Key of Alocer issue #4

Key of Alocer ‘zine, issue 4 (1994)
Spear of Longinus
Inverted Pentagram
First Occult Church
Articles etc:
The Road Home (Ygraine Gidney)
Mystery Babylon Part II (Abaaner Incendium)
War and Peace (Wulf Grimwald)
Papaver Somniferum (Temple of Fire)
Blessed Darkness (Abaaner Incendium)
Satanism and Nazism (Wulf Grimwald)
Love Is Real (Unsane/Incendium)
Religion of Hate (Jeffrey Deboo)
The Alien Elite (William Gidney)
The Beast of Gevaudan (David Thierree)
+ reviews and artworks (by Incendium)




Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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