Audio interview of James Madole by Gordon Hall (NYC, 1967)

jamesmadole(part 1) Introduction and logistics of the National Renaissance Partytranscript

(part 2) Philosophy of National Renaissance Party – transcript

(part 3) Comparison to other right wing extremist groups – transcript

James H. Madole (1927-1979) founded the National Renaissance Party in 1949. Initially the movement received little attention, until the House of Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) investigated Madole and the NRP in 1954. The party believed that the governing force of the U.S. should be a trained elite body rather than a parliamentary government. They felt that racial pride and the preservation of the white Aryan race were important ideals, and advocated the deportation of non-Caucasian races. They also felt that the Jewish people should be denied citizenship, and likewise professional and political positions. While they claimed that the NRP was an antidote to communism, HUAC stated that they equated Jew and Communist.

Madole’s attempts to link his political platform with the occult are also well-known. His correspondence with Anton LeVay, head of the Church of Satan, in the 1960s has received particular scrutiny. Although their correspondence remained cordial, ultimately Madole failed to gain support from LeVay due to the NRPs positions on Judaism and race.


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