This map displays every site of the agencies that contract with the U.S. State Dept. to resettle refugees

[It appears the map of refugee resettlement locations has been censored! All of us should request permission to access the map again – and then take screenshots of the info. about our city / state. I believe a lot of the content on the map was based on this document: ‘Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Office of Admissions – Refugee Processing Center Affiliate Directory’]

I have created guides listing all refugee centers for each state in the northwest United States (compiled from three different sources). Spread this information zealously and someday we can hope to found a New Vinland in the land our forefathers conquered.


Trump moves to ban ‘bump stock’ devices after alleged shooting

Published on Feb 20, 2018 – US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday he has directed the attorney general to draft regulations “to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns” in the wake of the [alleged] Florida school shooting.

South Africa: new President announces white land to be confiscated

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cape Town – SA’s new president said that his administration would be continuing with a policy of land expropriation of land without compensation.

The decision to expropriate land without compensation was taken by the ANC at its 54th Congress, where Cyril Ramaphosa was elected ANC President.

“We will accelerate our land redistribution programme not only to redress a grave historical injustice, but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation,” Ramaphosa said during his maiden State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Friday evening.

“We will pursue a comprehensive approach that makes effective use of all the mechanisms at our disposal.

“Guided by the resolutions of the 54th National Conference of the governing party, this approach will include the expropriation of land without compensation,” he said.

The president said that the policy, which has been criticised by farming industry bodies, should be implemented in a way that “increases agricultural production, improves food security”. He said the policy would work to ensure that the land is “returned to those from whom it was taken under colonialism and apartheid”.

Ramaphosa said the state would undertake a process of consultation around the issue of expropriation, but did not provide further details about how or when this would take place.

He also called on financial institutions to help mobilise resources to “accelerate the land redistribution programme” saying that “increased investment will be needed in this sector”.

AgriSA previously argued that should Section 25 of the Constitution be amended to allow for land expropriation without compensation, financial markets would divest from the country and investor confidence in SA would be shattered.

“We challenge the ANC to explain to South Africans how the proposed amendment of the Constitution would enhance production or successful development of new farmers,” said the organisation in the wake of the ANC conference in December.

“Agriculture has the largest growth potential of any sector in the economy and we should work together to explore and capitalise on this opportunity,” the organisation said.

The DA, meanwhile, argued after the ANC conference that the state should look to why most land reform projects in its care had failed, root out “massive corruption and mismanagement” and provide the poor with title deeds, instead of trying to amend the constitution.


Ukraine: Svoboda riots against Russia

Published on Feb 18, 2018 – Hundreds of anti-Russian protesters gathered on Kiev’s central square on Sunday, where they set the Russian flag on fire.

Earlier, protesters had marched on Russian-affiliated buildings such as the Sberbank and vandalised them by throwing stones and eggs, breaking windows, and writing anti-Russian slogans on the walls.

Protesters chanted anti-Russian and anti-FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) slogans as they commenced their march from Maidan and later returned there as well.

Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 which resulted in former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych being ousted.

Two Germans have already died because of treatments by unqualified migrant doctors

Germany’s medical chamber has ringed the alarm bell after two deadly incidents with migrant doctors, the Neue Westfälische reports

Their insufficient expertise is affecting the care of patients in Germany, the chambers President, Theodore Windhorst says. While the chamber checks the linguistic skills of its doctors, it does not check their professional competence.

Already two cases of patients treated by migrant doctors have led to deadly results. A baby died in Westphalia-Lippe hospital after the involved gynaecologist from Libya had insufficient knowledge.

In another case, a man, who had just fallen, was sent without further diagnostic to a psychiatrist. The man later died of brain damage (a haemorrhage). Both doctors involved were physicians with foreign degrees and “questionable language skills” according to the German chamber.

A doctor with a foreign qualification who wants to become active in Germany needs a state license. If the doctor comes from a member state of the EU, EFTA or Switzerland, it’s easy: Their degrees are equivalent.

For other parts of the world the qualifications are different and need to be checked intensively. It is unknown whether there are more (non) deadly cases with migrant doctors involved in Germany.


‘Attack on Judaism’: Scandinavian Jewish leaders protest Iceland’s proposed circumcision ban

Should Iceland outlaw circumcision for boys – a common practice among Jews and Muslims – it will prevent Jewish communities from being established in the country, Jewish leaders warn.

A bill that would ban the nonmedical circumcision of boys younger than 18 has triggered a strong reaction from the heads of Scandinavian Jewish communities. It was submitted by members of four parties and would also punish offenders with up to six years in prison.

In a joint letter, representatives of Jewish communities and councils in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland warn Iceland against becoming “the only country to ban one of the most central, if not the most central rite in the Jewish tradition, in modern times,” urging it to follow Norway, where right to circumcision is protected by law.

Throughout history, “more than one oppressive regime” tried “to suppress our people and eradicate Judaism by prohibiting our religious practices,” the letter reads.

With around 250 Jews living in Iceland without any organized community, banning the ritual, which is obligatory in Judaism, “will be an effective deterrent and will guarantee that no Jewish community will be established,” the letter warns.

The letter “might be perceived as meddling in Iceland’s internal affairs,” the writers admit. “And why should we care?” they ask. Because Iceland is “about to attack Judaism in a way that concerns Jews all over the world.”

“If any country with next to no Christian inhabitants would ban a central rite in Christianity, like communion for instance, we are certain that the whole Christian world would react as well.”

The Catholic community of the EU, however, also condemned the bill, saying it considers “any attempt on the fundamental right to freedom of religion as unacceptable.”

“The criminalisation of circumcision is a very grave measure that raises deep concern,” the Catholic Church in the European Union (COMECE) president and head of the Catholic Church in Germany, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, said.

Icelandic MP Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir from the Progressive Party, which proposed the bill, sees it as “a child protection matter.”

“In Iceland we acknowledge the right to believe but we also acknowledge the right and freedom of everyone to choose and have their opinions,” she told Euronews.

The debate comes as Chabad, a prominent Jewish Orthodox organization, is set to send a rabbi to Reykjavic, the “last European capital” without one.

“We hope to bring this awareness to local Icelandic people and especially to lawmakers in their decision on rules, which we hope will have a religious exemption clause,” Rabbi Avi Feldman said.


Germany: 4 Killed as “Refugee” Shelter Burns Down in Pforzheim


4 people are believed to have been killed, whilst another 4 were injured, in a suspected arson attack on a refugee shelter in Pforzheim, north of Stuttgart, Germany.

This is the latest in a string of attacks of this nature against illegal immigrant shelters in Germany, and the second in Pforzheim since the “migrant crisis” began in 2015.

In October 2015, 4 people were injured when a refugee shelter was set ablaze in the same location.

When a population is forced to accept something that, A. it didn’t want and, B. it wasn’t consulted on, then one must come to expect that certain segments of the population will take measures to defend their families and communities.

After the wave of sexual violence and terrorism that the establishment migration advocates unleashed across Europe, these arson attacks can hardly come as a surprise.

In 2016, when the migration issues were most prominent, it’s estimated that there were as a many as 10 attacks on migrant shelters or migrants themselves every single day.

In Austria, the number of attacks on refugee shelters – including graffiti and firebombings – increased by 100% between 2015-16.