David Lane on white genocide & Christianity

[excerpts from Victory or Valhalla: The Final Compilation of Writings by David Lane]

Judeo-Christianity is hands-down the greatest butcher of the folk in percentages of population for many centuries. In the 30 Years War alone, the population of central Europe has been estimated to have been reduced from 20 million to six million.

Knowledge is the enemy of tyrants. So the church began by murdering every scientist, mathematician, philosopher and voice of reason in Europe. This caused the Dark Ages. As late as 1600, the church burned Bruno at the stake for saying the earth traveled around the sun. Uncountable numbers died in horrible tortures by the inquisition. There were the slaughters of the Cathari, the Bogomils, the Waldesians and, of course, the murder of all followers of our nature-based Wotan religion.

The brutality in immolating the innocents was a message of deterrence, just as when the bodies of Hypatia, Jacques DeMolay, Giordano Bruno, Gordon Kahl, Robert Mathews and uncountable others were burned, often alive. The tyrant allows no competition and makes crispy examples of really dangerous opposition.

Of course, the whores called “historians,” certified by church and state, will use their documents and traditions to attack these words, but they know full well that each new power system in each generation re-writes history to fit the needs of the current tyrant.

Let us consider the allegory of the shepherd and the sheep. The shallow thinker accepts that the shepherd (pope, priest, politician, king etc.) protects him from wolves and so he accepts a role subservient to the shepherd. But the deeper thinker knows the shepherd only protects the sheep until they are ready to be sheared and led to the slaughterhouse. For sheep are deceived by the shepherd’s soothing words and his provision of temporary security. Shepherds know they are the real predators.

The entire continent of Europe was a gigantic slave camp with the folk owned by church and sanctioned kings for many dismal centuries. Orthodoxy was enforced by inquisitions and torture too horrible to relate in these “civilized” times. In contrived religious wars, crusades and suppression, millions died. Millions more died of disease, which can be traced to ignorance. Running water and sewage systems and systems of hygiene were, also, casualties of the Christian horror. The intellectuals were sent off to be celibate monks, while rabbis encouraged large, scholarly families. Little boys were castrated to become sopranos in the Castrati Choirs of degenerate popes. The girls of Europe were sold to African and Asian slave traders. And the best of the Goyim were destroyed. Truly, it has always been Judeo-Christianity which has caused a steady decline of Aryan man.


Author: National-Satanist

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2 thoughts on “David Lane on white genocide & Christianity”

  1. “Toward the close of the Middle Ages most of the German cities had repeatedly banished Jews. But they always returned in larger numbers. The fratricidal Thirty Years’ War (1618-48) over Christianity pitted Catholics against Protestants. It was provoked and instigated by the Jews, destroyed 65% of the German population and 80% of the buildings and property. It left the German nation in shambles more fragmented than ever into small jealous petty states. It set the German nation back perhaps 300 years, but, as usual, the Jewish position greatly benefited thereby. The fragmented, impoverished states turned to the Jews as money lenders. Many of the key positions were filled by Court Jews.”



  2. “The Reformation did more for the Jews than merely sanctifying the Old Testament. It shattered the established order of things and brought chaos in political as well as spiritual affairs — chaos eagerly welcomed by the Jews. Germany was so devastated by a series of bloody religious wars that it took her a century and a half to recover. In some German principalities two-thirds of the population was annihilated during the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the period 1618-1648, commonly known as the Thirty Years War. Everywhere during the 17th century the Jews took advantage of the turmoil, moving back into countries from which they had been banned, moving to take over professions from which they had been excluded, insinuating themselves into confidential relationships with influential leaders in literary and political circles, profiting from the sufferings of their hosts and strengthening their hold, burrowing deep into the rubble and wreckage of medieval society so that they could more easily undermine whatever rose in its stead.”



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