Death Toll From South African Farm Attacks

The mainstream media was very diligent about keeping us up to date on the negative aspects of apartheid, but since South Africa was turned over to the party of a communist terrorist regarded as a deity by liberals, there hasn’t been much reporting about the aftermath. For that we turn to the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa, which recently released statistics on farm attacks and murders from 1990 through June 2016.

A total number of 1 824 murders have been reported in farm attacks since 1990 with 3 933 attacks also reported.

Of the 1 824 murders, 1 170 victims were farmers, 491 were direct family to the farmers, 141 were workers on the farm and 22 were visitors.

According to the bi-annual statistics the year 2012 (174 attacks) saw a significant rise compared to 96 attacks in 2011.

In 2013 the number again increased to 231 people reportedly attacked. In 2014 it rose to 279 and reached a record high in 2015 when 318 people were reportedly attacked on their farms.

2016 promises to produce another bumper crop of dead farmers.

So far 2016 has seen a staggering 188 attacks in which 39 people have been killed.

The farm murders constitute racial genocide. South African police have no interest in stopping it.

What do you expect in a country whose president publicly sings about killing white people?

We can observe both the past and the future without ever leaving the present. Using South Africa as a reference point, the USA is the past, Zimbabwe is the future.

President Zuma provides musical entertainment.



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