Egalitarianism – Kerry Bolton

by Kerry Bolton – [from The Watcher issue #6, Order of the Left-Hand Path]

The myth of universal human equality, of humanity as an undifferentiated mass, is a doctrine that is so patently false, yet so universally insisted upon by the high priests of press, pulpit and parliament, that it has taken on religious proportions.

The egalitarian dogma is a hang-over from Christianity, which has been taken over by political creeds such as liberalism, and has become entrenched in every facet of society with the full and coercive force of the state.

The egalitarian ethos was set down in the New Testament by Paul who wrote:

“You are all, in fact, sons of God through your faith in Jesus Christ: there is no Jew nor Greek, their is neither slave nor freeman, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in union with christ Jesus.”

The Christian gospel has elevated the meek, weak, humble and bloody worthless to divine status, against the ‘mighty, wise and noble’. As Nietzsche pointed out, this is also the gospel of the Marxist and the liberal. In 1988 Pope John Paul declared at Salzburg that “Every human life… is endowed by God with a dignity which no one should assail.”

The proliferation of the worthless at the expense of the intelligent and creative is gleefully watcher and promoted by politicians who have votes to gain, by christians who have souls to save, and by corporate executives who have expanding mass markets to plan for. As Dr Elmer Pendell has pointed out past civilizations have collapsed when genetic selection is no longer operative and the least creatively and intellectually-endowed expand at the expense of the culture bearing minority. (Pendell, Why civilizations Self-Destruct).

To state this hard but obvious fact publicly is to bring the charge of heresy down upon one’s head. Leading scientists such as the late W.M. Shockley, Richard Herrnstein, Hans Eyseck, et al. who have been bold enough to state the truth to be met not with intelligent debate but by violence and slander. They have stated, to quote Francis Crick, ‘all men are not created equal.” and the effect has been to state, ‘the emperor has no clothes.’

Egalitarianism offers a simple solution to all problem of social and economic differences between individuals: Levelling. If the inferior cannot be elevated, then the superior must be humbled. This is the spirit of Bolshevism alive and well and resident in the West.

Let the sage advice Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the great satanic magus’ be heeded lest the best be engulfed by the worst:

“You preachers of equality, thus from you the tyrant-madness of impotence cries of ‘equality’: thus your most secret tyrant-appetite disguises itself in words of virtue.

“Soured by self-conceit, repressed envy…. they burst from you as a flame and madness of revenge… For justice speaks thus to me: ‘Men are not equal.’ And they should not become so either! For what were my love of the Overman if I spoke otherwise? (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)



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