talk about beating to death.

Which brings me to my next point: The drug war was a Judeo-communist plot to begin with. It began in the Soviet Union, was forced down America’s throat by FDR and the League of Nations, and continues today under the auspices of the United Nations. Many of our white brothers and sisters have been imprisoned and raped or murdered in the name of this Jewish communist plot.

I suspect (and know) many of these idiotic kind of skins to be under the influence of Christianity – and so once again we get back to the white race’s biggest obstacle in its quest for racial consciousness. Christianity must be annihilated root and branch from the minds of the white race – only then will we raise ourselves out of the morass we are in.

The basic dialectics and principles of Combat 18 are likely the only way forward for the white race at this point in time. Any other movement with the correct outlook is frankly late to the international scene. There must be no compromise with Christianity or the ZOG system and its enforcers – no begging for expansions of their bloated governments and policies. The color of your skin is your uniform before and above what you ate last night or whether you had a beer. We must do our best to nurture white solidarity in and outside the walls of prisons and to attract as many white people to our cause as possible. And we must do it now.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

2 thoughts on “Hardcore straight-edge has done more to damage white nationalism than anything else”

  1. If a street-sweeper is unable or unwilling to sacrifice his tobacco
    or his beer, then I think: “Very well, my good man, that’s
    precisely why you’re a street-sweeper and not one of the ruling
    personalities of the State!” It’s just as well, by the way, that
    things are like that, for the nation, collectively, has just as much
    need of its street-sweepers.



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