David Lane on prohibition

[excerpts from Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane]

There simply is not any reason to care about drugs in America or the once-White nations as they exist at this time. These governments are dedicated to the murder of our race. It only plays into the tyrants’ hands to sanction ever more draconian laws and ever more erosion in basic freedoms within “their” systems.

The so-called “War on Drugs” is just another step in the seemingly inexorable march to a nightmare that even George Orwell could not imagine in his book “1984.” There are over 1.7 million people in prison in America and approximately 70% are there on drug or drug-related charges. The number grows exponentially and prisons are America’s premier growth industry.

George Bush, William Clinton, and the C.I.A. smuggle billions of dollars worth of illegal drugs into the U.S., while relatively inconsequential marijuana growers and smokers go to prison for decades. “The Law” is tyranny. The father of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover, made the statement that, “We do not care about people who use heroin. They are un-American and mainly in Black ghettos.” This gave covert operatives license to deal in drugs as a means to an end. This same beast left our Vietnam M.I.A./P.O.W.’s to rot in the jungles after the war so that it could continue transporting tons of heroin out of the Burma Golden Triangle and into the United States.

One day alcohol was legal in America. The rulers passed a law making it illegal, so thousands went to prison and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms became a monstrous police power. Another day the rulers rescinded prohibition and what thousands went to prison for was no longer a crime. Still their lives and families had been destroyed. And as long as Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress, owns Seagram’s Whiskey, alcohol is not likely to again become a crime.

I once worked with an Irishman who drank about a quart of Scotch a day. Then he would beat his wife and get arrested for drunk driving. But still he had the nerve to be offended when his children used drugs. Booze has destroyed more of our folk over the eons of time than can be imagined.

Unless a substance abuser realizes his problem and reforms himself, he is a lost cause. Attempting to reform them is promotion of the unfit and the weak. While drugs and perversions which are destructive to individuals and to the folk are to be condemned, wise men know that the tyranny of governments and priestcrafters using their “Law” dwarfs any acts by individuals a thousand times, nay, a million times over.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

2 thoughts on “David Lane on prohibition”

  1. We must, as rational men, ignore all of the hysteria aroused to promote Bushy’s fake “war on drugs,” which is designed, first, to destroy the few remaining legal provisions that should protect Americans from total servitude and to place them entirely at the mercy of Federal terrorists, and second, to aid the major merchants in the narcotic-drug industry, including “our” C.I.A., many politicians in high office, and, according to reports published from time to time in The Spotlight, Bushy himself, by suppressing unauthorized competition from independent dealers and cut-rate producers.

    We must sharply distinguish natural drugs…principally cannabis (hashish, marijuana) 15…of which the effects have long been generally known and should be anticipated by anyone who uses them, and the thousands of synthetic drugs now in use, of which the total effects are unknown even to the experts who have pronounced them “safe” on the supposition that men and mice are physiologically equal, which are generally and often recklessly administered by physicians and psychiatrists to trusting patients who are usually not informed of even the expected effects and have no real chance to decide for themselves whether they want the medication with the risks it may involve. Some of these synthetic drugged are also sold clandestinely to gullible customers or surreptitiously given to persons whom it is wished to destroy.

    15. The total effects of marijuana are still in dispute, and some “conservatives,” such as William F. Buckley, advocate making it again generally available. It has been in use in the United States for a long time. It was around 1930, as I recall… The current efforts to stop the production of marijuana by employing armies of vagrant spies to detect and uproot plants of Cannabis sativa forces the United States to rely on imports for an indispensable industrial material (hemp).



  2. If a street-sweeper is unable or unwilling to sacrifice his tobacco
    or his beer, then I think: “Very well, my good man, that’s
    precisely why you’re a street-sweeper and not one of the ruling
    personalities of the State!” It’s just as well, by the way, that
    things are like that, for the nation, collectively, has just as much
    need of its street-sweepers.



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