by Kerry Bolton – [from The Watcher issue #3, Order of the Left-Hand Path]


Set, the original Prince of Darkness, was being honoured with petroglyphs on boulders in Hawaii as far back as 3000 years ago by Egyptian sea-farers.

The Egyptians conducted explorations for gold which took them as far afield as Indonesia, America, Australia, NZ and Hawaii. In NZ Egyptian coins have been found dating back to 200BCE. At Gympie, Queensland, there is a pyramid perhaps 3000 years old, near which petroglyphs of the anhk cross, and a scarab have been found.

The Hawaiian petroglyphs are on Lanai. In 1963 the British Egyptologist Dr Gwyn Griffiths, upon viewing photographs of the inscriptions, said that they “are so Egyptian they were done either by the Egyptians themselves, or by some tribe to whom they had taught their religion.”

Of seven boulders examined by epigraphers, petroglyphs of

Egyptian tomb and other funerary designs, boats, Egyptian-type dogs, are among the subjects to be seen. Set is shown in his dog form, with forked tail, and is also depicted with his symbolic trumpet and goose. Set’s wife Nephthys is also portrayed.

Coin could prove vital historic link, Evening Post, NZ, 13 June, 1983

Australian Post 30 August 1984.

Ruth Knudsen, Egyptian signs in Hawaii, Epigraphic Socty. Occ. Publications, Vol. 13, 1985, San Diego.


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