The kikes behind Anti-Racist Action (now The Torch Network)

The so-called Anti-Racist Action, also known as ARA and recently repackaged as The Torch Network, is a decentralised domestic terrorist group in the United States and Canada. It was created by criminally violent hardcore punk fans in Minnesota known as the Minneapolis Baldies towards the end of the 1980s. It soon spread throughout North America, usually by agitating in a Europhobic manner against people who stand up for the interests of White Americans.

Politically, the organisation was heavily influenced and worked alongside the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation. This group promoted an unorthodox conception of anarchism, with unusual Trotskyist and Cultural Marxist (New Left) elements. Noel Ignatiev who called for the elimination of the White race was a member of this group. AFA attempted to appeal to Black supremacists, radical feminists and homosexuals, but its core membership were typically White beta male cuckolds from the hardcore punk scene and some student agitators.

A criminal street gang, known as the Minneapolis Baldies was formed in 1986. They were a criminally violent mob, obsessed with so-called “anti-racism” and attacked people in Uptown, who they regarded as pro-white. Bands such as Blind Approach were associated with them, while they randomly attacked other skinheads from the East Side such as Mass Corruption.

It was while following a band on tour to Chicago that the Baldies, along with Skinheads On Chicago (SKOC) formally founded so-called Anti-Racist Action in around 1987. The name was simply copied from Anti-Fascist Action, a similarly violent communist group in the United Kingdom, founded in 1985. People in the hardcore punk scene became more widely aware of ARA across America due to a nationwide magazine called Maximum Rock and Roll (MRR), edited by the “counter-culture” Jew, Tim Yohannan who worked at University of California, Berkeley, which started to promote them from 1987 onwards. They developed a network with other anti-white skinheads, such as Brew City Skins from Milwaukee, the North Side Crew also in Chicago, as well as groups in Cincinnati (people associated with SHARP), Indianapolis, Lawrence and elsewhere.

In the 1990s, the network began to grow. One of their main rallying points was in relation to the trials of Tom Metzger of WAR. Metzger had originally been a straight forward, suit-and-tie, advocate for White American interests. Eventually he began importing the skinhead subculture associated with Ian Stuart of British rock band Skrewdriver into the US, adopting a new image with WAR. Some of his skinhead followers killed an Ethiopian student in 1988 and Metzger was subsequently tried and charged in connection to this. ARA sections, sometimes based on older groups sprung up agitating around the issue; this included in Los Angeles (also “People Against Racist Terror,” led by Svengali-esque Jew, Michael Novick, former member of Weather Underground), San Diego, Portland, Vancouver and elsewhere.

The network moved into Canada, particularly Toronto and acted openly as lackeys for Jewish supremacy by attacking the Heritage Front, which supported the works of German-born revisionist Ernst Zündel and David Irving. They closely collaborated with B’nai B’rith Canada, a Zionist hate group.

In 1996, B’nai B’rith attempted to secure state funding for ARA, through the person of Sam Title who revealed B’nai B’rith had “worked with them before.” Karen Mock, the National Director of B’nai B’rith was pictured at an ARA conference in the same year and the subject was featured in The Ottowa News in 1997. Their most notorious attack was the trashing of the home of a HF activist in 1994. Some have also suspected their involvement in the terrorist firebombing of Zündel’s home a year later, with Aluthwatta on the scene soon after.

One of the more prominent websites associated with ARA founded in 2000 is the One People’s Project, covertly connected to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was founded by Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Joshua David Belser (“Josh Hoyt”). It is most famous for its “doxing” of nationalist activists and groups, where it posts personal information, work information, family information in the hopes of eliciting attacks from maniacs or harassing them into giving up activism.

In 2005, there was a significant riot in Toledo, Ohio, orchestrated by ARA at an NSM protest against gang crimes. 29 anarcho-Trotskyist terrorists were arrested. In early 2012 terrorists from HARM, the Indiana section of ARA, broke into an Illinois restaurant and started attacking guests with hammers and baseball bats.

Another scandal arose when Michael Rosenberg a Jewish member of Montréal ARA, was accused by a young girl of having raped and molested her when she was passed out drunk. Rosenberg openly admitted this by stating on Facebook; “I took advantage of a underage girl and other girls.. she was too intoxicated and not old enough to consent”. In the internet age, ARA could not escape knowledge of this criminality reaching the general public, so they decided towards the end of 2013 to repackage themselves as The Torch Network (this name is somewhat similar in implication to Searchlight). During this time, an Ivy League educated Jewish academic, Matthew Nemiroff Lyons, based in Philadelphia has become prominent within ARA with his Three Way Fight theory. This is almost neocon in basis, it argues that anarchists and cultural Marxists (“libertarian socialists”) should not recognise third positionist anti-globalists across the world as a genuine independent force in their resistance to imperialism/Zionism. Lyons has attacked Jewish dissidents  such as Gilad Atzmon. He has co-authored a book with alleged CIA agent Chip Berlet.

Members of Anti-Racist Action consistently couch themselves as critics of capitalism, however, they have been implicated in connections to the reigning Jewish plutocracy numerous times. ARA work closely with (in terms of “gathering intelligence”) and have been supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Despite the fact the ARA are committed to open criminal violence against people they disagree with (pro-whites), a fact they have never made a secret of, the SPLC have described them as a “constructive force” and “freedom fighters.” An organisation known as the Capital Research Center have revealed some of the main funders of the SPLC from 2000-2011. This includes Picower Foundation (belonging to Jeffry Picower, the largest beneficiary of the Bernie Madoff financial swindle), Cisco Systems, the Grove Foundation and even the very symbol of American robber-baron plutocracy itself, Rockefeller Philanthropy.

Within the very first local newspaper articles about ARA in the 1980s, at the bottom of the article the ADL of B’nai B’rith are mentioned, letting us known about the number of “dangerous” pro-white skinheads in America. For open instance of B’nai B’rith-ARA collaboration, we have to look to Canada. An affiliate of the World Jewish Congress (officially representing international Jewry) B’nai B’rith through the person of Sam Title requested that the Toronto Council fund the openly violent ARA, as he had “worked with them before.” The National Director of B’nai B’rith Canada, Karen Mock was openly pictured at an ARA conference with Kieran Knutson of Minneapolis ARA in 1996. Ida Fink confirms, that “solidarity with Jewish groups is in fact a priority among members of ARA.” The insane hypocrisy of ARA goes without saying. They claim to be against “racism”, but worked openly with a powerful Zionist group which lobbies for a state that steals land from the Palestinians, has killed thousands men, women, children and dropped white phosphorus on them. They kicked up a fuss over the death of one Ethiopian student at the hand of a Metzger affiliated activist in the 1980s, but worked with Zionist B’nai B’rith, when the Israelis sterilized thousands of Ethiopian women because of their race.



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