Vimeo (CEO, Joey Levin ✡) bans Ursula Haverbeck’s Hooton Plan speech

by  –  October 21, 2016

Ursula Haverbeck, whose 88th birthday is next month, has now been sentenced to jail time on three separate occasions for telling the truth about World War II. In the latest outrageous Zionist attack on free speech, Frau Ursula Haverbeck was accused of sedition against the Zionist controlled government of Germany, and was sentenced to 11 months in jail on the basis of the content of 4 posts on her personal webpage.

The judge, apparently in a rage at the simple, straightforward, scholarly statement of historical facts, gave Frau Haverbeck even more time in prison than the 10 months the prosecutor had asked for. The overall tally of thought crime judgments against Haverbeck, from Hamburg to Detmold, amounts to a total sentence of 29 months imprisonment, and may I remind you, this heroic and charming lady, who has done nothing but tell the truth, is almost 88 years old.

The courageous Frau Ursula Haverbeck

In the latest case, Frau Haverbeck bravely chose to defend herself, because attorneys who cite evidence about the fraudulent nature of the “Holocaust” on behalf of their clients often can be sentenced to jail time as well, as attorney Silvia Stolz was, in the totalitarian Jewish supremacist dictatorship that now is Germany. When it comes to telling the truth about Jewish crime and fraud, our Zionist occupied governments do not bother to follow their own rules, or at the very least apply them most unequally, clearly with the Talmudic injunction that anyone who is not Jewish is not to be considered a human being, but “goyim” (human cattle), clearly in mind.

The control freaks among us are not satisfied by throwing historians on their way to give lectures into dungeons as they did to David Irving, or making pronouncements that “the truth is no defense” at kangaroo court trials they have set up to criminalize free speech, as in the case of Ernst Zundel. As we can see in the most recent attack on Frau Haverbeck, now they are doing the same in regard to the internet too.

As soon as I saw the Hooton Plan speech of Frau Ursula Haverbeck, I immediately started making an English version of the video so that more people would be likely to view it.  You can see this video here on Youtube  and it also is embedded in this article.  I shall include it here as well, just below.

I am no stranger to censorship, to put it mildly, but even I was surprised when only a few hours after I uploaded the English version of Ursula Haverbeck’s speech, my entire account was ripped off by one of Youtube’s biggest competitors, Vimeo. Shortly after that, for good measure, Vimeo removed the accounts of anyone who had ever posted any of my videos. Facebook also blocked my posting of the video repeatedly.

Designed to waste our time and eliminate the pro European, or any truth-based, point of view, bans, blocks, and measures such as Reddit’s “shadow banning”, in which one is banned but not informed that one is banned, are meant to silence anyone who does not comply with the Jewish banker backed creation of an ethnic supremacist one world government..

I received a somewhat astounding selection of responses from various members of Vimeo’s legal  department when I asked why, specifically, a video which was against racial bias, hatred, and genocide, was removed, along with the accounts of myself and anyone who had ever posted any of my Odinist religious videos, but never received any straight answer, just vague generalizations. I was told that, “among the specific rules regarding videos that are hateful, harass others, or include defamatory or discriminatory speech, we may also suspend, disable, or delete your account (or any part thereof) or block or remove any content you submitted if we determine that your conduct or content would tend to damage Vimeo’s reputation and goodwill.”

Clearly, they are not worried about “their reputation or the goodwill” when it comes to the opinion of European heritage people, since they do indeed post Holohoax videos, Black Lives Matter, and other videos which truly do defame and slander Germans and other native Europeans, and provably so. It would seem the only goodwill they seek is that of the Jewish ethnic supremacists who dominate the entertainment industry and own 97 percent of the media. When pressed yet again to make a more specific statement about how my video actually violated their rules, “Sean M”. enlarged upon this statement. “Taken as a whole, the elements of your video make derogatory and inflammatory statements about Jewish people”.

I informed Vimeo that, as a European ancestry person, I am offended by truly defamatory Holohoax videos, and pointed out that they did not remove videos about the genocide of races other than mine, or videos about tribal religions of other races, and that this was discriminatory. I asked what they intended to do about that. I never received any reply except a statement that there would be no further “review”.

Interestingly, just as the judge in the Zundel free speech trial said, “The truth is no defense”, I was told by Sean M. of Vimeo, that I was not allowed to express certain facts or opinions on Vimeo, “Even if these statements were 100% true and sincerely believed…” Therefore, in effect, Jews and Blacks, and other races, are not only allowed to freely express their thoughts and their emotions, and state facts, but also to tell outright defamatory lies on Vimeo, ones that really do incite violence against Whites, while European ancestry people are not allowed to even state facts about the planned, ongoing genocide of our race.

Finding in Zundel trial… eerily similar to the bizarre statements of Vimeo’s legal team in the text above this picture. The shape of things to come?

Nowhere, perhaps, is this outright anti- European bias more clear than in the realm of native European religion. A couple years ago, our Swedish themed Yule event was at first made a feature story in the local paper, but then Stephens Media received a mysterious call and it was torn off. At first the staff lied about this, but then an editor admitted the truth. She expressed concerns that having a European event might make “people of color” uncomfortable, and that the event might be for the purpose of “White preservationism”, which apparently in their view is “hateful”. That bears repeating… White people wishing to continue to survive as a race is considered “hateful”. This same newspaper did not remove the Chabad Lubavitch event which clearly was only for Jews and which was being advertised at the same time.

Attacks on our Odinist videos and articles on social media have been constant and extreme, and in the case of my first video, which was merely about Odinist prayer, a topic one would think was fairly uncontentious, I saw 17 different threads with massive and clearly organized attacks on it at once. On one occasion, all two thousand plus friends I had on Facebook were contacted and told that because I no longer believed in the tale of the Holocaust that they must defriend me or they would be attacked, lose their jobs, etc, themselves, and in another case, anyone belonging to the only open folkish Odinist group on social media was publicly harassed for 4 days straight. The “Heathen” organization making these attacks billed itself as being “anti racist” but just happened to be run entirely by Jews, mixed race people, and homosexuals, and did not allow posts against Zionism, which apparently is not racist in their view because it is Jewish.

More recently, I have been forced to make a formal complaint to the state of California  about Facebook having repeatedly removed European religious symbols posted by me in honor of our Gods. Facebook has banned me for a month numerous times for posting pictures of our own indigenous religious symbols and also for making comments that were against White genocide. In one case, I was removed for a month for making a comment in which I reacted to a Jewish transsexual who had come on my page and repeatedly insulted European people foully and suggested that Frau Haverbeck should be tortured. Of course, this Jewish transsexual, who made so many crude and abusive comments before I even replied, was not banned.

All in all, due to anti-European and anti-Odinist bias, I have been banned a total of approximately 9 months out of this year already, an act which is illegal under the accommodation discrimination rules of California’s UNRUH statute, and which is clearly intended to suppress European native religion and its attendant tribal identity. Since I am an Odinist priestess, the banning of posts containing European religious symbols made by me is exactly analogous to banning a Christian priest for posting a cross, or a Jewish rabbi for posting the star of David, but of course, the latter two never will be banned, since both religions involve the worshiping of a Jewish god, and this is encouraged by our Zionist occupied governments, while those who actually follow our own native European religion are targeted, clearly out of racial and religious hatred.

Considering the fact that the universalist nature of Christianity weakens racial identity and tribal loyalty and curbs the natural instinct of self defense , deflecting sympathy away from actual victims and to oppressors, this issue might well make the difference between the survival of the German people and their extinction. If Germans and other European folk continue to be restrained by the false, alien slave religion tenets of Christianity, and the politically correct injunction not to hate, we may lose. Not being fully on the side of one’s own people is a distinct disadvantage in war, and this is a war, whether we like it or not. It is interesting to consider the thought and emotion “crimes” in our modern Jewish supremacist version of “blasphemy” mentioned by Vimeo.


The concept of hatefulness as being an unlawful emotion is a key factor in our survival, more so than might be obvious at first glance.. Our native religion does not forbid us to feel normal human emotions such as hate, love etc. but Christianity tells us to love our enemies. I am not a Christian, yet Vimeo, Facebook, and other social media are not removing videos about loving our enemies made by Christians, but those made by Odinists which talk about loving and protecting our own people instead, and this is no accident.

By contrast, the Old Testament explicitly states that Jews should hate their enemies, and kill them too, and not only this, but the “enemy” is not only a person who might actually wish or do harm to one in this text, but simply people of other races and religions. The Jewish Talmud, which takes religious precedence over the Old Testament for a Jew, goes a great deal farther and explicitly and directly encourages theft, assault, rape and child rape, murder, and genocide of people of other races by Jews as being religiously acceptable, and even morally right and required. For example, if a Jew rapes a 3 year old girl who is not Jewish, according to the Talmud, that girl should be killed because she tempted a Jew. There is a great deal more along these lines, and yet, I do not see any of our Jewish owned social media banning Jewish videos or Jews on Vimeo. Instead, Vimeo, a company with a new Jewish CEO, named Joey Levin, seems to thinks that it will be allowed to flout the law and follow the Talmud by covering up Jewish crimes against other races and excluding native religions of other races, banning “idolaters” like myself. Arguably, this might be considered hateful and discriminatory not just to our race, but to all other races.

Christians and Jews are entitled to their beliefs about hate, and so are we. It is not the right or role of social media or of any government to legislate what emotions people are allowed to have, or what religion we follow, nor could anyone determine what reaction any one person could have to any particular video. People are all different, and there would be a wide range of reactions.

In the case of the Ursula Haverbeck video, their censorship exhibits even more extreme bias than usual, because the only mention of hate I make, besides in reciting a classic Rudyard Kipling poem, is in some writing on a picture which very explicitly indicates that I am speaking in regard to our native traditional world view and moral and spiritual outlook.  I mention our native religion specifically, stating, “Odinists are allowed to have emotions”. We do not believe in emotion control. Jewish controlled companies such as Vimeo clearly are not against hate, because otherwise there would not be rap songs about sexually assaulting and degrading White women and killing them hosted on their services.

The implicit attitude being expressed here is that native Europeans are sub humans who are not allowed to feel emotion, the same emotions that are freely expressed with such racial hatred by Jews against non Jews in the Talmud, and in numerous other ways, openly. Such biased behavior contravenes the law, but even more importantly, our acceptance of the rule of “not hating” constitutes acceptance of a racial and religious role as slaves. Neither businesses nor the government for that matter, have a right to dictate traditional religious beliefs or emotions to anyone in the United States, or to establish a state religion or business practice of Talmudism. To do so is illegal under both state and federal law, and free speech is guaranteed under the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well.


Logically, objecting to harassment and planned genocide and calling for protection of one’s religious and racial group against such attacks does not constitute harassment, but quite the reverse. To say that it does constitutes bias in itself. What various Jewish controlled governments and media outlets are saying in effect is that that the White race is supposed to 1). tolerate lies made up about it, lies which are incitement to violence against us 2. accept our own genocide, also in silence, gratefully. 3) .not hate people who are trying to kill us. Meanwhile, Jews are allowed to lie about or cover up the truth about the “Holocaust”, inter-racial crime rates, and Jewish orchestrated genocides of our people, and others, and continue to do so with impunity, and also practice a religion that openly encourages these acts. We are not legally required to sit back and say nothing in regard to European people being purposely exterminated, and if we do not speak about it, we are aiding in that extermination. If the law is not being applied equally and we are being silenced due to Jewish supremacism and corruption of our laws, only an overthrowing of occupied governments would remedy this.

Talking about a genocide and being against that genocide is neither hateful nor harassing. It is an act of self defense. It stands to reason that it most certainly would not be possible to punish a person or a group of people who had assaulted a little boy if he were not allowed to identify who hit him in a police lineup. The insane politically correct narrative that is being accepted here has it that mentioning who the perpetrators are is  “hateful” or “harassing” if they are not White. In this scenario, non Whites have special rights to abuse European ancestry people with impunity. Telling  a White person that he is not allowed to state who committed a crime, tell the truth, or engage in self defense because the people being targeted are of European ancestry, which is what they are doing, is just about the most extremist act of racial hatred and bias possible. It is absolutely outrageous behavior on Vimeo’s part, and not just “racist” but genocidal.


Relating details which are factual and can be proven or quoting an individual’s exact words from videos or other sources does not constitute defamation. For example, Noel Ignatiev, a Jew, openly calls for the extermination of the White race. My including a picture in which he is quoted exactly is not defamation. It is regular scholarly or journalistic practice. Allowing some crimes to be reported and covering up others based on racial supremacism is bias, and it is illegal accommodation discrimination in all US states..

Discriminatory behavior

All speech, thought, and discourse involves the idea of recognizing a distinction, or differentiating, for example, a person might say I like apples better than oranges, or I like chocolate ice cream better than vanilla, or I like Odinism better than Christianity, or even, I am a Native American and I like my tribe best. Ms. Ursula Haverbeck points out who is genociding her people and I translate her words. That is not discriminatory in the sense of racial discrimination. It is a clear, factual, scholarly speech with sources mentioned.

 The sign says “Only the truth shall set us free…”

In closing, I want to touch again upon one aspect of great importance that stands out starkly for me in this struggle, as an Odinist. One anonymous writer of a German article on the subject pointed out, quite rightly, that religion plays a key role in all of this.  Many of the courageous  people who came to support Ursula Haverbeck at her trial have been Christianized, as is Frau Haverbeck herself. When asked if she intended to take action against the hateful remarks made by the judge, Frau Haverbeck  made what this same German newspaper called an impressive answer, due what they described as her ‘attitude of deep faith”. I am sure that this is the case, and that Frau Haverbeck’s sentiments are both sincere and well intentioned, and I have the highest respect for her, but this attitude is something I very much disagree with. Frau Havebeck’s answer was, “Hate must not be combated with hatred. In the end, good will always win over evil!”.

Please consider, those of you who read this, regardless of your religion or views, that this is not the case. Good does not always win. It did not win World War II, it did not win in the struggle between the Saxons and the half Jewish Charlemagne in which he exterminated two thirds of the population for not worshiping a Jewish “god”, and it is not going to win now, unless we are willing to do what is necessary. In order to do this, we must put aside the bizarre pacifist Christian and other cultural Marxist programming we have been subjected to, and embrace the natural and positive instinct to hate our enemies and love our own people that Nature herself has gifted us with in her great wisdom. The “in the end”, mentioned by Ursula Haverbeck, is now. We have gone from some 36 percent of the global population to approximately 8, and we are facing imminent annihilation.

This is one last hurdle these otherwise exemplary Christians, must overcome, and this one factor may well make the difference between the survival of the German people, and their extinction. If they continue to be restrained by the false, alien slave religion tenets of Christianity, they may lose. If our European ancestry folk in general do not learn to put our identity, our tribal self-interest, our responsibility to protect our own people, and our continued survival as a race over obedience to the Jewish god, our defeat is inevitable. An Odinist army, united in heart and spirit with tribal interests, will be unstoppable.

Hail Victory!

For now, let’s comfort ourselves on the basis that strength of the spirit can be greater than that of the body. Ursula Haverbeck is the victor in this battle whatever the controlled government of Germany chooses to do to her. Frau Ursula Haverbeck is the strength of an entire nation, and our wider European people, and to those of us who matter, she will not be silenced, or ever forgotten. This is beyond the power of those who persecute her. May we all follow her example.


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