A culture of arranged marriage for white people

The suicide levels among young white people are severe and on the rise and surely loneliness is one of the primary reasons for this. Not only are whites not having (heterosexual) sex and having babies, but they are killing themselves. However, a return to our pagan tradition of arranged marriage can solve both of these problems.

Not only do young white people face the problems just described, but we also now face a non-stop onslaught of aggravated Arabs who want to beat us up and rape our women. This presents a very challenging situation for a modern white male.

One of our biggest problems in the West is that white patriarchy and masculinity have been almost entirely outlawed. The process began a long, long time ago, when our proud and sex-positive pagan ancestors were conquered by an alien religion and tribe from the global south. Whole cities of ours were buried. Whole Aryan tribes were exterminated, their culture, and every thought they ever had buried with them. The remaining Aryans were forced to accept Christianity by threat of death.

This new creed declared “whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed sin”. Virginity was equated with holiness and some early sects outlawed reproducing children altogether entirely. Thus began the depopulation of, and conspiracy against, our noble resilient race.

Modern social justice warriors are only a continuation of this ancient Semitic conspiracy against our race. Feminists cry out in indignation “I’m not just a sex object!“, “I don’t need men!” as if they themselves were nuns. Whatever man lusteth after a woman is a sinner to the social justice warrior and social justice warriors are the ones with the power now.

So when a man acts like a man and does manly things like trying to keep his women under control, he is liable to be arrested, in the West. If your wife is throwing a girly fit and you try to block her from so much as leaving the house, she can call the cops. Then you will be arrested for “false imprisonment” of your own wife because you weren’t allowing her to act on her every womanish whim.

Meanwhile white men are told to respect the customs of Sharia law in their own native homelands, leading Muslims to be allowed immunity from the law and dominion over white women. It is now a fairly common occurrence for minorities in general to get away with raping white girls, sometimes with just light sentences, sometimes with no sentence at all.

A deeper issue for white masculinity is that females are naturally attracted to strength. This makes third world outrage and anti-feminism subtly attractive to young women. Women don’t want their partners to ask permission each time before touching them, and blacks and Muslims certainly won’t ask. Yet modern white males are being told today that if they do not ask permission first and receive a verbal “yes”, then they should keep their hands in their pants under threat of arrest. Even our Christianized marriage customs require a man to get down on his knees before the woman and politely ask her if she would be willing to continue the race.

Every healthy young white male and white female has a right to sex. This right is given to us by our religious heritage in the Vedas and the Laws of Manu. Marriage is a requirement that all Aryans were expected to undergo. The parents of the bride gave their daughter to a man of the parents’ choosing. And a young woman was the property of either her parents or her husband. This understanding of husbandry is why ownership over animals is still today called “husbandry.”

Under a neo-Vedic culture, white loneliness and white suicide could be abolished. White men could finally be masculine and proud again and white women could finally return to their nature-ordained role as mothers.

If white men don’t man up and win their women for themselves, somebody else will, and white men will continue to be the losers. The choice is ours…



Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

One thought on “A culture of arranged marriage for white people”

  1. The Knights Templar was an attempt to combine two incompatible things: knighthood and piety. They were warriors, but they were also ecclesiastics, and as such they were condemned to celibacy. They could not marry, and since Christianity had inherited and even exacerbated the morbid misogyny of its Jewish authors, they were even forbidden to have intercourse with those nasty and dangerous animals, women. The result, naturally, was that some became homosexuals, with a vice that does not necessarily exclude valor, (1) while others, evading an inhuman law, kept concubines, usually women from the native population, and engendered mongrel bastards.

    (footnote 1. As witness the famous Heiros Lochos of Thebes, if their sexual habits are correctly reported. Philip of Macedon, who was by no means a sentimentalist but had an Aryan’s admiration of courage and loyalty, wept when he saw them dead in their ranks on the field of Chaeronea.)

    The Knights Templar, therefore, were a part of the racial ruin wrought by an alien and poisonous religion. They were part of the historical record that incites us to wonder that Europe could for so long sustain the constant genetic loss resultant from centuries of warfare on the one hand, and centuries of monasticism on the other.



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