The Order of the Black Ram – Stephen Flowers

[excerpt from Red Runa by Stephen Flowers]

This organization sprang up out of members of the
Babylon Grotto of the Church of Satan. It existed from
1973 to about 1976. During much of that time it published
a newsletter called Liber Venificia, later combined with
the Grimorium Verum of the Ordo Templi Satanas, both of
which contain interesting insight into the ideologies of
these groups.

Chief philosophical or ideological influences on the
founders of the O.B.R. are Anton LaVey and Robert
Heinlein— with important cross-currents provided by
Friedrich Nietzsche and Adolf Hitler. Jane Roberts and the
“Seth material” find a happy home among the members of
the O.B.R., as do the writings of Carlos Casteñeda—
things for which LaVey would probably have had little

The O.B.R. system is a synthesis of the ideas of Anton
LaVey and the science-fiction writer Robert Heinlein
(especially as expressed in his novel Stranger in a Strange

The O.B.R. took the natural and organic component of
LaVey’s philosophy very much to heart. They wanted to
create a neo-tribal form of “Aryan” Satanism. In this
regard they made, or continued to maintain, close ties with
racialist, National Socialist groups in the U.S. as well as
with certain branches of the then-fledgling Odinist

In the pages of Liber Venificia there occasionally
appeared articles of a truly taboo nature: ones that
promoted the idea of the Aryans as the “Satanic Race”— a
race with its roots in the stars, which created Atlantis,
which founded the great civilizations of Man and which is
not without its enemies in the present world. One such
article was entitled “Into the Age of Fire: The Renaissance
of Life” by Seth-Typhon.

Perhaps it would be useful to let one of these bi-polar
Satanists speak directly on the matter of Satanic

Some Notes On The Development of Satanic Philosophy
by Mgstr. Typhon…

I say, with some justification, I think, that the
Order of the Black Ram has played a major
philosophical role within the Satanic movement.
Certainly, we have adapted and enlarged upon
concepts of The Satanic Bible—progressively, I
feel— in ways that Dr. LaVey may or may not
have anticipated.

For example, who would expect a group
dedicated to the “temple of the flesh” to be
expounding concepts espoused by Don Juan, or
Robert Heinlein, or Jane Roberts’ “Seth”? how
can we possibly draw a correlation between
Satanism and high esotericism?

This question is becoming more and more
frequent, and is often intended as a criticism by
those who think they’ve found an inconsistency
in our teachings, a “chink in the armor” as it
were. Anyone with a true grasp of what
Satanism really entails, however, knows better.
What, after all, is Satanism if not the
deification of man himself? It is not for nothing
that we have seized the standard of rebel and
accuser “… for I stand forth to challenge the
wisdom of the world; to interrogate the laws of
man and of ‘God!’”[From LaVey’s “Book of

If we are to truly be the gods and goddesses
of our own creation, then we must first understand
Man, the nature of Godhood, and the
nature of the Universe! And only a fool thinks he
can explain all this in “25 words or less.” For
most, the search takes many lifetimes. But
though we do not possess cut-and-dried answers
to hand out— for each person’s answers may well
be different—it is NOT our intention merely
to sit in a cave until we Grok the Fullness of All
That Is.

To a Satanist, this would be the
ultimate waste; for we are creatures of action and
power! But we strive for the Answers, so far as
we are able to perceive them. BECAUSE THEY
Ignorance is only the strength of the
masses— not the elite. Those of us who seek to
influence the cosmic and material flow of events
must know the mechanics of such manipulation!
The elite Satanist has declared himself apart
from the masses of stupid sheep, and realizes
that THESE are the “Dark Ages”! And therefore,
we give one solemn commandment to ourselves,
and above all else proclaim the first mission …


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