Facebook deletes “I Acknowledge Jewish Privilege Exists” page

Facebook (of course owned by the Jew Mark Zuckerberg) has deleted a page on the social network entitled “I Acknowledge Jewish Privilege Exists.” Facebook of course allows its users to check all kinds of other privileges including so-called “white privilege” and what is surely the most absurd invention of “the alt-right”: “black privilege.” But start checking that Jewish privilege and you will have violated Facebook’s terms and conditions:


I Acknowledge Jewish Privilege Exists was a far cry from a white supremacist outlet but none-the-less has been dropped down the memory-hole. The site featured articles exposing Andrew Anglin, Angelo John Gage, and Scott Roberts, among other frauds and fakesters.

I stopped using Facebook awhile back and I suggest any other white advocate do the same. To my knowledge vk.com is not owned by Jews and is probably our best bet for a new social networking site.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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