Cleaning up the Environment – Ben Klassen

by Ben Klassen [excerpts from On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War]

One of the first major problems we will have to tackle will be to clean up this pristine planet from the ever increasing pollution of billions of tons of ordinary garbage and debris, and then the billions of tons of more dangerous substances classified as hazardous wastes, which consist of poisonous chemicals and radioactive wastes. All are a rapidly mounting problem that is not being addressed at present and the problem is compounding itself by geometric proportions as each year goes by. Nor will it be solved as long as the bloodsucking Jew is in control of our world affairs. Year by year these poisonous wastes are increasingly piling up with no place to go. Our land is polluted; our air is polluted; our ground water is polluted; our rivers, lakes and streams are polluted; and even our bountiful oceans, which occupy three-fourths of the surface of this planet and were once deemed as limitless in their capacity, are now also becoming dangerously polluted, especially along our beaches and shorelines, if this process continues much longer, this lovely planet will no longer be fit to live on, in fact, will not be able to sustain human life. Our environment is rapidly becoming a shambles, and as I have stated before, as long as the Jew is in control, it will become increasingly worse.

After we have eliminated the Jewish parasite from harm, what can we do to turn back the clock on pollution? Can we ever again have a safe and clean environment? Yes, we can. There is much that can be done and must be done. One of the major problems (but by no means the only problem) is overpopulation. No matter how you look at it, there is a limit to the number of people this planet can feed and the amount of waste it can dispose of in a safe and stable manner. There are now some five billion people on this overcrowded planet, and that population is projected to double in the next century. This runaway population explosion is wild and insane, completely out of control. It is a disaster of the first magnitude for all of mankind, especially for the White Race. We Creators believe in a bountiful and qualitative life style, every man a king, every family being prosperous and living in abundance. We have no desire to live in a filthy, diseased, poverty-stricken and overcrowded world as now do most of the mud peoples of the world, such as India, Haiti, Mexico and dozens of others. This planet just simply cannot support five or ten billion people living in the quality of life that we envision, and in any case, it will not do so. The answer is to reverse the population explosion and bring the figure back down again to a reasonable and stable level. I am not sure what that figure might be in the future but I would speculate that somewhere around one billion is a sane and comfortable limit. Since that number has to be kept stable and since there is only a fixed amount of land and space available on this planet, we want to make damn sure that this limited space is utilized exclusively by our own kind – Nature’s Finest – people who are productive and intelligent, capable of providing for themselves a life style of which we can be proud.

So the first major step in bringing the environment back into good order is to reduce the population level of this overcrowded planet by about 80 percent, and to make sure that the future one billion that this planet can comfortably support is productive, responsible, and is capable of feeding and supporting itself. But besides cleaning up the racial pollution there is much more we must then do in properly managing the housekeeping affairs of this chaotic, but unique and most extraordinary Planet Earth.


Author: National-Satanist

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