Matt Hale exposed

White supremacists and Jews probably should have some questions for Matt Hale and Glenn Greenwald. The Creativity Movement is hardcore white supremacy that advocates for the annihilation of Jews (and all other non-whites). Why would Matt Hale, leader of this white supremacy movement, take on Glenn Greenwald (yes, that Glenn Greenwald), a Jew, for his case? And why would Glenn Greenwald seek to defend the rights of a white supremacist that supposedly wants him dead?

Evidence suggests that Glenn Greenwald’s involvement with Hale went well beyond the normal pro bono attorney / client relationship. Glenn became an honorary member of Hale’s Church of the Creator and one of his crew. He represented the Church in every legal matter for five years for free, flying to Peoria to hook up with his client. [1]

Glenn told The New York Times that Hale’s mother, Evelyn Hutcheson, called him and asked him to pass on anencoded message to one of Mr. Hale’s supporters. “She said she didn’t know what the message meant, but she was going to read it to me verbatim because Matt made her write it down when she visited him.” [1]

“It was a message for Greenwald about a letter that Matt had written him. I said, ‘Matt, this doesn’t make sense to me.’ He said, ‘Greenwald will understand, ask him to read the letter,'” related Evelyn Hutcheson. [1]

The Illinois Attorney General’s office tried to make Hale submit his church’s financial records, but Greenwald had the request dismissed in court. [2]

The official website of Matt Hale’s church contains strong Masonic symbology. The home page for Creator(dot)org is the color blue (despite Klassen giving specific propaganda instructions to use only red, white, and black to symbolize his religion) like that of a Lodge with the Pillars Boaz and Jachin prominently displayed on the homepage. Further Masonic symbology can also be ascertained.



Some are of the belief that Matt Hale and Glenn Greenwald had a homosexual relationship. [1]



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