James Madole’s New Atlantis

A collection of articles, here edited together as one, from James Madole of the American National Renaissance Party on the theme of A New Atlantis & its relevance to the Aryan race… This major series of articles expounding Madole’s metaphysics & philosophy in depth began appearing in the National Renaissance Bulletin in 1974. Because Madole’s material is today so scarce, we’ve only been able to present a portion of THE NEW ATLANTIS. We would welcome hearing from anyone able to provide us with the missing fragments.

“The soul of the Ancient West broods in mists of enchantment enshrouding dim antiquity, beyond the clamour of modern Europe steals the plaintive cadence of some magic past, faint echoes of faery lands forlorn, the surge of perilous seas then stillness after the storm. Twlight empires loom in grandeur; the glint of golden kings, visions of alluring queens,temples touching a sunlit sky. Suddenly the ocean foams in flame, all dissolve in troubled dreams to fade in forgotten mystery tantalizing our minds beyond recall. For moments of muted wonder we gaze across the glare of our materialist world to the realms of haunting witchery, an elusive splendour illuminating secret longings. as we thrill at recognition, illusion slowly drifts away to leave us desolate… To all peoples of antiquity the West was veiled in deepest mystery, realms of immortal magic transmuting some ancient memory in the destiny of men. beyond the Egyptian sunset brooded Amenti, Kingdom of the Dead. those secret shores beckoned The Souls from Babylon, there the Greeks beheld the Isles of the blessed. Today the old west still casts its poignant spell, chastening our spirits with cataclysms unseen: across the chasm of unremembered millennia we sense some nameless tragedy, the shadow of Atlantis.”

“For countless generations the word ‘Atlantis’ has evoked magic in the hearts of men; priests have mourned its spiritual wisdom degenerating to wickedness, philosophers have moralized on its divine Kings, poets have extolled its fabled perfection. all the virtues, all the vices, all the splendours of a brilliant civilisation when earth was young, banished from memory like a dream. such a Golden age, the secret yearning of man’s inner soul, seems more than illusion. Intense longing makes the miracle real. we sigh at the splendour of Egypt lost in the sand, the greatness of Babylon buried in the mud, the glory of Greece shattered to ruins. All preach in muted eloquence the fleeting triumphs of men. Atlantis! Its towers, temples, palaces, navies, armies, its myraids of men & women thronging those marble courts through many millenia, all have vanished like ghosts leaving not a stone behind. Fantastic wonder, now empty nothing, as though these marvels had never been, yet Atlantis enchants imagination to glow in pour souls more magic than ever. In the mirror of some future age do we see our own civilization vanish into oblivion? Are we haunted by some heavy guilt calling down destruction? What nameless sin proud Atlantis? Can our century learn before it is too late?”

(from Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West by W. Raymond Drake).

Only by treasuring the awe-inspiring racial heritage & the sacred traditions inherited from past aeons can Aryan Man understand the Cosmic destiny which has selected our ancient peoples as the genetic seed bed from which shall arise, like the re-born Phoenix from the flames and ashes of its former self, a higher type of human being – The God Man Or – “Homo Superior” – as far above the Homo Sapiens” as the “Homo Sapiens” is above the anthropoid Gorilla! Atlantis was to aryan Man what Ancient Israel was to the Hebrew semites but we have been kept in ignorance of Aryan “Holy Books” by the alien Semitic dogma of Judeo-Christianity forged by those who profit from keeping our minds ensnared in spiritual & mental darkness. we cite the following excerpts from “THE MYSTERIOUS UNKNOWN” by Robert Charroux, an author who has recently been banned from TV & radio in his native France:

“The greatest best-seller of all time is The bible, which has been published in hundreds of millions of copies. On the other hand with the smallest sales are those which tell the true story of our own lands and our own ancestors… we do not know who were the first rulers in Europe, who were the first Kings of Gaul & Britain; yet descendants of the people of those times can often recite the genealogies of men who lived in desert places which they have seen or are never likely to see: Jacob was the son of Issac, the son of Abraham, the son of Shem, and so on until they come to the “first created man”, one Adam, the son of God & a handful of dust as some say, or according to others the offspring of Adam & Lilith… Contrary to Biblical history, that of the western Celts is marvellously clear & full of magic, sweet scented with the breath of seas uncharted and the flowers of paradise. All this may be found in The Brown book, or leabhar na h-Uidhrri, which owes its name to the fact it is bound in dark brown doeskin. it is the oldest of the great gaelic manuscripts, and was transcribed by Moelmuire about the year 1100….”

“In contrast to most other civilisations, which have left a multitude of paintings or incised pictures on rock or clay, on wood or stone, the Celtic civilisation was very sparing of graphic representation, but those which do remain have a high iniatory value. Celtic symbols, in order of their frequency, are concentric circles ans spirals, ram headed serpants, phalli, the horned god, the flying griffin, the winged horse, the eight-rayed star, the sword and the axe, the bull, and the swasika. It is studying these symbols that it is possible to reconstruct the history of our Western lands which have inherited the civilization of Atlantis. For Atlantis was the true & original source of the science & the arts, the gods and traditions of the white race, whose world was born in the West”.

The man who brought fabled Atlantis to the renewed attention of scholars everywhere was a fine American patriot with an acute awareness of the Jewish & negro problem, by the name of Ignatius Donnelly. Donnelly had an astute grasp of american politics which he demonstrated by being elected Lieutenant-Governor of Minnesota at the age of 28. In 1963 he was elected to Congress & served 8 highly successful years. Later Donnelly became Leader of the Farmers Alliance & wrote the text for the Populist Party program of 1892. While serving in Congress, Ignatius Donnelly, burnt the midnight oil in the Congressional Library and wrote his immortal classic “Atlantis, The Antediluvian World”, which as eulogized by the famed scholar & British Prime Minister, William E. Gladstone, who openly stated that Donnelly’s book reflected his own opinions concerning the Lost Continent. Please remember that Ignatius Donnelly was neither a mystic nor a vapid dreamer but a hard-headed realist and successful American politician. We quote the 13 points which the book was compiled to prove: (from “Atlantis, The Antediluvian World” by Ignatius Donnelly)

“This book is an attempt to demonstrate several distinct and novel propositions. These are:

1) That there once existed in the Atlantic Ocean, opposite the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, a large island, which was the remnant of an Alantic continent, and known to the ancient world as Atlantis.

2) That the description of this island given by Plato is not, as has been long supposed, fable, but veritable history.

3) That Atlantis was the region where man first rose from a state of barbarianism to civilization.

4) That it became, in the course of ages, a populous & might nation, from whose overflowings the shores of the Gulf of mexico, the Mississippi River, the west coast of Europe & Africa, the Baltic, the Black Sea & the Caspian were populated by civilized nations.

5) That it is the true Antediluvian world; the Garden of Eden; the Gardens of the Hesperides, the Elysian Fields, the Gardens of Alcinous; the Mesomophalos; the Olympos; the Asgard of the traditions of the ancient nations; representing a universal memory of a great land, where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness.

6) That the Gods & Goddesses of the ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hindoos, and the Scandinavians were simply the Kings, queens & heroes of Atlantis; and the acts attributed to them are a confused recollection of real historical events.

7) That the mythology of Egypt & Peru represented the original religion of Atlantis.

8) That the oldest colony formed by the Atlanteans was probably in Egypt, whose civilization was a reproduction of that of the Atlantic Island.

9) That the implements of the “Bronze Age” of Europe were derived from Atlantis. the Atlanteans were the first manufacturers of iron.

10) That the Phoenician alphabet, parent of all European alphabets, was derived from an Atlantis alphabet, which was conveyed from Atlantis to the Mayas of central America.

11) that Atlantis was the original seat of the Aryan or Indo-European family of nations, as well as the semetic people, and possibly also the Turanian races.

12) That Atlantis perished in a terrible convulsion of nature, in which the whole island sunk into the ocean, with nearly all its inhabitants.

13) That a few persons escaped in ships and on rafts and carried to the nations east and west the tidings of the appalling catastrophe, which has survived to our own times in the Flood & the Deluge legends of different nations of the old and new worlds.

Donnelly’s highly erudite summation of historical facts concerning the vanished fountainhead of Aryan civilizations in prehistoric Atlantis (destroyed some 11,000 years ago) is upheld by “The Secret Doctrine” of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, two might tomes of ancient lore which serve as a translation of Stanzas from the “Book of Dzyan” (a volume which goes back over 10,000 years preserved in the lamaseries of Tibet). This Secret Doctrine” makes the Jewish “Talmud” & the Judeo-Christian “Holy Bible” appear as the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson with a touch of Hebriac pornography and genocidal mania thrown in for spicing. One volume of “The Secret Doctrine” is entitled “Cosmogenesis” & deals with the true nature of the Cosmos, its creation from the living thought of an ABSOLUTE (BRAHMA), the meaning and inter-relationship of infinite space and eternal time, the cycle of reincarceration which governs the entire Cosmos from far-flung galaxies to minute solar systems like our own, from the cosmic nuclear reactors we call “stars” to infinitesmal planets like our Earth, from man to animal to plant to mineral and ever down into the infinite microcosm of sub-atomic particles. the second volume of “The Secret Doctrine” is entitled Anthropogenesis and deals with the history and creation of life, particularly mankind, on this planet. There are predictions concerning the birth of a new God-like race of men on the North American continient and I quoted Madame Blavatvsky on how the New Race would emerge from a fusion of Aryan Peoples in the USA. A full comprehension of the “Secret Doctrine” necessitates a working knowledge of modern physics and astronomy as well as familiarity with Eastern & Western Occoultism but the vast sweep of thought contained in these volumes gives one a sense of probing the mind of a GOD! It makes our “Holy Bible” appear purile and useless in comparison to these Stanzas from the “Book of Dyzan” and fills me with pride in the glorious heritage bequeathed to us by our Atlantean & Aryan forebears!

The purpose of this lengthy history of the Aryan Race, and its might forebears in the pre-historic Empire of Atlantis, is to prove the vest repository of literature & sacred texts exists in the lamaseries & monasteries of Tibet, India, China & Mongolia which prove that mankind’s history goes back over millions of years, rather than a mere 10,000 or 15,000 years as our contemporary scientists believed! These ancient volumes written thousands of years before the coming of Christianity, tell of flying machines called “vimanas” whose fuel was the elementary mercury, they tell of nuclear holocausts in which entire armies and cities struck by the “Thunderbolts of India” were either blasted into oblivion with a mushroom shaped cloud as the aftermath or the stones of the cities were actually vitrified and fused together with the heat. Survivors are said to have blackened nails & to lose their hair. Similar horrors are described vividly in the “Popol-Vuh”, the Holy Book of the Quiche Maya Indians of Guatamala, and in “The Ramayana” & “The Mahabharata” of the Aryan Hindus. the Deluge legends concerning the destruction of Lost Atlantis came from these elder Aryan sources by the way of the Persians & Babylonians who transmitted them to the Hebrews & Greeks (hence the Deluge legends of all millions including the Noah story in “The Holy Bible” which is a much diluted hand-me-down parody of the Babylonian “Epic of Gilgamesh” which in turn is a more obscure portrayal of a cataclysmic catastrophe than is the Aryan “Mahabharata”). The Red Indian legends of North & South America also spell out allegorically the founding of their Inca, Aztec, Toltec & Mayan Empires by wisdom brought by “White Gods” from the Eastern Sea (the Alantic Ocean). The exact verbiage of the Mayan legend is related as follows from “The Timeless Earth” by Peter Kolosimo:

“The White gods came from the East, long ago: great ships with swan’s wings & shining sides, like huge snakes gliding through the water. when they reached the shore, men with fair skins & blue eyes disembarked from them. they wore black garments, open at the front, with round collars and short, wide sleeves, on their brows they wore a diadem in the form of a Serpent”.

Since the symbols of the serpent, dragon, cross & concentric circles were amongst those sacred to the Alanteans according to the translation of “The Book of Dyzan” found in Madame Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine” and (according to the same Tibetan source) Solar Worship was the fundamental faith of Atlantis & the deification of the Sun as the source of life & energy was taught to the Aztecs, Incas, Toltecs & Mayas we may assume the fair-skinned strangers were from the lost Continent! Pyramidal architecture & a hieroglyphic form of writing were also hallmarks of this advanced Race. No European culture therefore could be responsible for the advanced Indian civilizations found in Central & South America!

Madame Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine”, A.P. Sonnett’s “Esoteric Buddhism”, George de Purucker’s “The Esoteric Tradition”, “Studies in Occult Philosophy” and “Fundamentals of The esoteric Philosophy” together with a host of translations from the original Eastern volumes all concur that Seven Root Races have or will exist on this earth.Just as the Alantean Root Race evolved from its predecessor the lemurian Root Race (which was the third Root Race) so the Ayran Root Race (the fifth Root Race) has evolved from the Alanteans (the fourth Root Race). After the Deluge (the submersion of the lost Continent of Atlantis) we find renditions of Solar worship established amongst the Aryans of Vedic India, the Persian Empire, the Druidic religion of the Aryan Celts, and in Pharaonic Egypt (perhaps established by true Alantean refugees from the Mother Continent rather than their more primitive Aryan successors). We find the serpent Diadem (the Uraeus) upon the heads of the Egyptian Pharaohs just as we find it on the brows of Alantean explorers in South & Central America!

The Aryans were destined topick up the flaming torch of spiritual and mental development and play their role as crreators of the New Civilization & Masters of the World according to the Sacred Books of the East. Christian & Moslem fanatics destroyed the repositories of Ancient Wisdom left by our ancestors in the Alexandrian Library & the Temple of Serapis because these semetic doctrines would have been proven totally plagiarized and fraudulent had fire not eradicated the truth in the West. Even today the word “Aryan” is taboo in historical & anthropological works because our Aryan peoples must be submerged in a floodtide of semetic plagiarisms which falsely glorify the Jews as “The Chosen People of God” and the repository of all Wisdom! What a hoax! Meanwhile our Aryan youth are stripped of their glorious birthright & forced to live in a totally corrupt Afro-semetic society which is rapidly collapsing from its inner rot.

Who were the Aryans, from whence they did come, what have been their contributions to the spiritual, mental and physical advancement of humanity, and what is the destiny in store for them? To answer these primary questions is the puropse of this treatise on “The New Atlantis”. We find that “The Secret Doctrine” states “Since the beginning of the Alantean Race many millions of years have passed, yet we find the last of the Alanteans, still mixed up with the Aryan element, 11,000 years ago. This shows the enormous overlapping of one race over the race which succeeds it, through the character and external type the elder loses its characteristics and assumes the features of the younger race. This is proved in all formations of mixed human races.” The sinking of Poseidonis (the last remnant of the Lost Continent circ 11,500 years as dramatized by the Greek philosopher Plato) removed the land barrier which separated the warm and cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean thus heralding the end of the last Glacial Period about 11,000 years ago by Aryan invasions, the war chariot and a knowledge of governmental organization which resulted in Aryan Princes ruling over non-aryan asians such as the Mitanni & Kassites who set up kingdoms in Northern Mesopotamia about 1600 BC. Thus the Satem branch of the Aryan race founded the Empires of Vedic India & the famed Persian Empire of Xerxes & Darius. From long perished Atlantis our ancestors drew the knowledge found in the Rigveda, the Upanishads, The Brahmanas, The Puranas, The Zend Avesta of Zoroastrian Persia and the beauteous poetry of India & Persia.

The Centum tribes of the Aryan Race migrated westward & in successive invasions destroyed the decadent Minoan Crete thereby laying the foundations of Classical Greece, they poured into the Italian Peninsula and laid the foundations of Imperial Rome, and still later Centum invaders brought a mongrelized morass (all that remained of Imperial Rome after centuries of rule by a Christianized, de-racinated ruling class) under their sway. From the Bay of Biscay to the Ural mountains, the nation-states of Europe with all their cultural, scientific and technological achievements (as well as their Indo-European root language) owe their very existence to the Centum branch of the Aryan Race! Only the semetic heresies of Judaism & Christianity exist as alien & disruptive factors within the body of ARYAN EUROPE! We quote the French historian, A. Pictet, in his “Ancient migrations of the Aryans”.

“In an era before any historical record, lost in the mists of time, a race destined by providence to dominate the entire world grew little by little in its primeval cradle, privileged above all others by beauty of blood and gifts of intelligence.”

In my next installment of “The New Atlantis” I shall trace the eleven linguistic families of the Aryan Race (both Satem & Centum) in both Asia & Europe and begin to explain the mortal psychological conflict which took place from ancient times to the present between the Semetic religions (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) and the Occult Traditions of the Aryan peoples traceable through “The Book of Dzyan” & “The Secret Doctrine” to the original spiritual fountainhead of lost Atlantis.


“We salute the sacred summit (Himalayas) where great races, which carried the future of humanity in their hearts, contemplated infinity for the first time and introduced two categories which changed the face of the world, morality and reason. When the Aryan Race, after thousands of years of striving, shall have to become the masters of the planet they inhabit, their first duty will be to explore the mysterious region (Tibet, Afghanistan & Mongolia)…. No place in the world has a comparable role to that of the nameless mountain or valley where mankind first obtained self-consciousness. Let us be proud of the old patriarchs who, at the foot of Imaus, laid the foundations of what are and shall become.” (Ernest Renan “History of the semetic languages”).

Slowly but surely, Aryan man is turning his eyes from the semetic spiritual center in Jerusalem and riveting his whole attention upon the dimly remembered homelands of the Aryan soul in the high soaring peaks of the Himalayas and the lost Eden of Atlantis & Ultima Thule. Only those who allocate the necessary Will & Time to master the intriacacies of such literary & spiritual masterpieces as “Isis Unveiled”, “The Secret Doctrine”, “The Vishnu Purana”, “The Upanishads” and “The Bagveda”, can fully understand the vast powerhouse of intertwined science, metaphyscics, occult philosophy and knowledge of the pre-historic races whose civilizations surpassed the greatest feats of modern man, all this vast storehouse of wisdom and power which is the acknowledged legacy of Aryan Man (the descendants and rightful heirs of Lost Atlantis). In our last chapter of this article I discussed gthe SATEM branch of the Aryan Race which created the wonders & beauty of Vedic India & the Persian Empire of Xerxes and Darius. I also discussed the CENTUM tribes of the Aryan Race that moved westward into Europe founding, at various periods, the empires of classical Greece, Imperial Rome, the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemange, and each of the nation states of modern Europe. the Spanish nobility traces itself back to the Visigoths, French nobility to the Gauls & Franks, Italian nobility to the Ostrogoths & Umbrians, the swiss to the Helvetians, the Germans to the Teutons, the Greeks to the Ionians & Dorians, the various Slavic elements of Yugoslavia to the Scythians & Illyrians, the Russian Slavs to the Nordic Russ of Scandinavian orgin & the Aryan Scythians in the Ukraine. Naturally there have been Mongolian & Turkish invasions of parts of the Balkans & East Europe but these elements have largely been absorbed into the mainstream of Aryan Culture (with the notable exception of the Jew because of his messianic Religion which prevents any possible assimilation).

Examining the evidence of pure scientific fact – who exactly are the Aryans? What constitutes a person of Aryan race as differentiated from Semites, Mongolians, African Negroes, Indian Tamils or Dravidians, etc? According to the accredited historian, V. Gordon Childe, in his book, “The Aryans”, published in 1927, we have the following facts:

“Most of the languages of Europe, America & India today belongs to one linguistic family generally called the Indo-European. The direct ancestors of these modern tongues were already diffused from the Atlantic to the Ganges and the Tarim many centuries before our era opens; all seems descended from a common parent language (or, rather, group of dialects) which comparative philology can reconstruct in a schematic way. Naturally the parent language must have been spoken by actual people. These we shall call aryans, and about them we can predicate two things.

“To whatever physical race or reaces they belonged, they must have possessed a certain spiritual unity reflected in & conditioned by their community of speech. to their linguistic heirs they bequeathed, if not skull types & bodily characteristics, at least something of the more subtle & more precious spiritual identity. Anyone who doubts this would do well to compare the dignified narrative carved by the Aryan Darius on the rock of Behistun with the bombastic & blatent self-glorification of the inscriptions of Ashurbanipal or Nebuchadnezzar (Semetic monarchs of Assyria & Babyon)… Secondly the Indo-European languages and their assumed parent-speech have been throughout exceptionally delicate and flexible instruments of thought… It follows that the Aryans must have been gifted with exceptional mental endowments, if not in enjoyment of a high material culture… It is no accident that the first great towards abstract natural science was made by the Aryan Greeks & Hindus, not by the Babylonians or Egyptians, despite their great material resources and their surprising progress in techniques – in astronomical observation for example… In the moralizing of religion too Aryans have played a prominent role. the first great world religions which addressed their appeal to all men irrespective of race or nationality, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism, were the works of Aryans, propagated in Aryan Speech… It is certain that the great concept of the Divine Law or Cosmic Order is associated with the first Aryan peoples who emerge from the stage of history some 3500 years ago… Nor were the potentialities of Aryan Speech soley intellectual. Poetry which is a fixed metrical structure combines with sweet-sounding words to embody beautiful ideas seems peculiarly Aryan: Semetic poetry, for example does not rest upon a regular metrical structure involving a fixed number of syllables in the verse. The correspondences between the metres of the Hindu Vedas, the Iranian Gathas and the Greek lyrics, in fact allow us to infer some form of common metrical tradition inherited from an earlier epoch (Ed. note: “The Secret Doctrine” places the Aryan Race in Thule some 10,000 years ago or perhaps even earlier. We quote: “As the comparatively fair Brahmins have come – when invading India with its dark coloured Dravidians – from the North, so the Aryan Fifth Race must claim its orgins from Northern Regions… The Aryan Race was born & developed in the far North, though after the sinking of the continent of Atlantis its tribes emigrated further south into Asia.”) Thus the records of the Tibetan lamaseries contained in “The Secret Doctrine” bear out V. Gordon Childe’s assertion that the Aryans had the traditions of speech and thought inherited from “earlier epochs”.

Now back to “The Aryans” by famed historian V. Gordon Childe: Philologists today recognise eleven groups of languages descended from the Aryan Root, each group embracing a plurality of languages and each language being divided up into a multiplicity of dialects. The principles groups known today are:

1) Celtic – surviving only in Gaelic, Irish, Manx, Welsh & Breton, but once spoken over a vast area in western & Central Europe.

2) The Teutonic Languages, including Anglo-Saxon, Dutch, German & the Scandinavian languages.

3) The italic Group – Latin, Oscan & Umbrian all known from about 400 BC – together with their modern descendants, Italian, French, Spanish, Roumanian, etc.

4) Albanian – possibly a survival of ancient Illyrian or Thracian.

5) Greek – in classical times divided into for groups of dialects.

6) The Slavonic Tongues – Russian, Polish, Czech, Croat, Serbian, Bulgarian & many others.

7) The Baltic Family – Lithuanian, Old Prussian and Lettic, all known a comparatively recent date.

8) Armenian with a literature beginning in the 6th century AD.

9) Iranian dialects represented first in the old Persian inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings on the one hand, and in the Gathas and later sacred books of the Parsis (Zend) on the other, and then in a greater number of disparate dislects once diffused over an enormous area from Eastern Turkestan to the Caucasus & Europe (with the Alans) & still surviving in Ossetian, Kurdish, Persian, etc.

10) Indic, particularly Sanskrit, then the ancient Prakrits, and finally the modern Vernaculars.

11) Tocharian – an extinct language with two dialects known only from the buried cities of the Tarim Valley & probably dating from the first half of the 1st millennium AD.”

Madame Blavatsky’s “The Secret Doctrine”, translated from the Stanzas of Dzyan by Tibetan sages, spoke of lost cities in the Tarim basin but amazingly enough, Madame Blavatsky published “The Secret Doctrine” in 1888 (two years before her death) but the discovery of a lost Aryan civilization in that desolate area was not made until 1917! This saga of the Aryan Race, the spiritual heirs of Lost Atlantis, who were ordained to bring forth from their loins a genetically & spiritually more advanced SIXTH ROOT RACE on the North American Continent, will be continued in our next issue of the “NRP Bulletin”.

The Judeo Christian heresy with its slave-morality inspired by Jewish fanatics undermined the Aryan virtues of Imperial Rome. When Rome reacted the Christian God never once intervened to save “His” disciples from becoming lion food or being barbecued.

The magnificent ability of the Aryan Race to reorganise the society and culture of mankind has always emaated from the pyramid of power (he caste system laid down in the Laws of Manu) which is the hallmark of every Orientatl and Occidental civilisation which stemmed from an Aryan root. The intrinsic ability to fit every individual within his proper niche in the structre of the Aryan state, to safeguard his mental and economic wellbeing through group effort towards a common National and Racial Destiny, the importance of the family as the building block of the pyramid of state power, the capacity to give every single individual a sense of “belonging” a sense of purpose, a reason for living and working toward a higher goal in which every member of the Racial Nationalist state is directly involved – these are the accomplishments of Aryan Statecraft! For examples of thsi art witness the Pharaonic Dynasties of Egypt (the product of migrating Aryan tribes from India and the Iranian plateau who entered the Valley of the Nile from the south – the Indus River was known as the Nila from whence came the derivation of the Sacred Nile of Egypt!) The pyramidal structuring of society combined with Occult Philosophy and Applied Metaphysics were the Aryan inheritence from primeval Atlantis and this fertile stream of political totalitariansim combined with Ancient Occult Wisdom can be traced down the corridors of human history as follows:

From the Preist-Kings of Atlantis to the Brahmins of Aryan India, from the God-Kings (Pharaohs) of the Egyptian Dynasties to the Magis of Zoroastrian Persia and Babylon, from the Druidic preistcraft which ruled the pagan warrier-chiefs to the Celts to the “Philosopher-Kings” of Plato made famous in “The Republic”, from the God-King, Alexander of Macedon, who carried Aryan Hellenci culture back into Asia, to the “Divine Caesars” of the Roman Empire, from the “Divine Rights of Kings” and the Guild System of Medieval Europe to the modern, streamlined, superbly efficient totalitarian states as manifested in National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Soviet Union. This is but a brief Outline of the Aryan impact upon World History.

Since Occult Philosophy invariably stresses absolute harmony between the Macrocosm (The Universe) and the Microcosm (the body of man) in short that mankind and his little world must be an exact reflection of the perfect order and harmony that exist among the far flung solar systems, galaxies and metagalaxies – it will not be surprising that every major exponent of this “Ancient Wisdom” supported a hierarchy based on intellect! We shall here present the writing of PD Ouspensky, a famed Russian occultist and a disciple of Gurdjieff, in his “A new Model of the Univers” concerning the effectiveness of the caste system of Aryan India:

“Division into castes represents an ideal social organisation in accordance with estoeric (occult) systems. The reason for this lies, of course in the fact that it is a natural division. Whether people wish it or not, whether they recognise it or not, they are divided into four castes. There are Brahmans (Philosopher-Kings and highly educated advisors thereto), there are Kshatriyas (warriors and governors) there are Vaisyas (merchants and the business elite), and there are Sudras (those who sell their services to the former, the workers). No human legislation, no philosophical intricacies, no pseudo-sciences and no forms of terror can abolish this fact. and the NORMAL functioning and development of human societies are possible only if this fact is recognised and acted on. All theories and all attempts at forcible reform based either on the principle of hereditary castes, or on the principle of “equality” or on the principle of the supremacy of the proletariat and the struggle against hereditary castes, are equally useless and all alike only make the situation of humanity worse”.

We shall now bring you the words of the renowned Greek philosopher Plato, who was intiated by the preists of Pharonic Egypt concerning the end result of “democratic” government. This excerpt is taken from an excellent book called, “The Search for the Sun People” by Maynard Philbeck.

“The sage Confucius (551 BC) amplified an ancient thought when he wrote: “The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell” What of democracy? The ancients recognised the dubious value of the system, and we may be sure that the democractic system did not come highly recommended in Sun.

Last of all come tyranny and the tyrant state and man alike. Say, then, my friend, in what manner tyranny arises. That it has democratic origin is evident. Just as the neglect of all things to the end of money getting was the dissolution of the oligarchy, so the insatiable desire for freedom in a democratic state brings her downfall … By degrees anarchy begins to find a way into private houses. Fathers grow accustomed to descending to the level of their sons and to fearing them. The sons, for their part, have no respect or reverence for their parents, and this is their freedom… In such a state of society the master fears and flatters his scholars and the scholars despise their master. Nor must I forget to tell that here is liberty and equality of the two sexes in relation to each other. I must add that even the horses and asses have a way of marching along with all the rights and dignities of freemen. All things are just reading to bursty with liberty.

Above all, and as a result of all, see how sensitive the citizens become. They chafe impatiently at the least touch of authority and at length, as you know, they cease to care even for the laws, written or unwritten. They will have no one over them. Such, my friend, is the fair and glorious beginning out of which tyranny springs. Excess of liberty whether in states or individuals seems to pass into excess of slavery. So tyranny naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme form of liberty ….

Plato, the towering giant of Greek philosophy who brought the Ancient Flame of the Aryan Secret Doctrine from the temples and centres of learning in Pharaonic Egypt to rekindle the vast storehouse of primeval Atlantean knowledge in Hellas and later, to have this storehouse of antediluvian wisdom carried back eastward toward the rising sun by the chariots of Alexander of Macedon and later still to be carried throughout Europe and the Mediterranean World by the Imperial Legions of the Caesars – was not mistaken in his anti-Democratic views! Every man of distinction throughout recorded history has opposed the idea of “Government by the masses”. From the bickering and futile Greek City States rose the Flaming Phoenix of Alexander the Great who carried Hellenic art, wisdom and culture across vast tracts of Asia and Africa (from the Nile to the Indus). From the French Revolution base on total anarchy by uneducated masses led by half-mad intellectuals bent on slaughtering everyone with the ability to organise and govern (even their own deranged leaders such as Robespierre) rose the towering genius of Napoleon Bonaparte, from the slaughterhouse of the Russian Revolution led by Jewish agitators and financed by wealthy Jewish bankers (Schiff, Warburg, Mond etc). Rose Josef Stalin who raised Russia from a backward agrarian state ruled by an inept aristocracy to one of the 3 most powerful states on earth in 1975, from the economic and political chaos of the Weimar Republic rose Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists State! I believe these unalterable facts of history prove the above cited statement on the inter relationship between democracy and tyranny made by that great initiate of Egyptian Occult Science – The greek sage Plato! Aryans sink into decay under the sway of “democractic societies” (as witness the modern examples of liberal democractic virture in the USA and Great Britain) but flourish and expand under highly organised progressive totalitarian rule (as witness Pharaonic Egypt, Imperial rome Napoleonic France, Bismark’s Germany, Prussia and Frederick the Great, Hitler’s Third Reich, and the Soviet Union under Stalin and his successors)! The four castes of the pyramidal society (with its Order, Heirarchy and Discipline) will always be found where Aryan Man governs. The primitive tribal society will always prevail where the Negroid race governs. Democracy with its endless internal conflict and its swarming hordes of collective mediocrities always exists where the Jew governs.

I visualise an Aryan culture in which the epitome of modern science and technology thrive side by side, in mutual cooperation and respect with the teachinges of metaphysics and Occult Science. This synthesis of the anicent and the modern, the material and the spiritual the esoteric and the exoteric will create the fertile soil from whence the “God-man” will come into being as a forward step in the evolution of the incarnated egos now embodied within the human race! The bonds of Judeo Christian misconceptions about a ridiculous anthropomorphic godhead consigning the immortal soul or ego to an eternity of playing harps or shovelling coal will be purged forever from our minds when we realise that the souls now incarnated, within the physical bodies of our face are even now slowing evolving into what we, mistakenly call “Gods”! I shall explain this more fully in my exposition concerning “The Secret Doctrine” and the “Stanzas of Dzyan” later in this article. The union of physical science with occult science will create the new human race but only the highest existing human stock (The Aryan) can bring forth the new type of man (the “new Adam – a mutation created by selective breeding, cosmic thinking, specialised traing and Occult Initiation)! To prove my point that Occultists, far more than Judeo Christians, understood the need for both totalitarianism and the breeding of a Higher Humanity we cite the immortal words of Ernest Renan in “DIALOGUES PHILOSOPHIQUES”

“A broad application of the discoveries of physiology and of the principles of selection could bring about the creation of a superior race, having the right to govern others, not onloy by reason of its knowledge, but by the very superiority of its blood, intelligence and determination. What we would have would be species of Gods or Divas. Editors Notes: The Aryan Persian word for a Divine Being) beings worth ten times what we are worth and who could adapt themselves to artifical environments. The viable is inherently implicit within the context of general conditions; but science will be able to extend the limits of viability, “We can imagine an age when the production of a Diva (Man-God) will have a laborious selecting, the complicated education, and the difficult preservation of such an unnatural being. A factory for making asses (Editors Note: Scandanavian term for Man-God, an Asgard will be able to set up in Central Asia. We can therefore, conceive of the possibility of beings somewhere beyond our plant I(Editors Note: Or in Central Asia at the hidden city of Chang Shamballah) in comparison with whom man would have roughly as little significance as animals do when compared with man. Much in the same way that mankind came from animality so also divinity would come from mankind. There would be beings who would use man, as man uses animals…… But I repeat intellectual superiority brings religious superiority. We should think of these future masters as incarnations of the good and the true; there would have to be total submission to them….. In this same vein of thinking, we can conceive of a time when everything which has reigned on the level of prejudice and personal opinion would reign on the level of reality and of truth; Gods, paradise hell, spiritual power, monarchy, nobility, legitimacy, racial superiority and supernatural powers can be reborn through human action and thought”.

The Aryan Race, because it constitues potentially the highest expression of humanity existent in this era of time, must serve as the living womb and cradle from whence shall emerge, under proper genetic and educational guidance, the link between humanity and divinity – a creature beyond good and evil, the Man-God incarnated within the highest specimens of Aryan youth! Selectively bred, initiated by experts into the inter relationship of both occult and physical sciences, able to relate harmoniously with the Universe by developing cosmic thinking in place of purely man-made Judeo-Christian conceptions of Reality, utterly remorseless in their determination to achieve their appointed goals and in serving the Destiny of the Aryan Race – these God-like human mutations will first govern and later phase out the weaker, less intelligent or herditarily deficent elements of the “Mass-man” from our society. The powers of the human WILL and MIND will be developed to the point of infinity and the ancient Aryan caste system governed by “Philospher-Kings” will come to pass in THE NEW ATLANTIS on the North American continent!

To continue proving my point that every major exponent of Occult Philosophy and Metaphysics was sympathetic toward autocratic societies (because only government by intellect could foster the climate in which the Aryan “Man-God” could be nutured into existence), I cite the words of Eliphas Levy (born Louis Constant, a French Catholic who adopted a Jewish name because he became entranced by the “Kaballah” – an Aryan Indian work pilfered by the Jews in the Middle Ages) from the introduction to his fame “History of Magic”.

“Affirmation rests on negation; the strong can only triump because of weakness; the aristocracy cannot be manifested except by rising above the people. For the weak to become strong, for the people to acquire an aristocratic position, is a question of transformation and of progress, but it is without prejudice to the first principles; the weak will ever be the weak and it matters nothing if they are not always the same persons. The people in like manner will ever remain the people, the mass which is ruled and is not capable of ruling. In the vast army of inferiors, every personal emancipation is an automatic desertion, which happily is imperceptionable because it is replaced, also automatically; a king-nation or a people of kings would presuppose the slavery of the world an anarchy in a single city outside all discipline, as a Rome in the days of its greatest glory. A nation of sovereigns would be inevitability as anarchic as a class of experts or of scholars who deemed that they were masters; there would be none to listen; all would dogmatize and all give orders at once …..

“There are two classes – freemen and slaves; man is born in the bondage of his passions, but he can reach emancipation thorugh intelligence. Between those who are free already and those who as yet are not there is no equality possible. The part of reason is to rule and of instinct to obey. On the other hand, if you impose on the blind the office of leading the blind, both will end in the abyss. We should never forget that liberty does not consist in the licence of passion emancipated from law, which licence would prove the most hideous of tyrannies; liberation consists of willing obedience to law; it is the right to do one’s duty and only just men can be called free. Now, those who are in liberation should govern those who are in bondage, and slaves are called to be released, not from the government of the free but from the yoke of brutal passions, as a consequence of which they cannot exist without masters.

“Confess with us now for a moment to the truth of the tanscendental sciences. Suppose that there does actually exist a force which can be mastered by which the miracles of Nature are made subservant to the will of man. Tell us, in such case, whether the secrets of wealth and the bonds of sympathy can be entrusted to brutal greed; the art of fascination to libertines; the supremacy over other wills to those who cannot attain the government of their proper selves. It is terrifying to reflect upon the disorders which would follow from such a profanation; some cataclysm is needed to efface the crimes of earth when all are steeped in slime and blood”.

Louis Constant (nee Eliphas Levy) immediately exposed this Aryan heritage when he penned the above words. The Aryan preisthoods of Atlantis, India, Persia, Egypt, and Magian Bablyon always wrote of their metaphysical wisdom in allegorical terms so that secrets of Nature fraught with deadly peril in the hands of the “Mass-man” would only be avalible to a ruling caste of initiates (Brahmins, the Magi of Babylon, the Persian and Egyptian preistcrafts, the Druids, certain of the Greek philosophers such as Plato and Pythagoras etc). No true student of Occult Philosophy could possibly believe in egalitarian doctrines and simultaneously be true to his own metaphysical traditions! Those who truly understand the powers which can be wielded by the human mind that has been freed from all nonsensical Judeo-Christian superstitions and restraints would hardly desire these powers to be wiedled by every “acid-head”, by neurotics and psycopaths, or by disgruntled kids who turn to witchcraft, Satanism etc as a temporary release from boredom or a new fad. Those who possess these abilities do not advertise their prowess on television surrounded by props from Grade B Hollywood horror extravaganzas but utilise their powers to achieve their objectives in life without fanfare!

“The Ancient Wisdom of the Gods is kept in the most sacred guardianship of Great Adepts, of Initiates or Masters of life. It exists as a coherent body of teaching based on inner and outer Nature’s structure and operation…….”From this Ancient Wisdom or Esoteric Tradition have sprungforth at various times in the history of the world the great world-religious or world-philosophies …… Understanding somewhat at least of this Estoteric Tradition or Ancient Wisdom, the student has thereby the master key which will unlock those mysterious and tightly closed portals opening into the archaic thought of the human race. Therefore, behind all the various religions and philosophies there is a secret or esoteric Wisdom, common to all mankind, existent in all ages and revealed in one form or another as the cycling centuries slowly pass and drop into the ocean of bygone time”. “The Esoteric Tradition, by G de Purucker

We stressed the pyramidal hierarchy of power which is the living essence of the organisational structure of the Aryan State. As long as our people adhered to this all embracing power structure Aryan man dominated the earth with his vastly superior science, technology, and occult metaphysics (the knowledge of how to manipulate the spiritual energies within the Living Universe in order to make things happen in accordance with the concentrated power of the human will)! The deadly sociological bacilli of liberal democracy, Christian humanism, racial egalitarianism, and the nonsensical belief in anthropomorphic deities whose petty jealousies, hatreds and lusts were minor images of the nomadic Jewish mind and temperament that gave birth to “The Talmud” and “The Holy Bible” were foisted upon Aryan humanity at the point of Roman swords under the accursed Christianised Emperor Constantine. The Aryan “Mystery Schools” and Temples of Initiates of the Ancient Wisdom in Greece and Egypt were stamped out by force and violence or driven underground by the ignorant fanatics of the Christian clergy who joyously buried the light of Truth and knowledge under the merciless tyranny of the Dark Ages. Pricesless manuscripts of the ancient Aryan World were put to the torch in the famed Alexandrian Library and at the Temple of Serapis. Around 1566 Bishop Diego de Landa, after the destruction of the Inca Empire by Spanish goldseekers and soul seeking Christian missonaries, burned all the historical records and literature of this high civilised Indian Empire? Christian arsonists also destroyed the hierogylphic records found on Easter Island which might have unravelled the historical records of a lost Pacific continent! Why! Simply because Christian dogma cannot stand the cold, impartial light of either scientific or metaphysical truth. When the famed astronomer Galileo invented the telescope the Vatican threatened to have molten lead poured into the old man’s eyes and mouth if he did not recant and destroy that “instrument of the Devil” (the telescope). The “instrument” would have undermined the Ptolemaic Theory sponsored by the Vatican which taught that our little planet Earth, and the stars were lanterns hung in the sky by God (usually pictured as a tyrannical “father figure” with a long Jewish beard and the white, flowing robe of some Hebrew patriarch) to light the way of the “faithful” by night.

Were the sages and scientists of the Aryan Race as mentally retarded as the Dark Ages of European history would indicate or was a mental straightjacket forced upon Romans, Greeks, Tuetons, Saxons, Gauls etc by a power mad self seeking Christian Clergy whose greatest ally was and is mass ignorance! Let us compare these imbellic efforts at lucid and rational scientific thought promoted by the Christian clergy during the Dark Ages with Aryan knowledge in Classical Greece long before the alleged birth and miracles of the Christian Messiah (which were never chronicled or reported to any Greek, Roman, or Eqyptian historians or philosophers of Christ’s day). We quote from “Atlantis: From Legend to Discovery” by Andrew Tomas:

The grim justice of Imperial Rome – death of the Judeo-Christian subverters of Aryan values, the foul criminals whose later victory plunged Aryan Europe into the Dark Ages.

“By whan means had the sages of the ancient world known certain scientific facts well ahead of the people of the day?…. Anaximenes, about 2500 years ago, was aware not only of the remoteness of the starts but also of their “non-luminous companions”. It is only in the past few years that astronomy has obtained data on planets in other solar systems. Anaxogoras (500-428 BC) wrote likewise about “other earths which produce the necessary sustenance for inhabitants”. Evene a century or two ago this brilliant thought of an ancient Greek would have been frowned upon by the Church and questioned by the academies. Democritus (460-361 BC). Correctly explained the Milky Way was an immense multitude of distant stars scattered in space. Was it philosophical deduction or hints from the guardians of the Wisdom of Ages that projected the minds of these Greeks into the distant future? Like a member of a present day academy of sciences Democritus says “In reality there is nothing but atoms and space”. Democrutis was instructed in his youth by the Magi left by Xerxes (The Persian Monarch) in Abdera. (Editors Note: In earlier installments of the “The New Atlantis” we told our readers how the Brahmins of India, The Magi of Persia and Babylon, and the Druids amongst the Celts were the custodians of the Ancient Wisdom inherited by the Aryans from antediluvian Atlantis)! According to Seneca, Democritus “knew that there are more planets than we are able to discover with our eyes”. Where did Democritus receive astromincal knowledge that was centures ahead or, perhaps, behind his historical epoch? (Editors Note: Thomas refers here to the handing down of prehistoric Atlantean science by Aryan Secret Socieities such as the Brahmins, Magi, Druids, Rosicrucians, Cnostics, and the non Aryan Sufis of Persia). Democritus postulated that the sun is of the immense size, and that the markings on the moon are formed by shadows of high mountains and deep valleys. He held that worlds are constantly born and destroyed in infinite space. The stars are suns, claimed Democritus. Pythagoras (circa 530 BC) deduced that the earth is a sphere and Aristarchus of Samos (310-230 BC) insisted that it revolves around the sun. Eratosthenes (276-195 BC) curator of the Alexandrian Library, calculated the terrestrial circumference with a slight error of 225 miles. Empedocles (494-434 BC) argued that light required time to travel. He also had a concept of the mutation of the species. Lucretius (96-55 BC) was aware of the uniform speed of falling bodies in a vacuum. In the poem “On Nature” he draws a picture of the struggle for existence, centuries before Darwin. Pythagoras long before Newton knew about the law of the force of attraction.

When Madame Helena P Blavatsky, probably the most advanced occultist mind ever produced by the Western World, transcribed from Tibetan, Indian and Mongolian sources the Ancient Wisdom Religion of the Aryan Race and compiled this vast knowledge into her twin monumental tomes entitled “Isis Unveiled” and “The Secret Doctrine” she took as her motto an old Eastern Aryan adage: “There is no religion higher than truth”! Her mission was to spread the light of ancient Aryan Wisdom throughout Europe and North America; to restore their lost heritage to untold millions of Aryan peoples whos minds have been shackeled by a false Semitic creed which demands blind faith of its deluded followers rather than KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH! Can any reasonable person doubt that the immeasureable storehouse of metaphysical and scientific wisdom accummulated in the proud Aryan societies of Vedic India, Zoroastrian Persia, Pharonic Egypt and Classical Greece was largely due to the spirit of open philosophical, metaphysical, and scientific investigations carried on under the benign, and yet totalatarian, governments and rules of these Aryan empires and nations. Rulers, of enlightened nature, used to vie with each other to obtain great philosophers, occultists, and men of literary renown to grace their courts with the pearls of intellect and wisdom to set up great schools for educating and training Aryan youth in the Mysteries of the Cosmos, the reincarnation cycle of the soul, healing the human body, the beauty and intricacy of philosophical conceptions etc. … The mighty intellects of Aryan society were not forced to conform under penalty of fiendish torture or being burned alive as “witches”, “heretics” or “idolators” until Judeo-Christianity drained our people of both their manhood as warriors and their ability to reason in the light of logic and truth rather than in the darkness of superstitious fear and blind Christian dogmatism.


“When the universal spirit wakes, the world revives; when he closes his eyes all things fall upon the bes of mystic slumber.” VISHNU PURANA, BOOK VI, ch. iv.

We commenced our study of the Aryan heritage by investigating the immortal principles of the “BHAGAVAD GITA” which gave to our people an understanding that human life must be governed by the same forces which hold sway and dominate the Living Universe (of which man is but a microcosmic particle). The Aryan Warrior’s code was aptly expressed in the dialogue between SRI KRISHNA (the soul of the Living Universe incarnated within the flesh of a human being) and ARJUNA (the warrior-chief of the Pandava army). Arjuna was commanded by the Incarnate Diety to slay his enemies on the battlefield of Kurukshetra even though many were his closest relatives and former teachers. KRISHNA spoke as follows to ARJUNA:
“From the world of the senses, Arjuna, comes heat & comes cold, and pleasure & pain. they come & go: they are transient. ARISE ABOVE THEM, STRONG SOUL. The man who cannot move, whose soul is one, beyond pleasure and pain, is worthy of life in Eternity… Interwoven in his creation, the spirit is beyond Destruction. No one can bring an end to the spirit which is everlasting… Therefore, great warrior, carry on the fight. IF ANY MAN THINKS HE SLAYS, AND IF ANOTHER THINKS HE IS SLAIN, NEITHER KNOWS THE WAYS OF TRUTH. The Eternal in man cannot kill: The Eternal in man cannot die. He is never born & he never dies. He is ETERNITY: he is forevermore. Never-born & eternal, beyond times gone or time to come, he does not die when the body dies. when a man knows him as never-born, ever lasting, never-changing, beyond all destruction, HOW CAN THAT MAN KILL A MAN, OR CAUSE ANOTHER TO KILL? Think thou also of thy duty and do not waver. There is no greater good for a Warrior than to fight in a righteous war. There is a war that opens the gates of heaven, Arjuna! HAPPY THE WARRIORS WHOSE FATE IS TO FIGHT SUCH A WAR. But to forego this fight for righteousness is to forego thy duty & honour: TO FALL INTO TRANSGRESSION… In death thy glory in Heaven, in victory thy glory on Earth. Arise therefore, Arjuna, with thy soul ready to fight. PREPARE FOR WAR WITH PEACE IN YOUR SOUL. BE IN PEACE IN PLEASURE & PAIN, IN GAIN & LOSS, IN VICTORY OR IN LOSS OF A BATTLE. IN THIS PEACE THERE IS NO SIN. THIS IS THE WISDOM OF SANK-HYA – VISION OF THE ETERNAL.”
The fundamental realization that the human ego, identity, soul, or monad (as you may choose to term it) IS BOTH IMMORTAL & A TINY ATOMIC SPECK OF THE LIVING UNIVERSE REFERRED TO IN VARIOUS RELIGIOUS DOGMAS AS “GOD”, “THE PARABRAHM”, “AIN SOPH”, “ALLAH” ETC. causes us to comprehend that only the fleshly sheath or body of man can actually perish. Physical forms, whether of meta-galaxies, galaxies, stars, planets, moons, minerals, plants, animals or man, can perish but the animating intelligence (or soul) will leave the worn-out husk of its former vehicle and enter into the NEW FORM OR BODY. MATTER is anything which has weight & occupies space in a tangiable form and is subject to the ageing process of time (whether the 24 hour life span of the humble house fly or the untold billions of years lived by a huge star in space). ENERGY is an intangible force which has the inherent power to act upon MATTER by shaping or forging its various manifestations in a WORLD OF FORMATION (the physical Universe)! MATTER is actually FROZEN ENERGY! Such primal forces as light, electricity, gravitation, magnetism, and heat may be termed ENERGY and, while intangible to the human eye and beyond the scope of TIME, these forces are the shapers and designers of all material forms in the physical universe! Just as SOUL is to the PHYSICAL BODY so ENERGY IS TO MATTER ON A COSMIC SCALE! We gain a comprehension of the meanming of “GOD” or the “PARA-BRAHM” in such definitions as “THE ALL IN ONE & ONE & ALL” of H.P. Lovecraft or the famed definition in the Chinese Holy Book, “THE TAO-TEH-KING”, of Lao Tzu:
“There is something which existed before Heaven & Earth. Oh how still it is, and formless, standing alone without changing, reaching everywhere without suffering harm. It must be regarded as the mother of the Universe. It appears to be everlasting. Its name I know not. To designate it, I call it Tao.”
From the “BHAGAVAD GITA” – A Holy Text of Aryan India:
“But before the manifest (MATTER) & the unmanifest (ENERGY), there is another Existance, which is eternal & changeless. This is not dissolved in the general cosmic dissolution (the Pralaya or “rest” of the Universe wherein the WORLD OF FORMATION returns to primordial chaos, entrophy or undiffentiated matter without form. This is known as “THE NIGHT OF BRAHMA” where the Creator rests & MATTER returns to its primal condition. Thus even Universes undergo the process of Eternal Recurrence or Reincarnation). It has been called the unmanifest, the imperishable. To reach it is said to be the greatest of all achievements.”
“The soul passes from form to form; the manifestations of her pilgrimage are manifold. Thy puttest off thy bodies as raiment; and vesture dost thou fold them up. Thou art from old, 0 soul of man, thou art from everlasting.”
From “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” by Madame Helens P. Blavatsky:
“The Secret Doctrine teaches the progressive development of everything, worlds as well as atoms; and this stupendous development has neither conceivable beginning nor imaginable end. Our “universe” is only one of an infinite number of universes, each one standing in the relation of an effect as regards it predecessor, and being a cause as regards its successor”.
“It is the ONE LIFE (Parabrahm or God), eternal, invisable, yet Omnipresent, without beginning or end, yet periodical in its regular manifestations, between which periods reigns the dark mystery of non-Being; unconscious; yet absolute Consciousness; unrealisable, yet the one self-existing reality; truely, “a chaos to the sense, a Kosmos (Universe) to the reason”). Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal, ceaseless motion, is called in esoteric parlance the “Great Breath”, which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of limitless, ever-present SPACE. That which is motionless cannot be Divine. But then there is nothing in fact & reality absolutely motionless within the universal soul.”
That illustrious Aryan Sacred Text, “THE BHAGAVAD GITA”, teaches us both the code of the Aryan Warrior Caste (the Kshatriyas) anf the sublime knowledge that every atom within the boundless universe is a potential Center of Consciousness (that every meta-galaxy, every star, every planet, every moon, every mineral, every plant, every animal, every human, etc. CONTAINS A SENTIENT CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH SURVIVES THE DISSOLUTION OF THE PHYSICAL FORM IN ORDER TO REINCARNATE IN A HIGHER TYPE OF BODY OR VEHICLE). Thus, to slay our enemies in a completely dispassionate state of mind, without hatred, fury, or any other emotion being manifested by the Warrior IS NOT EVIL BUT NECESSARY in order to fulfil one’s duty as a member of the Kshatriya caste in the Aryan “Pyramid of Power” previously discussed in this series. Thus artificial guilt syndromes are expunged by certain knowledge, contained in all Holy Aryan Texts, that the spirit cannot be slain BUT WILL BE REIMBODIED IN A HIGHER FORM OF LIFE AFTER THE DISSOLUTION OF ITS FORMER BODY OR VEHICLE! The essential wholsale eradication of undesirable life forms which are injurious and deadly to the survival of Aryan mankind becomes just as possible as the uprooting of weeds from a cultivated rose garden ONCE THE SACRED DOCTRINE OF REINCARNATION IS TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD! LIFE IS BUT THE PORTAL TO DEATH & DEATH IS BUT THE PORTAL TO LIFE BECAUSE THE SOUL IS THE “ETERNAL PILGRIM” WHICH WANDERS THE INFINITUDE OF SPACE & THE BOUNDLESS DURATION OF ETERNITY! Eventually the Soul finds its way back to the ABSOLUTE, THE ALL IN ONE & ONE IN ALL, THE PARABRAHM, OR GOD, and “flows like the dew drop into the boundless ocean of light”! Perhaps this little anecdote written by Robert Howard, the great American fantasy writer and major advocate of Pan-Aryan thought, will help to clarify your understanding of Infinity, Eternity & God:
“There are worlds beyond worlds, universes beyond universes, multiplied in a complexity beyond the comprehension of those you are pleased to call “GODS”… Perhaps this sphere is but a mid-region, a pausing place, between the world from whence you came & the world which you are destined to go. What is this thing you call Death? Is it not merely a transition between one state of being and another? A traversing of eternities, a crossing of cosmic oceans… Your morality speaks, not your Spirit; you demand material actualities, or what you are pleased to consider actualities, whereas in truth the things you call real are but illusions. What does it matter whether you live or die, since death is only a transition between lives? Think – you are a portion of that infinite ocean called life, a mighty sea which washes against the strange shores of a myriad of worlds. You are as much a part of life in one place as in another. And eventually you are certain to flow back on the great currents to that source from whence you, and all other living things, came in the ultimate beginning. As for that, you are eternally alive as is the tree, the rock, the bird or the very world itself is part of life and therefore eternally alive. You call a mere transition from the physical state – a mere quitting of one world on a journey to the next – DEATH? Nay! As for Death, that is another thing…..
“Worlds within worlds, universes within universes. The eternal sea laps ten times ten million strange shores, yet all is ONE. Those things truely exist which are too small to be comprehended by the human mind, as do those things too huge. Each grain of crystal sand upon the beach of your land contains within itself a million universes, and each as mighty as the universe you know. Ads well, all of your star-thronged and multi-worlded universe may compose but a single grain of crystal sand upon the shore of some stupendous kingdom beyond reach of thought. You may have burst the bonds of flesh. You have gone-Beyond. This universe wherein you stand may comprise but a tiny gem sewn upon one of your Kingly robes: or the vast universe you know may be but a drop of dew here in the dust at your feet where we stand. Size is an illusion; neither space nor time are real; life and death are two words whose meaning… The stars which men call “everlasting” alter and fade over immeasurable ages, even as do men in their shorter span. Races & Empires rise and fall like waves in their thousands of years; thus it is with the very stars, in their thousands of aeons. Even as we stare a;loft, life is born on unseen planets above… Strange beings rise up from the primal slime of foetid seas…. tribes join into nations, and merge into empires, and collapse in war… And life dies across a million dying worlds… While life is born anew on a million other worlds. All life is part of ALL LIFE (The Parabrahm or God). A billion years are as a moment, from the viewpoint of Eternity.”

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