Why mud people should worship whites

White people are too nice – that’s why they get picked on so much. The Jew has an opposite problem to that of whites. Jews lack altruism to such a degree that they bring bloody retribution upon themselves as a matter of course in all ages and in all societies. The world is drowning and suffocating from all manner of problems caused by Jewish psychopaths that are reverently worshiped by Christians, communists, and capitalists alike.

The white race is like the kid who always gets picked on at school, blown up to societal and cosmic proportions. But we all know that often times the kid who gets picked on is actually smarter and more caring than his peers and is only picked on for his lack of standing up for himself.

White people are intelligent. White people are absolutely unparalleled when it comes to political progress and practical ethics. White people are overflowing with love – most of them even love their enemies. But when white people stand up for themselves, that’s called white nationalism – and white nationalism is demonized by our present Jewish value system.

Therefore, one step toward healing our world and moving toward a more meaningful version of political and spiritual progress necessarily entails mud people embracing a pro-white attitude with almost as much fervor as whites need to. White people are the most precious endangered animal on the face of the planet.

Without the blood that gave birth to democracy, that of Proudhon, Bakunin, Rousseau, and all the other greatest of liberals, the egalitarians can completely kiss their dreams of a non-violent, non-authoritarian society goodbye. There is nothing more progressive than aiding the white race in its survival and wellbeing.

Whites should be worshiped as gods among men for their pathological altruism. It makes more sense for muds to worship the noble, altruistic, and unique white race than it makes for them to worship the psychopathic, selfish, and cosmopolitan Jew.



Author: National-Satanist

Just another blue-eyed devil...

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