That old serpent that emerges from the sea at Ragnarok

by Collegium Satanas [from Sinistra Vivendi]

For those of Northern European descent the extracting of the Satanic principle from European mythology and cosmology will be of special significance, moreso probably than the myths of non-Europeans. From the Germanic we have such ‘Dark’ personages as Loki, Fenrir, The World Serpent, Garm the Hel Hound, and the fire giant Surt.

Loki is one of the gods of Asgard, along with All-Father Odin, Balder, Thor, Freyr, Tyr and others.

Loki’s offspring are the Fenrir Wolf, who became so menacing that he had to be bound by Tyr, who lost his hand in the process; the World (Midgard) Serpent Jormungandr, curled around the earth, beneath the seas, tail in mouth; and Loki’s daughter Hel, given reign over the underworld, the abode of those who do not die in battle.

It was Loki who tricked the blind god Hoder into throwing a dart of mistletoe at Balder, this being the only thing on earth that could kill him.

Hermod, one of Odin’s sons, went to the land of the dead, in order to bring Balder back to Asgard. Hel agreed to release balder if all things would weep for him. All did weep, except for a giantess, who declared:

Alive or dead, the old man’s (i.e. Odin’s) son has no use to me. Let Hel hold what she has.
(Prose Edda)

This giantess was really Loki, a shape-changer, seeking to keep Balder in Hel. The gods were so enraged that Loki fled, and changed himself into a salmon in the river. He was caught, however, and was bound across three flat stones. There he was left writing beneath the mouth of a snake, which drips venom into his face, until he, Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent are free for the final conflict of Ragnarok. Loki’s wife Sigyn sits with a bowl to catch the venom, but each time she leaves to empty it, the poison from the snake falls onto Loki’s face. His writhing causes the earth to tremble.

Here Loki must wait until Ragnarok, when he, Fenrir, the Midgard Serpent, and all the Powers of Darkness are unleashed upon Asgard and Midgard (earth). Ragnarok is ushered in by great wars and strife. Bitter cold descends when a wolf devours the sun. The moon is also swallowed up, and the stars fall. The mountains crash into fragments, with the whole earth shaking, and the World Tree Yggdrasil quivers.

Fenrir unbound, encompasses the gap between heaven and earth with his great jaws. The Midgard Serpent emerges from the sea, spitting its venom.

The sea engulfs the land, and on the flood the ship Naglfar is launched, made from the nails of dead men, crewed by frost giants and captained by Loki, reading to confront the gods.

From the fiery realm of Muspell, Surt the fire giant and his army ride out with shining swords, shattering the Bifrost bridge that links heaven and earth. They combine with Loki and his frost giants to fight the gods on the plain of Vigrid.

In the great battle Odin and Fenrir, Thor and the Midgard Serpent, Freyr and Surt, Tyr and Garm, Heimdall and Loki clash. All die except Surt who engulfs the world with fire and all, gods and men, are overwhelmed by the sea.

The sun becomes dark. Earth sinks into the sea.
The shining stars slip out of the sky.
Vapour and fire rage fiercely together, till the leaping flame licks heaven itself.
(Prose Edda)

From this destruction emerges a new heaven and a new earth, purged and regenerated. The sons of the gods survive and Balder returns to reign with them. The new earth is repopulated by two survivors who had sheltered under Yggdrasil. A new and more brilliant sun arises.

Thus, in true Satanic tradition, the forces of ‘evil’ are the catalyst for renewal. Without the unleashing of the Dark Forces cosmic stasis would endure.

It is perhaps significant that, of the Dark legions, Surt survives, which implies that a new generation of Satanic beings is spawned, which will again challenge the gods when cosmic stasis returns; an eternal cyclic creation-destruction-creation…

Of course, to the Judaeo-Christians all the Norse gods were ‘devils’, Odin and Loki, Thor and Fenrir.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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