Race war: better sooner than later

Some more liberal commentators about current events and Jewish power like to point out that Jews clearly seem to be pushing for race war. They discern from this that race war itself is just another Jewish ideological scam designed to divide the goyim. This outlook is dangerously erroneous, in my opinion. Yes, Jews are pushing for race war, that’s is because the Jewish ruling class is getting nervous and more anxious about its future.

We are involved in a war right now. A fight. The Jews would like to get the drop on us before we get the drop on them. But if we stop them first, then we are saved.

Most white people need to get this in their head once and for all: it is either us or them. Racial warfare is the subtle (sometimes not so subtle) underlying truth of social life. There has always been competition between various sub-species of animals – and there always will be. We don’t get to choose whether or not life is war: it is.

Jews are moving in for the kill and they must be put down and subjugated by white power. There is no talking it out. They have mobilized their entire religion and all their businesses and they have spent their entire lives preparing to kill us. I repeat: there is no chance for talking it out. They aren’t just going to leave us alone. They aren’t just going to let us live peaceful lives. They will torture us to death. They must be stopped now.

Once the white man gets the Jews off his back, the Jews won’t be able to maintain their privilege in the world, and will thus be dominated by goyish peoples and will thus be mostly genocided. There is scarcely any way to get them off our backs in the first place without killing many of them. The only answer to the white man’s situation today is shameless, ruthless white power. Utter domination of the Jews and utter annihilation of their hordes of anti-white racists. The sooner this happens, the better.




Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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