David Lane on prohibition

[excerpts from Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane]

There simply is not any reason to care about drugs in America or the once-White nations as they exist at this time. These governments are dedicated to the murder of our race. It only plays into the tyrants’ hands to sanction ever more draconian laws and ever more erosion in basic freedoms within “their” systems.

The so-called “War on Drugs” is just another step in the seemingly inexorable march to a nightmare that even George Orwell could not imagine in his book “1984.” There are over 1.7 million people in prison in America and approximately 70% are there on drug or drug-related charges. The number grows exponentially and prisons are America’s premier growth industry.

George Bush, William Clinton, and the C.I.A. smuggle billions of dollars worth of illegal drugs into the U.S., while relatively inconsequential marijuana growers and smokers go to prison for decades. “The Law” is tyranny. The father of the F.B.I., J. Edgar Hoover, made the statement that, “We do not care about people who use heroin. They are un-American and mainly in Black ghettos.” This gave covert operatives license to deal in drugs as a means to an end. This same beast left our Vietnam M.I.A./P.O.W.’s to rot in the jungles after the war so that it could continue transporting tons of heroin out of the Burma Golden Triangle and into the United States.

One day alcohol was legal in America. The rulers passed a law making it illegal, so thousands went to prison and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms became a monstrous police power. Another day the rulers rescinded prohibition and what thousands went to prison for was no longer a crime. Still their lives and families had been destroyed. And as long as Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress, owns Seagram’s Whiskey, alcohol is not likely to again become a crime.

I once worked with an Irishman who drank about a quart of Scotch a day. Then he would beat his wife and get arrested for drunk driving. But still he had the nerve to be offended when his children used drugs. Booze has destroyed more of our folk over the eons of time than can be imagined.

Unless a substance abuser realizes his problem and reforms himself, he is a lost cause. Attempting to reform them is promotion of the unfit and the weak. While drugs and perversions which are destructive to individuals and to the folk are to be condemned, wise men know that the tyranny of governments and priestcrafters using their “Law” dwarfs any acts by individuals a thousand times, nay, a million times over.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

5 thoughts on “David Lane on prohibition”

  1. If a street-sweeper is unable or unwilling to sacrifice his tobacco or his beer, then I think: “Very well, my good man, that’s precisely why you’re a street-sweeper and not one of the ruling personalities of the State!” It’s just as well, by the way, that things are like that, for the nation, collectively, has just as much need of its street-sweepers.



  2. “The editor should confess at this point, other than a few puffs of pot to see what the stuff tastes like, he has never had any drug “experiences.” For that matter, he has never smoked tobacco and his alcoholic consumption is limited to an occasional beer.

    Thus, he cannot write on some drug-related matters with the same sort of authority a member of Alcoholics Anonymous can.

    On the other hand, he is by no means a total outsider to the drug scene. He has many friends who use, or once used, pot regularly, just as he has many friends who use tobacco and alcohol.

    Drugs A Social Evil

    This opposition is by no means based on religious considerations or on any sort of “conservative” foot-dragging where something new and different is concerned.

    We oppose drug usage because, at this point in time, it presents a clear threat to the survival of our civilization.

    Beer and wine have been an integral part of the life of the European peoples since prehistoric times, and there are so many rich and fine traditions associated with them that giving them up altogether would constitute a major cultural trauma. With alcohol the trouble probably lies more in certain types of usage than in the nature of the substance itself.

    It would seem that the better approach is to set about building the sort of healthy society in which there will be far fewer people than at present who feel the need to escape into a bottle.

    When we consider the illegal drugs, we can state without qualification that the strongly addicting drugs, of which heroin is the most important, have absolutely no place in our society under any conditions. The growing menace of the “hard” drugs must be countered effectively and soon. The hard reality remains that the drug menace continues growing year by year, day by day.

    Can you imagine the present administration ordering the public hanging of even one heroin peddler — and even if the law allowed it and even after he had been duly convicted and that conviction had been upheld by every appellate court in the land? Unthinkable!

    Marijuana is really in a class by itself. All available evidence seems to indicate that its use does not result in physical addiction. Marijuana is the accepted means of escape from reality for the rapidly growing number of young White Americans.

    Human Garbage

    There is, of course, plenty of plain human garbage — weaklings and rejects and anti-socials of every sort — among those who have joined the drug culture. But there are too many who are basically sound — and perhaps because of that very soundness have rejected an ugly, dirty, and senseless world with which they feel out of tune.

    We need those people; America needs them; our race needs them. They should be even more highly motivated than most of the members of the “straight” culture to make the revolutionary changes in our world that must be made if we are to survive.

    Revolutions are made and civilizations are maintained by people with clear heads and the self-discipline to face problems squarely until they are solved, not by those who head for cloud nine whenever the going gets tough. So let’s get with it!”



    1. “Following Rockwell’s assassination, Pierce stayed for three years with Matt Koehl, pursuing a dual-recruitment strategy.

      Together with fellow NSWPP officers Joseph Tommasi and James Mason, Pierce was prominent in the transition toward a post-Rockwell national socialist revolutionary position. Pierce, who fought Koehl over the direction of the NSWPP, encouraged the militancy of Tommasi and his National Socialist Liberation Front (NSLF).

      Though Pierce was only modestly successful, it was enough to annoy Koehl, who in 1970 expelled his potential rival.

      When Koehl in 1973 purged Tommasi for smoking marijuana at headquarters and leading unauthorized armed paramilitary maneuvers, the NSLF was set free to develop a revolutionary strategy.

      An early proponent of total revolution, Pierce brought in young militants like Joseph Tommasi.

      Dismissing as unrealistic the ‘conservative’ hopes of reaching the masses, Tommasi wrote ‘Do not wish for law and order, for law and order means the continued existence of the rotten rip-off Capitalist Jew System. We wish to plunge the entire System to its death.’ In 1975, a NSWPP member assassinated Tommasi, and most NSLF members were either imprisoned or drifted apart.”



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