The truth about Donald Trump…

Trump is with the Jews…

Donald Trump, MASK OFF

Yes, Republican Jews Support Donald Trump

Trump’s Jews

Trump’s Fundraiser: Convicted Jew Crook

Trump’s Prejudice in Favor of Jews

Trump Courts Adelson, Flip-Flops on Israel

Adelson will hold sway over Trump

Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, have committed roughly $45 million so far to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign

Pence to Headline Jewish Fundraiser for Trump in NYC



Donald Trump’s Jewish Cabal

Trump Seeking a Rabbi to Open Republican Convention

Foreign Cash, Goldman Sachs Holding Trumps “House of Cards” Empire Together

Alwaleed bin Talal saved Trump twice from bankruptcy

Celebrity Salute to Israel @ Times Square

Trump: US Must “Strengthen Israel”

President Elect Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu

Trump sucks up to Netanyahu

Donald Trump puts down “nasty” anti-Israel questioner

Grand Marshal Donald Trump marches in the Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Ave.

American citizens living in Israel, most of them holding dual Israeli citizenship, finished casting their absentee ballots this week, and an exit poll conducted by iVoteIsrael revealed most chose Trump

Donald Trump: “The Savior of the White Race” (lol, more like Savior of Israel)

Calling Trump Moscow’s favorite is nonsense created by media – Putin

Donald Trump’s latest foreign policy pronouncements have revealed his total subservience to the Jewish lobby

Trump is a crypto-leftist…

That Time Trump Said “I Would Hire” Obama And Agreed He Saved The Economy

Trump: “Come on, Obama’s tears were sincere yesterday”

Is Trump a Double Agent for the Left?

Donald Trump on the issues

Trump calls for taking in Syrian refugees

Trump: U.S. should accept ‘tremendous numbers’ of legal immigrants

Donald Trump said he ‘DIDN’T believe’ in deporting illegal immigrants back in 2012

Trump “Softening” His Hardline Position on Immigration

Trump’s Fake 2000 Campaign: Gun Bans, Single-Payer Health Care, And Taxes

Trump says “closing that Internet” is a good way to fight terrorism


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