Capitalism: another Jewish slave morality

Capitalism, though traditionally regarded as the philosophy of the elite and the social Darwinists, is really a philosophy which is used to disempower and dispossess oneself – to make you a good goyish slave.
Capitalist morality is a prohibition on force:
Anybody that truly would like to explore or practice a philosophy of power would never seek to prohibit force. Force is never taken off the table, if you are serious about achieving a given goal.
Capitalist morality destroys borders:
Any tribe which abandons borders and walls leaves itself open for the deprivation of other races. There is no real benefit in letting down your guard against ethnic enemies just because pictures from space make Earth out to look like a peaceful little blue ball. Practitioners of a philosophy of power should seek to always expand their territory and then wall it off to others.

Hard work is for slaves:
Capitalist morality looks upon work in almost the exact same way that Soviet communists looked at work: the more you work, the better. Capitalists and communists, entirely brainwashed by Jews, frantically run around pointing their fingers at people that aren’t working, or people who don’t spend all their time putting in manual labor. Then they complain about being forced to work unnecessarily. Both capitalists and communists think that they are being over-worked in some way. And they choose to solve this problem by making sure everyone works harder. Never does it cross their mind that maybe unemployment is the single and only rational economic goal that anybody should be pursuing. The rulers of the world are not “hard workers.” “Hard work” is for landless peasants. “Hard work” is for slaves.

Land rights vs Natural rights:
Capitalist kikes are wont to lecture good little obedient white boys and girls about the virtues of “natural rights.” These kids, raised on a Protestant work ethic, are led to believe that these “natural rights” are something which is being denied to them and that they should fight to attain these “natural rights” by fighting government in any and all its various forms. Of course when kikes talk about “natural rights” they don’t mean water rights, land rights, heterosexual rights, or any of the other things which living a presumably more “natural” life would entail. No, when kikes speak of “natural rights”, they mean the right to rent an apartment (or sleep on the streets), the right to take out a mortgage, the right to buy bottled water from the store, the right to watch unlimited amounts of inter-racial porn on the internet, and the right to live off junk food because you have no other option. Land prices are hit hardest by monetary inflation – this is the reason rent and mortgages are ever increasing and never decreasing. Land is a finite natural resource just as much as gold is – the only difference is everyone is forced to lay down somewhere at the end of the day, not everyone is forced to buy gold. Whether you rent, are still paying off your mortgage, or you own land yourself, everyone consumes land as an economic resource.

The white race is collectively sliding into homelessness, landlessness, statelessness, and defenselessness, all because the white race continues to follow Jewish moralists. Most white people never recognize how the neo-liberal Jewish economists create a double-standard when asked about Israel’s borders or when asked about aggression against the enemies of Jewry.
The white race needs to apply more force to its enemies, the white race needs stronger borders, the white race needs more time to read and organize, the white race needs land rights. The last thing the white race needs is the Jewish slave morality called capitalism.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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