White ethno-sadism: a Satanic virtue

It’s going to take a lot of ethno-sadism for the white race to get out of the massive mess that two thousand years of ethno-masochism has caused it. In the year 2016, white people die like flies and no-one seems to care, least of all whites themselves. The causes of this situation are variable. Whites are kept in the dark by Jewish media bosses about real murder and crime stats. Whites are just naturally nice and altruistic; overly-endowed, perhaps, with humility. But most significant among the causes of this situation must be Judeo-Christian brainwashing.

In Leviticus 19:34 it is explained “the alien living with you must be treated as one of your native-born. Love him as yourself.”

And Jews have never stopped pushing this poisonous non-sense on the minds of the white race since this passage was written. Vladimir Lenin, during a speech in the Soviet Union echoed the sentiment: “Hostility towards non-native sections of the population can only be eliminated when the non-native sections of the population cease to be alien and blend with the general mass of the population.”

The inevitable outcome of this line of logic is that white people will be exterminated. White people must change their moral logic if they wish to survive. This changing of moral logic is what Nietzsche would call a “trans-valuation of all values” or what Klassen termed a “revolution of values through religion.”

At this juncture in history white people, especially white males, must make a critical examination of the values they live by – a scientific investigation of their ethics and those of others. Why is murder wrong? Why is pride a sin? Why is racism a sin? What’s wrong with genocide?

If the white race is going to survive, it obviously must adopt new conscious standards of behavior opposite to those values which have sunk it so low to where it is today. We must murder. We must dance on the graves of our opponents. We must display an all encompassing pride that swallows up all other values in the world.

The screams of dying niggers and dying Jews should come as music to our ears. The blood of anti-white racists should set off ecstatic surges of joy in our hearts. This decaying and overpopulated world can only be rectified by putting mud people in their place. When muds beg us for mercy and understanding, we must revel in it. 3307201302610063Mud people should worship the white race. The white race has been incredibly altruistic toward the mud world for two thousand years – providing muds with the white man’s technology and providing them with endless amounts of international aid money and Christian charity money. The least they owe us is total and complete respect.

Death to Christianity – a new day dawns.


Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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