Language and Satanic Magic

tumblr_n5p0n5m4uO1tn72a1o1_500Magic, being the art of deception, can best be pulled off when the magician is able to talk behind the audience’s back. Satanic magic, therefore, can best be pulled off by the magicians having their own unique language to speak and write with. The Jews have the Hebrew script and Yiddish language – and for the white race I would recommend learning Icelandic language along with Runic script.

In Who We Are, Dr. William Luther Pierce explains:

North Atlantic islands, of which Iceland with its quarter-million inhabitants is the most significant, preserve the Viking cultural heritage in its purest form. The modern Icelandic language is nearly identical to the Old Norse spoken by the Vikings, while English and the other Germanic languages have undergone great changes during the last 1,000 years. In folkways as well, many Viking traits have been preserved in the islands, especially in Iceland and the Faroes. There has even been a return to the Viking religion by some Icelanders in recent years.

[Icelandic] racial quality is reflected not only in the tallest average statute in the White world, but in the highest literacy rate (100 per cent) as well.

Not only do all Icelanders read and write, but a far higher proportion of them are authors than is true for any other country. And, despite her tiny population, which is able to support only a single university, Iceland is able to boast a larger per capita Nobel Laureate quota than any other nation on earth.

The greatest debt that the White race owes to Icelanders is for their preservation of the Norse literary heritage: the Viking sagas. While church officials in other European countries were rounding up and burning all the pre-Christian books they could lay their hands on during the Middle Ages, Icelandic scholars were busy writing down the sagas which still existed only in oral form and transcribing, annotating, and expanding those which had been put into writing earlier.

The white race is presently at a severe disadvantage to the other races with regards to language. Anything we say to eachother can quickly be picked up on by the muds and the Jews. A linguistic transformation of our culture is an absolute necessity if we are to survive the 21st century globalisation being perpetrated against us. We already have a unique language and system of writing all to ourselves – most of us just don’t realize it yet.


Author: National-Satanist

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