The Might Is Right Power Hour – Keep Your Head Down

The Might is Right Power Hour w/ Bill Rhyes

Some advise that we come out in the open so that we are an easier target while others advise that we stay behind cover & keep our heads down.



Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

1 thought on “The Might Is Right Power Hour – Keep Your Head Down”

  1. Combat 18 advocates covert action as the only constructive form of action which should be undertaken at this moment in time by individuals committed to the National Socialist cause.

    One reason for this is that we operate in a society where the possibilities for overt action are now so limited by the laws of ZOG that such actions as are allowed by these laws can serve no useful purpose in forwarding our aim of creating a National Socialist society.

    Unless you have a great desire to be arrested on a regular basis, the only overt actions which you can undertake are those which are lawful, within the meaning of the System. Lawful overt actions are therefore limited to activities such as distribution of leaflets and literature which do not contravene the Race laws and demonstrations which do not contravene the Public Order Act.

    The most important reason for avoiding overt action however is that any such action immediately guarantees you an entry in ZOG’s intelligence files and all that entails.

    This, in itself, would not be a disincentive were it not for the fact that the overt action which brought you to the attention of ZOG in the first place was a fairly empty gesture and did nothing to advance the cause of National Socialism. On the contrary, taking part in overt actions will seriously damage your chances of making any real difference in the long run.

    ZOG loves overt action. It gives them a chance to take your photo and get to know you better. If your aim in life is to get your picture in our enemies’ publications (or just don’t care if that happens) then by all means join an appropriate organisation and take part in their public activities. By doing this, you will certainly show yourself as being proud of what you believe in. If, however, you want to achieve more than this and strive to advance our Cause then covert action is the only effective way forward.



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